DIY Festive Decoration Ideas With Step By Step Procedures

How To Make Your Home Beautiful With Creative And Festive Decoration Ideas

festive decoration ideas

Now, there is no need to worry about how you should go about picking the right pieces of festive decor items for your home. Clearly, you don’t have to invest a copious amount in buying extravagant showpieces or curtains to make your home look gorgeous. In this blog, we will be listing out a few festive decoration ideas that you can choose for your home to make it look bright and beautiful this festive season.

The Festive Season has officially begun and that has added some cheerful vibes to our lives after a year of facing pandemic. All of us eagerly look forward to Diwali, and this year the festive season adds all the more smiles to our face. Not just Diwali, we also have a series of festivals to celebrate such as Dhanteras, Bhai Dooj, and Govardhan Pooja and during these celebrations, home décor plays an important role. After all, would you like to have a dull home with no lights, diyas, or rangoli during the festive season? Of Course not!

Check out these DIY ideas and make your home look instantly beautiful:


Diyas add a traditional touch to the Diwali Decor ritual. Although, today we use fairy lights, tea light candles, lamps, etc. but without diyas Diwali is certainly incomplete. Now, simply lighting the earthen diyas can be quite mundane, which is why we have come with a very interesting DIY so that you can transform diyas and give them a new look for decorating your home. 

colored diyas

Follow these steps to make your home look vibrant and beautiful:

  • Firstly, take an earthen Diya, preferably the ones which have some patterns and designs in them. We are going for the patterned ones because that would allow the colours to be distinctive.
  • Now, take golden spray paint and spray it all over the diya to ensure the coat is thick and permeates well into the diya. Let it dry for around 1-2 hours.
  • Let it dry and take acrylic paints of any color — preferably bold colours. Colour the patterns in the inner part of the diya to give it a festive look to it.
  • Next, take some pearl stickers and put them around the edges of the diyas. These pearl stickers are easily available online or in any stationary shop. 

There you go, we have our very own DIY colourful diyas ready to bright up your life!


Another way to beautify your home during the festive season is by incorporating candles at the corner of your home. While there are a host of decorative candles available in the market, did you know you could easily make them at home? Yes, you heard us right. You can easily make colourful candles at home by reusing your crockery. All you need is some candle wax, a set of wax crayons, candle wicks and a beautiful glass from your crockery collection.

festive candles
  • First, take some wax and add the wax crayon of the desired colour. Heat the wax well for the colour to infuse into the wax.
  • Now, take the glass and place the candle wick into it. Make sure to hold it tightly.
  • Once the wax is heated and infused well with the colour, add the wax to the glass carefully.
  • After pouring the wax, allow the wax to cool down and let it settle. 

Your DIY colourful festive candles are ready!


Wall Decor is again a very beautiful element in festive decorations. It can be easily crafted from the comfort of our living rooms by using basic elements. What you need for this DIY is cardboard, some fabric and a few decorative pieces.

wall decor
  • Cut the cardboard in any geometrical shape and brush away all dust from it.
  • Next, take any old fabric or felt sheet and stick it to the cardboard cutout using a strong adhesive.
  • Once this is done, take a few decorative pieces like mica, kundan, mirror work, etc. and stick it to the cardboard piece.
  • Add some pom-poms to these decorated pieces using a thread. This will act as the latkan. The DIY festive wall décor is ready to be adorned.


This is again another extremely simple DIY to perform and practically requires very little effort and material. What you need is any glasses from your crockery set and rangoli colors.

tealight holders festive decoration
  • Take any glass and pour the dried rangoli colour powder into these glasses in a layered fashion. This means that the pouring of the powder should happen successively and not all together. Beautiful layers of colours can be seen. 
  • Make sure this process is done till the colours reach the top of the glass.
  • Once done, place tea-light candles that you have purchased for Diwali into the glasses. 

The DIY Tealight Candleholders are ready to be used. This is definitely the most last-minute yet a beautiful DIY!


One of the easiest DIY festive decorations, for this DIY all you need is some Glass Bottles and glass colours.

festive decoation colored glass bottles
  • In this DIY, take any glass bottle. You can purchase it from the market or you could reuse the glass bottles that come with pickles, jams or sauces.
  • Clean the bottles properly to ensure no stain remains. 
  • Now, take the glass colours which are again very easily available and begin the DIY. You could also make some patterns on these bottles and then fill them with colour.
  • To make it look more festive, put some mica or Kundan (optional). 

Voila! Another décor item is ready for display. You could put some fairy lights in them or simply use them as decorative items.


These are some festive decoration ideas that you should definitely choose or get inspired to create your own DIYs as the possibilities are endless. Making these will not just glam up your house, but also make you feel happy as these are made by you. Click pictures of these beautiful decorations along with yourself and post them on your social media, to have all the compliments showering upon.

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