Can I Straighten my Hair after Bleaching It

Can I Straighten my Hair after Bleaching It

Bleaching your hair is the first step towards changing your hair color. If you are a blondie, you can avoid this. However, you need good dyes to maintain your natural blonde or change its shade. Bleaching hair requires certain precautions that need to be taken care of. In this article, we will discuss hair bleaching and its effect with a major focus on whether you can straighten your hair after bleaching or not.

Can I Straighten my Hair after Bleaching It

What bleaching does to your hair?

Bleaching your hair is a chemical process that makes your hair color lighter. If you are someone with dark brown/black hair, this process will be a little longer for you than the ones with light hair color. Bleaching helps change your hair color to blonde/yellowish. After bleaching your hair to a lighter color, you can easily change it to any other color such as golden, red, etc.

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Can you straighten hair after bleaching?

Yes, you can straighten your hair after bleaching it. However, you should avoid doing it. If you are straightening your hair without any heat, it does not affect your hair; however, if you are using a straightener or any other equipment that consists of heat, it will make your hair drier and eventually increase the damage already done by bleaching.

Can you straighten hair after bleaching

Can bleaching damage your hair?

To bleach your hair, you let the bleaching chemicals penetrate your hair to change its color. Bleaching your hair takes away the natural moisture and proteins that hair needs. Excessive bleaching can cause hair problems such as dryness, frizziness, loss of hair, and you are more open to further hair damage.

You can reduce the damage caused by bleaching by using a hair mask, washing your hair less often, avoiding excessive heat, using hair oil, and following a hair care routine.

Can bleaching damage your hair

Can you use heat after you bleach your hair?

If you wish to use heat on your hair after bleaching, you can do it, although it is not healthy. Bleaching your hair makes your hair dry, and it needs a minimum of 3-4 weeks to heal. Continuation use of heat at this time will make your hair dry and increase the damage.

To conclude, bleaching your hair often already makes your hair vulnerable, and using a straightener or any other heat equipment at this stage will further damage your hair. However, if you are someone who loves changing the color of your hair every few months, you can continue to do it with precautions and expert advice.

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