16 Best Skirts For Body Type – Types of skirts for body types

16 Best Skirts For Body Type – Types of skirts for body types

The best way to pick a skirt is by determining your body shape. In this post, we will discuss the 16 Best Skirts For Body Type To Up Your Fashion Game. The best way to start is by determining your body shape. Once you have determined what kind of skirt for my body type, what kind of skirt will work for your body shape, you then need to find the best skirts for that particular type of shape. Also, check out these everyday fashion tips you need to follow and best skirts for big hips and thighs.

Best Skirts For Body Type

Skirts For Inverted Triangle Body Shape | What kind of skirt for my body type?

An inverted triangle body shape has one of its sides rounder than normal, while its widest point is in the middle of your back instead of at your waist. It’s not as common as other shapes like a square or pear. Here are some skirts for inverted triangle body shape.

1. Tulip Skirt

A tulip skirt is a great option for inverted triangle body shapes. It makes the wearer more eye-catching. It has a feminine shape, which also elongates your silhouette. Its high-waisted shape adds curves to your figure while giving off a sexy look.

tulip skirt inverted triangle

2. Box Pleated Skirt

The key point of this design is its balanced proportions – it makes your figure look both slender and curvaceous at the same time. This box pleated skirt has multiple patterns that are beautiful also allow easy movement to your body.

Box Pleated

3. A-Line Skirt

A-line skirts are perfect for individuals with inverted triangle body shapes who want to look slim and shapely. This is an essential trend that you should know about. These are usually paired with nice tops such as basic tee, leather jacket, or sweaters.

A-Line Skirt

4. Bias Skirt

Many women have inverted triangle body shapes, which may make them feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. Luckily, there are now bias skirts that help women with invert triangle body shapes feel confident.

Bias Skirt

Skirts For Rectangle Body Shape

The first thing to note is that women do not have just one body shape – there are many body shapes! There are a large number of them, with each one having its own unique characteristics and needs. Well, here are some skirts for rectangle body shape.

1. Bubble Skirt

If you have a rectangle body shape, you might have seen some of your friends wearing bubble skirts, leaving an airy and floating impression. This skirt design is perfect for any woman who wants to wear something fun, curvy and eye-catching.

Bubble Skirt

2. Full Skirt

The versatility of this style makes it perfect for professional women who need to be on their game every day. With this simple skirt in your wardrobe, you’ll always look put together while also feeling confident even if you do not like you rectangular body shape.

Full Skirt

3. Layered Skirt

Layered Skirt For Rectangle Body Shape is a stylish skirt that is perfect for women who have a rectangular body shape. The layered skirt can make you look polished and feminine without having to wear a full-length dress or even a pair of pants.

Layered Skirt Rectangle Body

4. Pencil Skirt For Rectangle Body Shape

 A pencil skirt is a versatile and comfortable piece that can be worn with anything from formal to casual dress. Skirts are traditionally slimming, but the pencil one is definitely for people with rectangular body shapes. These skirts essentially bring out the curves in you.

Pencil Skirt rectangle body

Best Skirts For Hourglass Figure | Best Skirts For Curvy Figures

Hourglass figures typically have a shorter waist and bigger hips, so they need skirts that accentuate their curves rather than trying to hide them. Here are some of the best skirts for curvy figures.

1. Mid length Full Skirt

A mid length full skirt is an ideal choice for most women who have an hourglass figure. You may also consider it if you’re looking to show off your legs instead of hiding them under long skirts or pants.

Mid length Full Skirt

2. Tulip Skirt For Hourglass Body Shape

Tulip skirts are usually found in the mid-calf length, but some designers have also created shorter and longer versions of this design. These skirts usually come with a broad waistband that sits right on the midriff giving it a more professional and feminine look.

Tulip Skirt for hourglass figure

3. Pencil Skirt For Curvy Body Shape

In the fashion world, a pencil skirt is known to be one of the most versatile pieces of clothing as it can be worn with just about anything. If you have an hourglass figure, pick up a printed shirt or a ruffle top along with a solid pencil skirt for a perfect professional look.

Pencil Skirt hourglass body shape

4. Gored Skirt

A gored skirt is a kind of skirt that has a hemline that falls below the knee. There are many options for the gored skirts including pleated, flared, A-line, etc. Well, any type of gored skirt can look amazing for an hourglass body shape.

Gored Skirt hourglass figure

Best Skirts For Pear Shape | Best Skirts For Wide Hips

The Pear shape is a body shape that has wide hips and narrow shoulders. This makes it difficult to find the right style of clothing to fit. It’s important to maintain a balance between your waist, hips, and bust. We are here for the rescue! Here is a curation of the best skirts for pear shape.

