The Coolest Coachella Outfits For Guys – Coachella Outfits Men

The Coolest Coachella Outfits For Guys – Coachella Outfits Men

Coachella is happening. Are you ready?! Hell yeah. It’s time to pack your bags for the grandest Music festival. As you hop from stage to stage to listen to your favorite performer and party till you drop dead, looking cool is mandatory. And that’s why these Coachella outfits men. Let us help you pull out summer style and festival looks, the Coachella outfits for guys, to rock your days and nights at the valley!

Coachella Outfits For Men

Cause you will be spending these couple of days at literally the hottest music festival (under the sun in the middle of the desert), you don’t just want to look cool but also feel cool in what you wear. We have you covered on this with some cool outfits and smart style choices to help you survive the heat and sweat in style.

Coachella outfits for guys

Let’s start with the essentials. TBH everything on this list is kind of essential, but you can pick and choose combinations that match your style sense and fit your backpack.

1. Quirky Tees And Shirts

Top of our list is summer staples – Tees and shirts, absolute essentials to keep you cool as you sweat amidst the crowd. Tshirts are a must-have, and with quirky prints and shades, you can stand out in the crowd.

Quirky tees and shirts for Coachella festival

Go for tie and dye and boho prints if you feel colorful, or keep it subtle with neutral or pastels shades that would keep the sun’s heat at bay. Opt for breathable cuts and fabric, and you can thank us later.

Buttoned-down shirts are a great choice too that look just as uber-cool. Show off your bohemian spirit with tropical prints and bohemian half shirts.


Bring out your inner freak with color block and printed vests. These are perfect for the day as well as nights for the after-parties, you party animal.

2. Sweatshirts And Hoodies

As the sun goes down and the temperature takes a dip, you might want to keep a sweatshirt or hoodie handy. Don’t forget to pack one for the cool evenings in the desert.


Also, you can smartly style both these as part of your outfits during the day too. Put on a lightweight sweatshirt with no tee underneath during the day that’ll keep you snug later in the day. Carry your hoodie tied around your waist for a casual vibe and simply put it on whenever needed.

3. Chic Bottoms

Style your outfits with a pair of classy bottoms to match your top. Take your pick from full-length pants to shorts to chill at the festival.

chic bottoms for coachella festival

Printed bottoms are a hit; take your inspiration from Anderson. Paak from last year’s festival and wear animal print bottoms if you’re daring.

Half pants and medium-length chinos with a nice fit and cool fabric can be a great match for your Tees and tropical shirts and pulling out a casual look. Opt for a pair of airy shorts and let your legs breathe.

To pair any kind of top-wear from funky to comfy in a stylish yet relaxed way, types of denim are your best bet. Distressed denim, rugged jeans, slash knee, washed and faded styles, there’s no dearth of options to choose from that’ll keep you looking smart.

4. Comfortable Footwear

Dancing away at the beats, you’re gonna be up on your feet all day at the festival. Choose comfortable footwear with your outfits so as to not tire your feet and keep them fresh for the next day.

Making no compromise on comfort or style, Sneakers are the perfect footwear for Coachella. Buy a Vans Sneaker to go with your outfits and support your feet, or invest in a pair of sturdy boots like Jared Leto’s classic black boots.

Coachella outfits for men

5. Accessories Are The New Essentials

To amp up your style game and bring some funk to the Coachella outfits, guys’ accessories are essential. Even if you do not like to accessorize and prefer to keep it simple, you still need a few practical accessories and gear that can also enhance your look on the side. 

In the brightly shining sun, you don’t wanna be squinting at your favorite star. Therefore you shouldn’t miss your shades to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare and hot winds blowing the dust. 

coachella sunglasses

Winds can also mess with your hair so maybe carry a bandanna that can also double up as a mask to avoid dust. There are plenty many trendy options available on Amazon to choose from. They would totally go with your bohemian outfit too.

A baseball cap or cowboy hat will shade you from direct sun and keep your head cool. Sport your favorite club’s cap and show your support or take the Old Town Road.

Coachella sunglasses

And lastly, a Backpack to carry all your essentials with you.

coachella backpack

Your clothes are an extension of you and an expression of who you are. Find your style and go for it. You could check out these Celebs at Coachella 2019 for some inspiration.

With these smartly styled Coachella outfits for guys and the right gear to go along, you are all set for the crazy days and nights at the grand music festival. Beat the heat and party away in style!

What do people wear to Coachella men?

Coachella Fashion DO — wear cut-off jean shorts, shorts, and short shorts. A lot of guys are afraid to sport these types of shorts because they fear looking like a “hipster” or some other silly excuse. But you guys, it looks stylish, it’s comfy, and you totally look cute.

What do you wear to a Coachella party?

Traditionally, festival-goers are down to wear just about everything, from designer dresses to just a bikini top and denim shorts. In short: You want to stand out. Well, unless you’re Leonardo DiCaprio, in which case you want to hide in a hoodie and hope no one recognizes you.

Can you wear pants to Coachella?

Coachella grounds are grassy and flat so you won’t be surprised to see some people walking around barefoot. However, flip flops, sandals, or boots are the footwear options of choice making your romper, shorts, jeans and skirts look as fierce as ever.

What should you not wear to Coachella?

DON’T wear heels or flip flops to Coachella. If you’re going to wear heels to Coachella, you’re going to look like a dumbass, and we’ll throw you up on our Hot vs. Not (as a NOT) once your heel gets stuck in the polo field. … BUT, if you must must wear flip flops, wear these.

What is Coachella theme?

If we could describe Coachella it’s a mix of little indian, bohemian and rock star. Think flower crowns, tattoos, music, teepees, dream catchers, fresh fruits, soft colours, feathers, ribbons, ice cream, balloons, pool parties and food trucks. Making it an ideal and versatile on trend theme for your next kid’s party.

What age is appropriate for Coachella?

Are there any age restrictions? Coachella is an all ages festival, however those under 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Can you smoke at Coachella?

Cigarettes, E-Cigs and Vape Pens are the only smoking devices allowed in the festival. No liquid vape refills are allowed. The reason for Coachella’s strict policy, despite California’s own guidelines, lies in the preferences of Indio, the town which hosts the fest yearly, according to The Wrap.

What does Coachella mean in English?

Coachella (pronounced koe-CHEL-uh) is the name of a city as well as a valley in southern California. … Coachella comes from a misspelling of the valley’s old name, Conchilla, from a Spanish word meaning “little shell” that referenced the fossil shells found in the area.

What does VIP Coachella get you?

Allows access into the venue, day parking lots (Preferred Parking sold separately) and the venue VIP areas. May visit Car & Tent Camping areas. VIP Areas offer specialty food & drink vendors, air-conditioned restrooms, shaded seating areas and full cash bars.

Is Bohemian same as Coachella?

Coachella fashion is synonymous with boho, free-spirited clothing that gives young and old the opportunity to play dress up for three days.

How much are Coachella 2020 tickets?

Coachella Ticket Prices Coachella’s general admission tier one tickets will cost $449, tier two tickets will cost $474, and tier three tickets will cost $499. VIP tier one tickets will cost $929, tier two tickets will cost $999, and tier three $1,049.

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