Pure Natural Shopping Guide – Comprehensive Guide With Tips

Pure Natural Shopping Guide

Soft yang defines the Natural body type, which is the general mix of a somewhat wide and angular physically, as well as a fresh and open attitude. ‍ Here is a Pure Natural shopping guide with a list of recommendations for clothing and accessories along with styling tips.

It is always possible for a little divergence from some qualities to occur, and this should not be cause for concern as long as it does not disrupt the overall soft yang balance.

Dresses for pure natural

  • Dresses for Pure Naturals should be with basic construction. With a relax fit and a thin shape and loose-waist designs, as well as softly fit dresses, work nicely.
  • Another option is a softly fitted coatdress with an open neckline or a thin chemise in nice raw silk or linen with good texture.
  • Wrap styles, safari styles, T-shirt styles, and blouson or two-piece designs are also excellent choices.


  • styles with a lot of bounce
  • extravagant designs
  • fashions that are extremely tailored
  • designs that are exceedingly broad and shapeless

wrap dresses

Pants for pure natural body

Almost every style, from the most casual to the most formal, is fantastic. Here are some of the recommendations.

  • Styles that have simple tailoring with little detail.
  • Options with elastics and drawstrings.
  • Jeans and sweatpants.
  • Evening fashions that are short, crop variants,  silky, or satiny, including pyjama styles.


  • designs with gathered waists and draped, tapering leg styles

drawstring joggers

Jackets and blazers for pure natural

  • Long (ending from the upper thigh on down).
  • Simple and relaxing to wear.
  • Shoulder pads with round edges.
  • Surfaces with texture.
  • Long cardigans with shoulder padding are popular.
  • Double-breast coat, unconstructed (left open).
  • Long blouson with a low waistband.


  • styles with a lot of bounce.
  • fashions that are extremely fitted.
  • styles that are clipped.

Jackets and blazers for pure natural

Separates for pure natural

Separates look fantastic on you and should make up the majority of your outfit. Even in conservative silhouettes, an imaginative combination of patterns, textures, and colours will look better on you than an excessive style, which would be really dull on you.

Your style is clearly a mix ‘n match in the most sophisticated sense, and here is where you should focus the most of your creative efforts.

Skirts for pure natural

Simple, straight skirts may be available from Pure Naturals. Styles that are softly tailored. The length is moderate (one inch below knee).

For a fun/funky style, wear very short skirts. Hemlines with a modest flare (kept flat in the hip area – they will have a longer, mid-calf hemline).

medium flared skirt

Shoes for pure natural

  • Styles should be simple and with perfect customisation.
  • Heel height needs to be low to moderate.
  • ANgular and straight tops of the heels will work perfectly.
  • All flats, stacked heel, wedges.
  • Evening sandals should not be strappy and should be quite bare.
  • Toes can be tapered, open (simple), or closed.

wedged heels

Hairstyles and cuts for pure natural

A Pure Natural’s hairstyle should be dishevelled, loose, and free, with a gentle geometric contour and a feathery edge. It’s important to layer. Perms and body waves are great, and for fun or evening attire, you may absolutely go for the “wild animal-mane style.”


  • cuts with a blunt edge
  • ornate or set styles
  • designs that are smooth and sleek
  • Cuts that are boyishly groomed
  • fashions that are highly teased and coiffed

body wvaes hair

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