Button Up Vs Button Down – Everything You Need To Know

Button Up Vs Button Down – Everything You Need To Know

As a rule of thumb, whenever we see a collared shirt with buttons, we call that shirt by a common name; some call them push buttons, while others call them down buttons. However, while the two options seem like the only thing separating them is pure semantics, they are not interchangeable terms. Even though this might seem trivial or the difference between button up vs button down shirts is unnecessary, it is actually entirely wrong. Knowing how to differentiate the two types of shirts is important when planning and pairing outfits, and while the contrast between them may seem subtle, it is worth knowing to be yours—best when wearing a collar dress shirt. Check out poplin vs twill.

Button Up Vs. Button Down

Button Up Shirts

Button up shirts are perhaps the most common type of shirt to find in a man’s closet. The Button up shirts is typically used for work and business environments. They are also commonly referred to as dress shirts. Button up shirts are recognizable because they have a button just at the neck, as well as buttons up to the front.

In addition to a business or work clothing, button up shirts are also for various occasions. Whether it’s various formal events with a tie or something more casual and casual with a collar that stays loose, button up shirts are incredibly versatile shirts that are popular due to their ability to fit beyond a single occasion.

Button Down Shirts

A button-down shirt is basically a button-down shirt with additional buttons on each collar’s tips. These buttons can be closed so that the collar lies flat and remains attached to the shirt’s body. In short, button-down shirts allow the shirt collar to be “buttoned.”

Similar to the button up shirt, button down shirts can be both dressy and casual for various settings and events.

It is unnecessary to wear a tie with a button-down shirt, although you certainly have the option if the situation calls for it.

The only real rule of thumb when wearing a button down shirt is that if you’ve gone for the extra buttons on the collar stitches, they should probably be buttoned up.

If not, what’s the point of buying a button down? In addition to adding a touch of style and detail, these buttons on the collar also perform a real function to prevent the collar from appearing too fragile.

Button Up Vs Button Down

As explained above, the only real difference between a button-up and a button-down is the two additional buttons on the collar of a button-down shirt. Other than that, these two dress shirts are pretty much on par. In fact, besides being buttons, 99% of buttons are also buttons.

However, not all buttons are buttons. Although there are button-down shirts that are not button-down shirts, such as some polo shirts and collared sweaters, these garments are generally not referred to as “button-down.”

The history of snaps

Created for polo players in the 19th century, button-down shirts eventually made their big breakthrough in mainstream fashion trends in England. The shirts have been designed to prevent collars from obstructing the view of polo players, allowing them to play the precise game without interruption. Of course, the clean and elegant appearance of the polo shirt fashion was also a factor in keeping the buttons pinned during activity.

John E introduced the first official button-down shirt. Brooks in 1896. His grandfather established the famous US-based retail company, Brooks Brothers, giving him a platform to promote this new shirt. Innovative. He had taken the functional purpose of pinning the collar he had observed on polo players in England and made it a popular styling option in America.

Eventually, the shirts became a real hit for athletes and beyond, and the button-down shirt became a more preparatory option in terms of style. Button-down shirts have become incredibly popular with Ivy League students around the country, and even former President JFK was a big fan before they became the staple work shirt for most men.

When To Wear Button Up Vs Button Down

Unlike some clothing items, which require specific rules and regulations, there are very few complications when choosing between button ups or button downs. The truth is, while it’s important to know how to tell the difference between the two, the two options are relatively interchangeable when deciding which to focus.

The only advice one could offer would be regarding a very formal event. While button-up shirts can go with sports ties and coats.

If the event or occasion is ultra-conservative, it may be a good idea to go for a classic button down shirt rather than buttoned up.

While you may think the button-down is the more formal option because it keeps the collar in place, it’s important to remember that these shirts were originally designed for the sport of polo, which means that this additional detail can diminish for some the elegance of the dress shirt. At the same time, this is only a suggestion as both shirts perform very diverse and versatile functions.

If the setting you find yourself in demands a more casual look, there really is no wrong answer when choosing between an up button or a down button. Neither shirt requires a tie or buttons all the way up, meaning you can leave both shirts loose and comfortable without worry. Again, the only firm suggestion with the button down is to make sure the two collar tips are pinned with their respective buttons.

It’s a good idea to have both options in your wardrobe; that way, you have a bit of range and assortment among the otherwise standard dress shirts. Changing your style now and then is an easy way to ensure that your look stays fresh and new while maintaining timelessness.

Is button down or button up more formal?

There’s many times guys will wear a button down shirt with a tie, or wear a button up shirt with some of the top buttons undone. A button down shirt is usually seen as more casual, while a button up shirt is more formal.

Is a button down collar more formal?

It primarily comes down to a matter of formality, a button-down collar is inherently more informal and when paired with a suit and tie it offers a clashing level of formality. A standard collar dress shirt will look sharp and professional and it’s the best way to complement that suit and tie of yours.

Why do people button up shirts?

The history of button down shirts dates back to 1869, in England. Polo players often found that when they were charging around the field on horses, the collars of their shirts would flap up in the wind, and impair their vision. So they attached buttons to their collars, in order to hold them down for matches.

Is a button up shirt business casual?

Even though each workplace is different, the most basic definition of business casual today is button-up shirts, quality polos and dressier pants.

Are button down shirts casual?

Formality of Button Down Collars – Casual Or Formal? The button down collar is casual by nature. If they are paired with a tie, it’s usually worn with a casual suit or blazer/odd trouser combo. … Do not wear a button down collared shirt with a double-breasted suit, either.

Should I button down my collar?

Whether you wear a tie or not, you should always button the collar of a button-down shirt. This is the one and only “rule” for wearing button-down shirts. Leaving the collar unbuttoned will not turn it into a makeshift point collar for more formal occasions. Instead, it will look messy and uninformed.

Are button down collars still in style?

The button-down collar is a variant on the point-collar dress shirt and is stylistically appealing for those who want to dress down but. But, in today’s casual world, a button-down with a tie and a sport coat is still quite well dressed.

Is it OK to wear a button down collar shirt with a suit?

Button-down collars work well on short sleeve shirts. Button-down collar shirts truly shine when they’re dressed down relative to a suit. You can certainly throw one on with a pair of jeans and call it a day, but a button-down collar shirt works quite well with a sport coat and odd trouser combo too.

What are button-down shirts called?

Button-down collars, or “sport collars” have points fastened down by buttons on the front of the shirt. Introduced by Brooks Brothers in 1896, they were patterned after the shirts of polo players and were used exclusively on sports shirts until the 1950s in America.

Should you button up shirts all the way?

At its core, the answer’s simple. “Undoing your top button makes you look (and feel) more relaxed. It works perfectly for outfits with casual shirts. But in a formal outfit, like a suit and tie, you’d of course always do the top button up,” says Thread senior stylist Alice Watt.

What is a half button down shirt called?

camp shirt A half sleeve shirt is also called a camp shirt. It is similar to the classic button-down and often has a full-length front button closure. These shirts are casual, and it is common to wear them untucked.

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