10 Bob Haircuts For Chubby Faces

10 Bob Haircuts For Chubby Faces

Having a cute short haircut is comfortable for every woman. It is a challenging task at the same time to know which type of bob haircut to go. Short styles often make a face look smaller, but there is no hustle if your hair’s length, height, and various aspects are considered correctly. Bob haircuts are virtually versatile. They look amazing on every hair type, from thick and thin to straight and curly hair.

Short hairs may also allow you to wear bangs that you can angle on one Side because length matters too. If you are ready to cut your hair and give them a bob haircut, choose one from the list below. In this article, you will have a clue about 10 bob haircuts for chubby faces that will fit every girl.

French bob haircut

French bob haircuts leave hairs so close to the head, so they seem to create space and length. While the hair length looks long, this bob haircut also gives them a wavy texture with parted french bangs on your head. The layers are thin, edgy, and slightly asymmetrical to lengthen your face shape concealed by bangs.

Long bangs may make your face look smaller, but when the bangs are parted, your forehead may look big and nice.

Bob with Highlights

Highlights work everywhere. Be it any party, function or work from home, highlights on your bob cut give an attractive look that shines through your face. Add wise colors to your hair that give your face a slimming effect.

Colors such as dark purple deep pink with yellowish textures might add a stunning representable look to your bob haircut.

Side bangs bob haircut

This bob haircut seems cool as it sounds. Side bangs can create a window-like space on your forehead. Side bangs work for every face type. The longest part of your hair frames the chin, and side bangs can quickly fit into layers. They give a framing effect to round and chubby faces.

Height, texture, and volume are what we look for after getting any haircut done, and this haircut indeed proves the three factors. It is the perfect bob haircut to go for every chubby face girl in the city.

Straight bob haircut

This is a must to go for any working woman due to the formal look it gives to the face. Straight styles can’t be your type, but some layers and side parts may help to change your opinion. For this, the bob’s length should reach below the chin, and slight layers should be focused at the Side of your face where bangs come into account.

This haircut draws the eyes to the highest corner of your forehead, giving your hair a representative look.

Pixie Bob

If you like to go with the trend, then this haircut is for you. Pixie bob styles a great haircut with bangs that gives your hair a stunning look. After this, if you are looking for a hair dye color that looks glamorous and trendy, go for pale dark purple that looks stunning.

Pixie bob is the haircut many actresses even went for in a few movies and Netflix in 2021.

Bangs with a low pony

A low-maintenance bob haircut is fine for a round chubby face. You can dye hairs and create all sorts of hairstyles you wish with this haircut.

It is the most comfortable bob hairstyle on the list to go for as it gives space to make many hairstyles you wish with the low pony. It fits nicely for parties, work from home, and students.

Curly bob haircut

Curly bob haircut is a glamorous mixture of both pixie and bob haircut. Bobs and curly hairs go hand in hand for round chubby faces. Make sure you choose the correct length and texture while getting the bob haircut done of your choice. Swipe on one Side of the top to create asymmetry on your head with hairs.

Keep the hairs short so that curls won’t have to look messy around your head. This bob haircut creates a crown section that will make your face look elongated after getting it done. A good pair of glasses might add the perfect look.

A-line bob haircut

A-line bob haircut is fine for thick and thin hairs for women with round chubby faces. Make sure that the length of your hair comes above the shoulders, which adds the perfect volume to your head.

Nowadays, it is the most common hairstyle among women, with bob haircuts on round chubby faces.

Side swept bob haircut

. Side swept bob haircut is cool as it sounds like it suits every woman. It is an excellent option for women with round faces. The texture of this haircut is casual and relaxed, with highlights that make your cheekbones pop appearance. Here is where you get the chance to show off the appearance of your cheekbones.

The soft layers on the blunt cut ends make this look sharp and trendy on your face.

Long Angled Bob

Long angled bob haircuts are, especially for thick hairs. It can be worn parted to the Side or straight down the middle to cover the fullness of cheeks and have an elongating effect on your face.

The long angled bob guarantees that the part can be worn on either Side or straight at the downside. This bob can be made trendy messy to create a modern look on your hair for a relaxed and casual hairstyle.

All the bob haircuts listed above suit for rounded chubby faces to normal faces. You can customize your bob haircuts with choppy layers on the short hair that defines the smoothness of a round face. Haircuts can be curly or straight. Each layer on the bob haircut looks stacked upon one another. All the bob haircuts look stunning regardless of how many times you have to get them done.

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