4 DIY Meal Replacement Shakes – Healthy Low-Calorie Meals

DIY Meal Replacement Shakes!

meal replacement shakes

Most of us lack the time to prepare healthier meal options and most of us happen to grab a meal outside which is too often predominantly dense in refined oils and carbohydrates with the additions of colors, thickeners, etc. So, having a powder to mix in water/milk becomes a convenient, easy, healthier, although expensive alternative! Here are some meal replacement shakes which are:

  • Home-made
  • Natural
  • Wholesome / A meal with a complete nutrient profile
  • Devoid of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, etc.

What is MRP Really?

A Meal replacer can be a drink/shake/bar/soup intended as a substitute/ replacement to an actual solid regular meal. It has all the nutrients present in a regular meal. It is rich in balanced amounts of carbohydrates slow/fast absorbing with some proportion of dietary fiber, protein, fats usually coconut or vegetable oils or from nuts and seeds, minerals and vitamins which may or may not be fortified.

When It Can Be Consumed:

The most popular times of consuming an MRP is breakfast and evening snack. However, many individuals who travel frequently or have most meetings outside, for them an MRP can be absolutely any meal.

Although nothing can replace a wholesome meal of traditional breakfast options/ typical lunches or dinners, here are a few DIY MRP shakes/ smoothies/juices for those who want to eat the best with minimum preparation time.

4 Easy Meal Replacement Shakes:

Oats Shake:

  • Soak two-three tablespoons of roasted oats in a small 150ml cup of cow/soy milk overnight.
  • In the morning just blend the same with another 150ml cup of cow/soy milk, one fruit of choice and a handful of mix nuts and seeds to get a good blend of macronutrients.

Ragi Shake:

Add two tablespoons ragi malt in 200ml milk with a handful of mixed nuts and seeds and not more than two dates/figs.

Fruit And Nut Smoothie:

Blend one fruit of choice with a handful of nuts and seeds and half a scoop of protein powder such as whey/ pea and churn it with either milk/water.

Mix Veggie And Avocado Smoothie:

Use half an avocado and blend it with a 150ml small cup of coconut water along with one handful each of spinach, seeds of choice and one fruit! You may add one teaspoon of honey if you prefer it sweet!

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