Best Indoor Plants For Clean Air

Best Indoor Plants For Clean Air

Hey, have you ever thought of going back to a house with the purest air unlike the one at your workplace or streets? Well, we very well know the answer. Having the right air purifying plants for your home will help in detoxifying the air in your living spaces. This means the houseplants not only beautify your house but also cleans the air you breathe. Let’s learn more about the best indoor plants for clean air and why indoor plants are necessary for clean air in home. Also, check out more house plants that rejuvenate your health and fragrant indoor plants.

Best Indoor Plants For Clean Air

According to NASA’s Clean Air Study, several air-purifying plants can help in the detoxification of your home. It protects you from airborne toxins, specks of dust, and germs. 

Does indoor air quality matter?

Staying indoors – sleeping, binging Netflix, or following the work from home routine, we spend most of our time at home. Thus, this results in us being exposed to indoor air pollution.

A follow-up study in the year 2019 confirmed that if one wants to make a substantial difference to the air quality inside the home. You will have to plant a large number of houseplants to clean the air. Houseplants have now become a part of an interior design trend that is going to be hugely implemented in the future. 

Causes of indoor air pollution

  • furnishings
  • upholstery
  • paint
  • synthetic building materials
  • cleaning products
  • pesticides
  • bacteria
  • outdoor pollution that enters

It is high time you get the best indoor plants for clean air that is available.

Best Indoor Plants For Clean Air

Here are the best indoor plants that you can get for enjoying clean air:

1. English Ivy

English Ivy is an easy-growing perennial vine. It works quite well in reducing airborne fecal particles. This makes it the perfect air-purifying plant for bathrooms or en suite. Also, studies show that ivy can help in combating mold levels in the house.

English Ivy

2. Spider Plant

If you are new to the trend of houseplants, the resilient spider plant is what they should go for. It helps fight toxins like carbon monoxide and xylene. In case you have pets, this plant is best suited. They are non-toxic to animals. This is one of the best indoor plants for clean air

Spider Plant

3. Broad Lady Palm

Broady Lady Palm helps in reducing the levels of ammonia that is found in a range of cleaning products. These plants are expensive when fully grown so you can get them when they are smaller in size. It is a humidity-loving plant that can be kept in the bathroom.

Broad Lady Palm

4. Kentia Palm

The beautiful Kentia Palm is also known as Thatch Palm. It belongs to a species of flowering plant from the family Arecaceae. Kentia palm is resilient, elegant, and air-purifying. It can tolerate shade and avoid overwatering. 

Kentia Palm

5. Kimberly Queen Fern

It has a shapely form and gracefully arching fronds. Kimberly Queen Fern is a perfect one for the not-so-green-fingered and does not require much care. It is quite effective for indoor air purification and should be placed in low-light areas. They need watering more often because of the heat in the summer.

Kimberly Queen Fern

6. Dracena

Dracena is a popular houseplant that originates from forests in Africa. It is one of the most effective houseplants for air purifications. This plant helps in keeping the air fresh. This plant requires less water and you should keep it hydrated. Also overwatering can result in rotting of the root.


7. Peace Lily

People usually love to keep this houseplant. The Peace Lily tops the list of air-purifying plants because it can help filter out certain harmful compounds. If you are a houseplant lover, this is what will suit you. They can tolerate dry soil for some time but the leaves turn brown when neglected for too long. You will have to place it in bright, indirect light and keep the soil moist.

Peace Lily

8. Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen is a tropical plant that acts as an effective cleanser of formaldehyde and benzene, which is present in detergents and cosmetics. It should be grown in low-lit and humid conditions. Thus, this is a plant you can keep in your bathroom. This is another best indoor plants for clean air.

Chinese Evergreen

9. Scarlet Star Bromeliad

This plant has leathery leaves and a pop of color. Scarlet Star Bromeliad is one of the most beautiful houseplants that lasts longer than you can think. It helps in cleaning up the air of your home. These flowering plants grow well in humid environments and are great when placed in the bathroom. You should water it well but not make it soggy. It should be placed where there is no direct sunlight but gets moderate light. 

Scarlet Star Bromeliad

Scientists have shown that plants can help in getting some amount of ventilation and improve indoor air quality. So what are you waiting for? Get houseplants for your living space right away!


How many plants do you need to purify a room?

Although it is difficult to say exactly how many plants are needed to purify indoor air, it is recommended at least two good sized plants for every 100 square feet (approximately 9.3 square meters) of indoor space. The bigger the plant and leafier the plant, the better.

Are Succulents good for air?

They purify the air – Succulents, like snake plant and aloe vera, are excellent at cleansing the air and removing toxins.

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