Loafers Vs Oxfords – Everything You Need To Know

Loafers Vs. Oxfords – Everything You Need To Know

loafers vs oxfords

Think of “dress shoes,” oxfords come to mind. Oxfords are classic and elegant, mainly defined by their closed lacing system, which adds a fancy touch. However, moccasins are a similar and much more casual type of footwear. Although they look quite similar, loafers and brogues are very distinct and different shoes that serve two different purposes.

One shoe is designed for formal events, while the other is mostly meant for casual wear. So casual, in fact, that some people choose to use them as house shoes or slippers. To avoid any embarrassing incident or confusion, it is relevant to know the difference between these two shoe options and when and where to wear them.

To help you learn everything better, you need to know to look your best, whether at home or a formal event; here is our complete guide to loafers and brogues.

Main Difference Between Loafers And Oxfords

One of the biggest differences between moccasins and brogues is their lacing. As stated before, the Oxfords are best known for their closed lacing system, which gives them a very sophisticated feel. This means that the holes for the laces are sewn under the upper, which is the front part of the shoe.

This exact characteristic is what sets them apart from all other dress shoes. For example, Monkstrap dress shoes do not have laces and instead feature a strap, while Derby dress shoes have an open rather than closed lacing system. This lacing system made Oxford as iconic as it is due to its very sophisticated and regal appearance.

Moccasins, on the other hand, have no laces at all. Moccasins are famous for their slip-on design, making them easy and convenient to put on and means there is no reason to have laces. While this means that loafers might be as comfortable as a shoe can get, it is essential to make sure that you are always buying the correct size when purchasing a pair because you don’t tighten the shoe’s laces if necessary.

Another key difference between shoes is the stitching of the shoe. Since loafers originally inspired loafers, it is no surprise that loafers are considered a more casual type of shoe. Additionally, the stitched seam on the upper part of both shoes is another distinct similarity that stands out.

However, the separate outsole of moccasins allows them to look a bit more upscale than a pair of moccasins or slippers. On the other hand, Oxfords can have a wide range of stitching, although they are far from resembling moccasins. Oxfords tend to have a bit of variety in the stitching department, from goosenecks to toecaps, or even no stitching at all.

When should you wear them?

When to wear oxfords and loafers

As mentioned earlier, brogues are much more formal than moccasins. If you are looking for a more casual, casual, and simple shoe, a pair of Oxfords would probably look a bit over the top, while a pair of loafers could give you a lot of comforts and understated style. Also, if you are looking for something a little more unique and pointy than boat shoes or sneakers, loafers are a great option.

Oxfords can still be a bit too formal for a semi-casual event, while loafers are often considered ideal. Since they’re a bit more formal than sandals or tennis shoes, loafers should be your go-to option when it comes to semi-formal, while Oxfords are best left for events and parties much more chic occasions.

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