1. Tulip Skirt For Pear Body Shape

The Tulip skirt here is a type of skirt that is designed in a longer version with wide hips. The shape of tulip skirts makes them very flattering on pear-shaped women with wide hips and small busts. These skirts offer a dramatic flare to your outfits with their shape.

Tulip Skirt For Pear Body Shape

2. Flared Midi Skirt

Fashion has progressed to the point where a woman can find all kinds of clothing designed specifically for her body type. A Flared Midi Skirt is a loose midi skirt that flares around the hips and has a wide waistband.

Flared Midi Skirt for pear body shape

3. Panelled Skirt

The Paneled Skirt was designed with one purpose in mind to give pear-shaped women an opportunity to showcase their figure in a flattering way. The panel-like stitch in these skirts is very useful if you wish to hide your wide hips.

Panelled Skirt

4. Bias Skirt For Pear Shaped Body

Women with pear-shaped bodies often find it hard to find a skirt that’s attractive and flattering, but with the Bias Skirt, they won’t have to worry about going unnoticed again! Pick up a solid bias skirt with a slip top and you are good to go!

Bias Skirt For Pear Shaped Body 

How do I choose a skirt for my body type?

  • Petite: Miniskirts. If You’re Tall and Lean: Wear a Maxi Skirt.
  • Curvy: Wear a Pencil Skirt.
  • Pear Shaped: Wear an A-line Skirt.
  • Slim: Wear Asymmetrical Skirts. Alice + Olivia Jayla Asymmetrical Skirt.
  • Apple Shaped: Wear High-Waisted Skirts.

What body type looks good in a-line skirt?

A-line skirts are oh-so-flattering on those with pear-shaped body types. They showcase your slim waistline and skim over your hips, which balances out your top and bottom halves. Avoid peplum skirts as these will add bulk to your hips, and opt for skirts that are slightly flared, rather than bodycon styles.

What is the most flattering skirt length?

The most flattering silhouette with skirts isn’t about being extremely short or being extremely long, but about the middle. Skirts that hit right below the knee caps (rather than in the middle of the knees) and right below the calf muscles are two places that naturally look better on every woman.

What body type can wear a pencil skirt?

Pencil skirts look great on an hourglass shape. Curvaceous females with a small waist have well proportioned figures that can be accented in a pencil skirt.

What is a high waist skirt?

High Waist defines the silhouette of a garment sitting higher up between under the bust and the waist. It applies to garments worn on the bottom half of the body such as trousers or skirts.

How do you wear curvy skirts?

To accentuate your figure, wear formfitting dresses and skirts that are cut diagonally or on the bias. They should nip in at the waist, hug the hips, and fall loosely over the thighs and calves.

Try it tailored. A-line shapes will downplay your lower half.

Where should a skirt sit on your waist?

A skirt waistband should sit at your natural waist, where your torso is the narrowest. Ideally, it should stay put without too much sliding around, but sliding is preferable to squeezing. If you’ve got a soft midsection, look for skirts with wide waistbands since they are less likely to dig.

What is my body type?

Body Shape Calculator & Measurements Chart Description Widest part Hourglass A well-defined waist with even hips and bust Bust Hips Pear Bottom-heavy Hips Inverted triangle Top-heavy Shoulder Bust Rectangle Even measurements without much definition Shoulder Bust Waist Hip

Are skirts or shorts more flattering?

Dresses or maxi dresses – I find that dresses and skirts are more flattering for women’s legs than shorts. They come in a variety of silhouettes that mean you can find a style that works for your body (sheath, pencil, A-line, etc.) … Skirts or maxi skirts – Much like dresses skirts are more flattering for your legs.

At what age should a woman stop wearing mini skirts?

Women should also ditch the mini-skirt once they turn 39, while men should stop wearing trainers at the age of 49 (er what about during exercise?

What should you not wear over 50?

What Not to Wear After 50 and What to Wear Instead

  • Too much makeup. Oh yes, we’re getting right into it.
  • Cleavage. It’s a common belief that cleavage is a sign of empowerment.
  • Baggy and Oversized Clothes.
  • Light, neutral colors.
  • Heels.
  • Crop Tops and Hot Pants.
  • Too Many Old Fashion Styles.
  • Fleece.

Do long skirts make you look taller?

Wearing short skirts or short dresses is one of the oldest tricks on how to look taller. Therefore, the shorter your skirts or dresses, the higher they will draw the eyes, thus making your legs look longer. The most flattering length of skirts or dresses to petite girls is about 3 inches above your knee.

What type of skirt should a pear shape wear?

SKIRTS: Skirts that hit the knee or ankle are perfect for pear-shaped ladies. Avoid tight-fitting skirts, and look for those with ruffles or beading along the bottom hem which draw attention to your curvy bottom half without adding bulk to your hips.

AVOID: Pencil, mini and straight skirts.

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