10 Edgy Pixie Haircuts For Round Face

10 Edgy Pixie Haircuts For Round Face

Pixie bob haircuts are most comfortable for women worldwide. Pixie haircuts are done in a special technique that cuts your hair shorter at temples leaving hairs as crowns. They are also considered low-maintenance haircuts among women. You can customize different pixie styles on different occasions depending upon your preferences of haircuts. Pixie haircuts are perfect for round chubby face women. Hair Stylists recommend backing down the hairs assembling as a crown to achieve a desirable effect on your hair. Pixie haircuts work fine for both thin and thick hair, giving them a stunning haircut look. Here’s more inspiration on bob haircuts for chubby faces.

Forward style pixie cut

Forward style pixie cut works fine for every well with a round and chubby face. Bangs of this pixie can be cut into blunt ends that give your head a perfect finish look. To make it look more attractive, add colors on hair such as peach or dark shades to make them look representable. Closely clipped sides are not necessary, although a part of your haircut, if you will. You can keep your hair about half-inch long in the back to customize their style depending on the occasion and your preferences.

Spiky pixie haircut

This is an excellent and fun pixie haircut for round-face women with chubby cheeks. The hairs are arranged up and out in the back in a spiky pixie haircut. Blow drying is an essential step of this pixie haircut. Hold a medium portion of hair and blow dry it for 2-3 seconds to let the spike-like appearance appear on your hair after the haircut. It may take some days to learn how to maintain it, but it works perfectly for all party days. Go with a grey hair color that makes the spikes look blunt and frizzy.

Back pixie haircuts

If you are a work woman, you might understand that hair can be a big problem if not appropriately tied at the back. Swept-back pixie haircuts solved the problem for you. It keeps your hair back every time without making your forehead look more extensive. Back pixie haircuts work every day, whether for a formal meeting or a party; you can wear them anytime. You will need a spray to keep them in place. Work Ladies should go for this pixie haircut without giving a second thought as it allows them to work without any hairs disturbing their forehead.

Curled pixie haircut

Curly hairs with pixie haircuts go hand in hand. However, you will have to go to the salon once a week to maintain the curls. This pixie haircut can be addressed with blonde golden color on curls which adds an excellent volume to the hair. Anyone would look best with the cool tones and textures of this haircut. Curled Pixie haircuts work well for anyone from working ladies formal, homemakers to parties. Curls make your hair look ten times more attractive than before. A pixie haircut will add more style to it.

Vibrant Pixie Haircut

If you are an extrovert with a vibrant shining personality, why not show off this hairstyle? It is the best option to go for every hairstyle on the list. Colors make this hairstyle look vibrant. People attempt to go for brown, pink, red, or any vibrant colors that give them a stunning look with a wise pixie haircut. No matter where you are, you can always add good vibes with colors to your haircut in the surroundings. Make sure you ask for the proper guidance from your hairstylists to know the duration of colors that lasts long on your hair.

Voluminous pixie haircut

The voluminous pixie haircut is inspired by Hollywood glamour. After getting this voluminous pixie haircut done, you will need a blow-dry quickly to achieve the volume. To maintain the volume of your voluminous pixie haircut, purchase a round brush that fits well with your hair. The voluminous pixie haircut is a glamorous hairstyle that fits every woman from round face to normal. As the name says, it adds volume to your hair making them look more shiny and glamorous.

Asymmetrical haircut with side bangs

This pixie haircut. Short fringes and long bangs go together that look asymmetrical on this haircut. The beneficial point of getting asymmetrical haircuts done is that there is more volume left for customized haircuts. Unlike other haircuts, the asymmetrical haircut can be customized the way you want after getting the haircut done. This asymmetrical pixie haircut adds five stars to your hair making them look shiny and more volume than before. Side bangs always seem cool. From round face type to normal everyone should try them at least once before heading for a party or farewell.

Flowy Lavender Pixie cut

Lavender is a trendy color nowadays going with trendy pixie haircuts. Hence think in a trendy way while going for pixie haircuts. This haircut attempts to keep the bangs long through which you can pull a variety of looks. Address this pixie haircut with lavender color to add more style to the pixie haircut. As the name suggests, it gives a flowy appearance on your hair, suitable for Instagram captures. It looks stunning when you travel as the wind pops up on your face making the hair look amazing with lavender color in the daylight.

Short and Tousled Pixie haircut

This short, sweet, feminine pixie haircut curves with the head and looks long and messy on top. Short and tousled pixie is a classic pixie haircut for women with round and chubby faces. It is a staple haircut for women who love going with short haircuts. If you have naturally straight hair, you are less likely to go with expenses as it is easy to maintain them.

Waves pixie haircut

A waves pixie haircut is always on-trend. It works well for ladies with relatively little faces with large facial appearances. You look younger instantly draws the attention of people on your face. The texture makes it look attractive ten times more than before.

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