Types of Shirts for Women 

Types of Shirts for Women

Clothes are a fantastic way of reflecting your personality. They have the power to change your mood and influence the impression you make on others. It is a wonderful way you can tell the world about yourself without having to say a word. It can be overwhelming in today’s society, where you can get any type of clothes at just a click away. Types of shirts are not just something the average woman gives a lot of attention or consideration to, but they can help you narrow down which look you want.

Let us take a look at the wardrobe and discuss how many types of shirts are available for women and how many you already have. Most women have an overwhelming variety of shirts they can choose from, and many of them are our go-to for casual wear. The list of the best types of shirts for women is as follows.

1. Dress Shirts

These are simple button-up shirts similar in structure to men’s shirts. These are also formal shirts or dress shirts for any occasion. Women’s shirts can be button-up shirts or blouses. Button-up shirts or dress shirts are perfect for a day at the office. You can put them together with some pants and look well put together without being too formal.

2. Collar Dress Shirts

These dress shirts have a distinctive spread collar that is common in most men’s shirts. It is very versatile, and the name naturally comes from the spread or the distance between the two collar points. You can look your best with this look. Though it is slightly less formal than the tuxedo shirt, you can wear it under a blazer to look more formal or as a part of a business suit. But a simple collar dress shirt is great for any occasion.

3. The Oxford Shirt

It is just a fancy name for a casual button-up shirt. Some might say that it is the most casual button-up shirt. Pair it with jeans or straight pants, or khakis for a dressed-down look. You can get a relaxed, almost summery look if you wear it unbuttoned over a t-shirt. 

4. Tuxedo Dress Shirt

A tuxedo shirt is a class of a white dress shirt. It has a crisp pointed collar and a pleated front. Women’s tuxedo shirts have a fitted stripped-down version of the men’s shirts. Many buy a tux-styled shirt since it is a uniform in the hospitality industry. Many bartenders or servers wear it, but you can buy it for a fitted and elegant look for any event as well. 

5. Blouse

A woman’s blouse is a feminine and classy type of shirt that you can wear with skirts, jeans, dress pants, or palazzos for a casual look. These can contain ruffle designs, peter pan, asymmetrical designs, plus thousands of lace styles. The different types of blouses would fill up an entire article, but we have mentioned some of the common ones.

6. Ruffled Front Shirt

These are shirts with ruffle detail along with the buttons. It can be playful or an understatement to your look, but it is always feminine. You can add interesting patterns and femininity to any outfit with this shirt. Ruffles have a hidden power to add curves to your body if you mainly have a slimmer figure. If you have a full figure, a ruffle front shirt can help your add balance to your lower curves. 

7. Peter Pan Shirt

Peter Pan Shirts have a flat collar with rounded leaves instead of pointy ones. It gives a feminine and whimsical look, and you can get one in many patterns and colors. The polka-dotted ones or such patterned Peter Pan shirts can make you look colorful and lively. You can also tone it down with a solid and subdued color.

8. Asymmetrical Blouse

An asymmetrical blouse or shirt has an asymmetrical collar or hem. You can show off your collarbones with these shirts. It gives a slimming effect by adding a sense of continuity. You can buy an asymmetrical blouse in many different styles with different patterns to make you look formal to casual. 

9. Lace Shirts

Lace always a sense of sensuality and femininity to your look. These shirts come in a wide range of colors, styles, patterns and have a typical underlayer. Some of them are solid areas and lace sleeves that are perfect for showing some skin without overly revealing. 

10. Casual women’s Shirts

Casual women’s shirts are an umbrella term, and most of the shirts you wear or are available in malls are casual shirts. You can wear them for lounging, for some coffee. These are so comfy but fashionable that you can go the entire day without having to sacrifice your style for comfort. You can buy many casual shirts such as sleeveless shirts, t-shirts, etc. there are more variations of casual blouses for women, and we can never get enough of them. 

11. Casual Preppy Shirts

These shirts are versatile ad lazy enough to wear on a Saturday but formal enough to wear to a relaxed party or the mall. You can look put together but carefree at the same time if you go with this style. These shirts have many subcategories that we will discuss as well. 

12. Polo Shirts

Polo Shirts for women look sporty and are the ideal outfits for a day playing golf or tennis. It is perfect for a casual situation or event. If you want a long-sleeved variety of polo shirts, you can get them too. It is called a Henley shirt, and it doesn’t have a collar.

13. Tunic Shirts

Tunic shirts are classic and straightforward. These generally have a solid and elongated feminine pattern. It can have long sleeves or short ones. The length is typically between the hips and the knees, and you can combine this loose shirt with some fit pants to create a flattering silhouette for any body type. 

14. Turtleneck Shirts

Many of us are fans of turtlenecks, be it a sweater or a non-knit shirt. It will flatter you, especially if you have a longer neck. You can quickly wear it with some layering action on just on its own. It has a dressed-up feel, but you can wear it with jeans for a casual look. 

15. T-shirts

It is an all-time go-to shirt that is comfy. These can be oversized or fitted. You can rock it with a V neck, crew neck, or a scoop neck shirt. Any type will look great for a casual look. Throw on some joggers for a sporty look or some jeans for a casual, hang-out look. 

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