Haircuts For Fat Faces To Slim Your Face Down – Best Haircut For Fat Face

Haircuts For Fat Faces To Try – Best Haircut For Fat Face

All of us are different in every which way. Some of the features that make us all different are body types, skin types, skin tones, hair types, and so on. Face shapes are one of the most important ones. Who said short hairstyles are not for chubby faces? The best haircut for fat face are short. Here is a list of 15 haircuts for fat faces including short hairstyles. So it’s time to pick one from the list and try it on to amp up your confidence levels. Also, fat guy haircuts and here are some hairstyles for women over 50.

Haircuts For Fat Faces To Try

1. Short Choppy Pixie

Generally, choppy haircuts are blunt, and voluminous in nature. Fat faces require voluminous hairstyles to create an illusion of a chubby face looking lean and well structured. A short choppy pixie is one of the best picks among different haircuts for fat faces and looks for a stylish short hairstyle. Here are more edgy pixie haircuts for round face.

Short Choppy Pixie haircuts for fat face

2. Choppy Bob

A typical bob cut is usually mid-length and stylish. It has variations depending on the choice of the individual like the color and the evenness in the length. One of the unique variations is a choppy bob with layers in a regular bob. This haircut suits the best for chubby face cuts making you look stylish and elegant.

Choppy Bob haircuts for fat face

3. Textured Lob

The usual lob haircut is neither too short nor too long, i.e; the length of the hair stops at somewhere between the jawline and the shoulders. Textured lob is one of the most versatile options for fat faces. The textures can be in any form, like waves, layers, or curls. Have a lob and add some beach waves and you are ready to slay!

Textured Lob haircuts for fat face

4. Medium Shaggy Bob

The shaggy haircut is quite interesting and free-spirited. For fat faces, it is one of the best options for women with thin hair since it adds volume to the hair. A medium shaggy bob is a haircut with the length stopping right above the collar bone with numerous blunt layers all over the hair.

Medium Shaggy Bob haircuts

5. High Bun With Bangs

High buns are the most elegant hairstyles for almost every face shape. Add a little more elegance with some sides fringes or front bangs is all you need to slay the look. The high bun with bangs for a chubby face is the easiest to make. Grab all the hair towards the crown and tie it into a bun. The bangs and fringes on the front make you look leaner.

High Bun With Bangs

6. Side Swept Pixie Cut

A side swept pixie cut is a short haircut between 1-3 inches in length that is often trimmed on either side of the hair starting from the temples. The famous stars have been Mia Farrow and Miley Cyrus in the pixie spirit. The most stylish side swept chopped locks come to you to prove that even the shortest of strands could have such styling versatility.

Side Swept Pixie haircuts for fat face

7. Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical bob is cut along a defined pattern. The hair on the back of the head has shorter strands that can not get far above the shoulders but they are not too large. Also, the hair on the sides is relatively longer than it is in the back. Celebrities such as Ashley Tisdale and Mandy Moore have taken the haircut to the next level.

Asymmetrical Bob haircuts

8. Layered Pixie Cut

A layered pixie cut is a short hairstyle with hair longer than the traditional pixie. Layered pixies are normally shorter in back and sides while longer on top with long bangs. Consider it with smooth or face straining layers, with an edgy undercut or fun curls. This haircut makes your chubby face look elongated, thus making it look slimmer.

Layered Pixie haircuts for fact face

9. A-Line Bob

The shape your stylist makes into your hair will let you decide whether or not you need to spend the longest time on that haircut. Unlike the French bob, the A-line bob ends longer in front than the back. The added length curls under the chin, redefining and lengthening the features of your face shape.

A-Line Bob haircuts for fat face

10. Short Bob

A short bob is a bob haircut from the ear to the shoulder. There are many ways to cut short hair bobs including straight, inverted and graduated. With unlimited new and classic looks, your short hair can be altered to match your interest and preference. Like, you can choose to have a short bob with layers to suit your chubby face.

Short Bob

11. Asymmetrical Pixie

There’s a lot to dig on how to get the asymmetrical pixie cut. Well, for the common face shapes like square or oval, the common pattern is to have as symmetrical hairstyle as possible. So it’s time to explore the asymmetrical options and choose the one that suits you the most when you think you have a fat face.

