Hair Sticking Up on Top of Head

Hair Sticking Up on Top of Head

After applying a hair mask or covering your hair with oil, a warm gentle shower, and combing along with the styling of hair, you expect it to look perfect. However, you then find some tiny hair stick on top of your head that ruins your look? It’s okay! We got you. Don’t let those stick-ups ruin your day. In this article, we will tell you why hair sticks up arise and what you can do to prevent it.

Why does Hair stick up?

Here stick up is not caused by one thing but is rather related to multiple things. Some of it occurs because they are new hair that is growing. While some are damaged or broken hair. It can also be caused by split ends. Don’t worry about it too much cause it can also be frizzy. This is what creates small hair and they stick up on top of the head.

How to prevent hair from sticking up?

There are multiple ways to avoid hair sticking up. Let’s discuss the most effective ones:

Using a conditioner

When you wash your hair using a shampoo, it cleans the scalp along with removing all the oils/moisture present in your hair that results in dry hair. This is often the reason why your hair gets dry after a wash. Using a conditioner after shampoo provides the essential moisture that stops the hair from drying. A conditioner also softens your hair and makes it silky. However, avoid using a conditioner on your scalp, it will make your hair look oily.

Applying serum

After a wash, applying a serum helps remove the dryness caused by hair wash. It also makes your hair look healthy, shiny and protects it from damage. Make sure to always use a serum after washing to provide the moisture needed thus avoiding hair sticking.

Using essential oils

Using essential oils is a great way to avoid hair sticking up. Not using oils is one of the reasons why your hair sticks up. Oils help to reduce frizziness. It also provides the nutrients needed by the hair and keeps your hair healthy and shiny. Too much usage of oil will make your hair look sticky or oily.

Getting a hair treatment

If you are facing hair stick-ups or other hair-related problems that can’t be solved by oils, serums, or conditioners, then asking help from a professional might help you. We all have different hair types and a professional is aware of all the types and will suggest you the best remedy based on your hair type.

Miscellaneous ways

Apart from the above-mentioned ways, you can try other things such as hair sprays or hair tools such as a straightener, however these might not be good for your hair in the long term. You must also avoid regular washing of your hair. Excessive washes also make your hair dry and frizzy.

To conclude, hair stick-ups are a common problem faced by many people. However, with proper care and by using above mentioned remedies, you have a better chance of flaunting your hair without any stick-ups.

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