Hairstyles for Big Forehead Male

Hairstyles for Big Forehead Male

It’s no secret that every male and every human being is unique. We all have different facial features that make us who we are, but some men have the unfortunate big forehead hand. A large forehead may be a sensitive thing for some men. The easiest way for men with large foreheads to cover up excess facial area is to utilize the hair on their heads. However, some men may find their hairstyle options limited. Fortunately, plenty of men’s haircuts with large foreheads cover or hide this facial feature. Whether your forehead is high, long, wide, or extensive, there are many ways to style men’s hair to minimize the forehead and attract attention. Here are some of the most trendy hairstyles for big foreheads to inspire your next look.

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is a short, low-maintenance military-style haircut created by buzzing your hair using an electric clipper. This stylish hairstyle is excellent for men with large foreheads and oval face shapes as it essentially removes all hair from the head and blends seamlessly with the rest of the hair to camouflage a large forehead. You can also define a hairline and leave a short fringe. This haircut does not require the use of styling products.

Caesar Cut

Named after the Roman emperor Julius Caesar, the Caesar hairstyle is a short, light-textured hairstyle with a fringe that hides part of the forehead. It is one of the most versatile hairstyles and is suitable for men of all hair types and face shapes.

Clean Shaved Bald Head

Baldness can be an excellent style for a high forehead, as it completely shaves the hairline—a soft and smooth cut without a hairline that marks the beginning and end of the forehead. Grow and trim your beard for a more masculine look. Bald with a full beard is a stylish, rugged style for men with bald or thinning hair. The best part is that you can easily shave your hair at home using a hair clipper.

Medium Length + Texture

This dynamic style relies on volume and movement to lift the gaze upwards from the face and forehead. Keeping the medium length gives you plenty of hair to use when styling. Focus on creating natural waves with rich texture and height. This shape will look effortless and relaxed.

French Crops

The French crop is kept short with a cropped fringe brushed front and back. Also known as a crop top haircut, it is a low-maintenance haircut suitable for men with large foreheads. The biggest feature of the French crop, the front part, is brushed so you can wear it long. Alternatively, you can cut the fringe shorter, but the back and sides should be cut shorter to get the best possible contour of the face.

Bowl Cut

As with other fringes, a cheek cut cuts the forehead in half (usually halfway between the hairline and the eyebrows). The bowl cut fringe is blunt and uniform, smooth and voluminous, and runs back around the head. Paired with an undercut, it’s modern, fresh, and trendy.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is a clean, minimalist, and timeless hairstyle that suits most face shapes. The top and bangs are slightly longer than the sides. Ideal for men with large foreheads as it blurs focus at the hairline. You can style combed hair or add styling gel for texture.

Long and Layered

Inspired by ’90s grunge bands, men’s layered long hairstyles can look chic and edgy. You can leave a short layer on the front to shape the face with long hair all over for movement and flow.

Uneven Crop Top Fade

The uneven crop top fade is a stylish look that is trending worldwide. A hairstyle in which the bangs are cut creates an asymmetrical cut along the forehead. Choppy bangs span a high forehead so others cannot see the beginning and the end.

Side Part

The side part is one of the best business haircuts men can get. Whether you opt for a retro side piece or a modern split cut, this hairstyle is classy, ​​fashionable, and good-looking.

Short and Messy

A short, messy hairstyle can easily create a stylish hairstyle. Not all haircuts for big foreheads require fringe or styling to cover the hairline. This hairstyle uses texture to create a youthful, distinctive matte finish. If you use a styling product with a weak luster or matte, your hair’s natural luster becomes the point.


Long fringe is ideal for men with large foreheads. A long fringe can extend to the eyebrows and cover the entire forehead for medium to long hair. In particular, the hair layered on top is sexy and fashionable by utilizing volume and flow.

Military Cut

Military haircuts come in a variety of styles for different lengths of hair. Fortunately, the military styles all have the same vintage look. Combine a military cut with a medium or high skin fade to minimize hairline contrast. High, dense fades, for example, draw attention to the hairstyle above the head.

Spiky Hairstyle

Men’s spiked hairstyles are stylish and sexy. The coolest version is to fade the spiky hair, then style it with thick, textured spikes. Gone are the days of using gels and exposing your scalp. Instead, it provides a flawless, clean finish with premium matte styling products.

Blowout Fade

Blowout fades are another trending hairstyle for men with big foreheads. If spiked or combed hair isn’t for you, a blowout tapered hairstyle can be a textured contemporary style for your look.

High and Tight Fade

Alternatively, you can ask the barber to keep the top long and style the gentleman’s side. While it may seem like more hair can hide a prominent forehead, a shorter haircut can underestimate that area for a clean look.

Brush Up Hairstyle

A combed hairstyle can be trendy and sexy. A voluminous style can elongate the face and make the forehead smaller. The brush-up requires medium to long hair and can be paired with a fade or taper to the side.

The best hairstyles for men with large foreheads affect the shape of the head by balancing the size of the face. No matter how broad your forehead is, there are many ways to style men’s hair to minimize the forehead and attract attention.

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