Gentle DIY Baby Shampoo With Essential Oils

DIY Baby Shampoo With Essential Oils

Do you find industrial shampoos unreliable to use on your baby? If you’re looking for a safe way to wash your baby’s hair, consider essential oils! Some oils are gentle, cleansing, and specially made to be suitable for babies, nature is well made! You will not find in any other shampoo virtues comparable to those coming from aromatherapy! Check out how to use essential oils.

DIY Baby Shampoo With Essential Oils

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil – Gentle Wash

Again and again, for infants, there is nothing better than Roman Chamomile essential oil. This will perfectly adapt to your baby’s hair which is mostly light in color, and above all very fine and fragile. A shampoo with fruity notes of Chamomile will be ideal to soothe the baby during his bath in order to immerse him in a relaxing atmosphere. This essential oil will take care of him and his hair to soften them and make them shine.

roman chamomile essential oil

Lavender Fine Essential Oil – To Cleanse The Scalp

The addition of Lavender Fine essential oil to this shampoo will provide an additional and very light smell to the bath. The calming properties of this essential oil will relax your child to promote their inner well-being. Scented with Lavender, this shampoo will maintain your baby’s scalp to cleanse and purify it to avoid any potential infection.

Lavender Fine Essential Oil

Gentle Baby Shampoo Recipe With Essential Oils

Take your empty 50 mL bottle, pour a few inches of neutral shampoo into it, then add:

  • 3 drops of Roman Chamomile essential oil
  • 5 drops of Lavender Fine essential oil
  • Complete with  neutral shampoo  until the bottle is full

Gentle Baby Shampoo Recipe With Essential Oils

Stopper, homogenize then label your bottle. Your shampoo is ready to use!

Method of application: gently massage your baby’s scalp with a small dab of this shampoo in the palm of your hand. Then gently rinse her hair with lukewarm water.

Application time: you can rinse the shampoo after the whole head has been washed.


  • YES .  The  adults and teenagers, babies over 3 months More pregnant 3 months, breastfeeding women.
  • NO .  The  pregnant women – 3 months, babies – for 3 months.
  • In general,  remember that essential oils are PROHIBITED for babies under 3 months old. It is best to seek medical advice before using this shampoo for babies with asthma and epilepsy.
  • It is also recommended to perform the allergic test with the mixture in the crook of the elbow before any use.

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