Asymmetrical Pixie Haircuts for fat face

12. Long Bob With Side Bangs

A lob aka long bob with side bangs is a haircut that ends between the shoulders and the collarbone and is styled with a side swept fringe. These bangs played a vital role in this haircut because they could highlight and shape your eyes and accentuate your face making your face look leaner. 

Long Bob With Side Bangs

13. Textured Bob With Bangs

The textured bob with bangs is a modern bob that involves creating texture to the hair with layers. Layering creates smooth bouncing that allows having more movement and volume. Choppy bobs are cut using standard or surgical razors to shorten sections of hair. The popular bob works best for thin hair and a chubby face.

Textured Bob With Bangs Haircuts For Fat Face

14. Layered Wavy Hair With Bangs

Experimenting with different layers and finishes will result in unpredictably stunning looks, none before seen. Especially, layered wavy hair with bangs on the front is one of the most stylish options for women with fat faces. They add volume to the hair while accentuating the face shape to make it look thinner and elongated. 

Layered Wavy Hair With Bangs

15. Balayage Bob

Balayage bob is an alternative to the popular ombre color melt on long hair. The Balayage is a technique used as an art of changing the color of a hair strand gradually starting from the scalp. For fat faces, a balayage bob, dark or blonde, is a great option to choose for making your face look leaner and longer.

Balayage Bob haircut for chubby face

Well, you having a chubby face is not the actual problem. The main concern you need to concentrate on if you think you have a fat face is choosing the right kind of hairstyle for your face type that makes you look more stylish and feel more confident! We think we could help you with that through this article on haircuts for fat faces. So did you fix the appointment for your next haircut yet?

What haircut should I get if I have a fat face?

A bob is one of the all-time best haircuts for chubby faces. To push the boundaries with your bob, opt for uniquely textured layers like these. The asymmetry in the long bangs is really cute, while the volume in the back lends structure.

What is the best hair length for a fat face?

To make your face looks longer—a long bob or lob, below the jaw is ideal haircut for chubby face because it helps to frame your face, make you face look thinner. Choosing a hair cut that falls over the cheek and bordering close to the chin also helps the face to look longer.

Is short hair or long hair better for fat faces?

Long Face: The longer your hair is, the longer it will make your face look. It’s often best to go with shorter styles or those that have plenty of volume. …

Round Face: Some of the better options include haircuts that are below your chin. With curly or wavy hair, going too short may add more width to the cheek area.

Can I have short hair with a fat face?

You can wear short hair no matter the shape of your face; you just want to make sure to find the right haircut. The most flattering hairstyles for round faces are those that work with your hair texture while giving you the appearance of having a more oval-shaped, longer face.

Do bangs make face look fatter?

Bangs for round face shapes look good and can make the face look slimmer. Bangs for round faces create opportunities for various women’s hairstyles that help to hide softer jawlines and chubby cheekbones. If your face is round, opt for fringe that will help your face look longer, or more oval.

What kind of haircut makes your face look thinner?

An asymmetrical long bob, or lob, is the absolute best hairstyle if you want to make your face look thinner. Opt for a lob at least three inches below the chin in the front, and angled shorter in the back.

How do you hide facial hair with fat?

Get your hair cut in layers and maintain the length if you do not want to go short. Simply sport a middle partition and let your shiny strands fall on both sides. The middle partition will elongate the face, while the layers on the sides will camouflage the cheeks.

Can a round face wear a pixie cut?

As we see, pixie works excellent even for round faces. You just need to take into account the nuances of your looks, such as your face shape and expressivity of facial features, and choose the right cut accordingly. Pixie is the most popular short haircut that is always fresh and on-trend.

Does long hair make you look fatter?

You can go edgy and keep the longer layers by creating a mid-length shaggy bob. Texture and movement tend to make your face look sllimmer, while blunt cuts make the face look fuller and rounder. Long hair tends to look more slenderizing than short hair.

What hairstyle suits a round face for guys?

The Modern Quiff Try a modern quiff as a great way to balance a round face. The modern quiff is one of our favourite men’s haircuts for round faces, which will help to elongate your face shape. The trick is to create volume by simply brushing up your quiff, but we’ll leave it up to you how high you dare to go…

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