Dressing For Men’s Body Type

How To Dress For Your Body Type – Men’s Guide

Whether men or women, they all love to dress up according to their own body type. Dressing for men’s body type is a bit of a tedious task for both the client and the designer. However, on the other hand, it is easier for the designer to create dresses easily for women, as compared to men. 

Do you have an oval built or a rectangular shape of your body? Are you overweight or too lean to look good in slim fits! All of this depends entirely on the shape of your body and your physique. 

Style Advice for Men 

When dressing yourself in a legit fit, it’s quite difficult to highlight your body shape. However, you want to don that designer shirt or your designer suit on any random occasion. You might feel that red majestic shirt is looking so cool on you and you are looking dapper in that suit, but are you really? Has your designer designed the outfit according to your body type? Or maybe you are not able to choose the exact and desired look for yourself. 

Many times, you tend to choose what you like to wear (ignoring the fact that it is looking good on you or not). It’s as of now enthusiastically enough attempting to discover garments you like, yet when it doesn’t exactly fit the manner in which you need it to, you can’t resist the urge to question your shape and you’re built. The truth of the matter is, everybody’s build is unique, and you shouldn’t ignore the way you dress up.  

In spite of the fact that body shape is certifiably not a typical conversation among men, it doesn’t discredit the significance of knowing the dressing for men’s body type is also exceptional. 

Let us take a look at the various body types and how to dress accordingly.

1. Triangular Body Type

If your chest and shoulders are broader than your waist and hips, your body type is called “triangular”. Here is what will look good on you:


Make a clean look by opting for neutral and nude colors. A customized, nude, or beige shirt with regular fit or narrow fit pants or chinos would look great on you.

Avoid wearing shirts that seem too tight. You do not want to show your shoulder curves while you are in your workplace. Ensure your jeans aren’t excessively thin, however, in light of the fact that the slimmer the cut. 


Opt for types of denim and chinos with striped shirts. Stripes will give you a lean look from the top.

Style yourself with comfy jackets and light coats teaming up with narrow fitted denim.

Sneakers will look the best for a casual Sunday brunch.

Strong tones or miniature prints work best since they feature your resources without trying too hard. 


First of all, finding an off-the-rack suit that fits an upset triangle appropriately is testing. So, make a point to have your pieces custom-made or consider getting a custom suit made. What’s more? Watch the length and width of your tie—a thin tie turns out best for these body types. 

2. Oval Body Type

If you are the one with a wide torso and arms and legs (your limbs) leaner than your torso, this is called an “Oval” body type. Here are the options for you:


You will love styling up with slim-fit work wears. Wearing a slim fit shirt, a pair of slim-fit trousers and a slim fit coat will look great on you. Avoid wearing loud colours. Opt for nudes and light-hued dresses. 


As long as you can keep them simple, try to opt for nudes and light coloured denim. Style yourself in regular fit denim of earthy tones like browns and greys. Style your denim with polo neck tees, preferably a little dark colour than your denim. Also, you can opt for denim in a slightly tapered fit. This will elongate your look. 

3. Rectangular Body Type

If you are the one who is quite tall and lean and slim, then you belong to the rectangular frame body. Here are some casual and workwear choices for you:

Work wear

The magnificent thing about having a rectangular shape is having an option to wear all kinds of colours and quirky prints. If you are tall and slim, you have all the options of styling yourself up in every different manner. You can opt for solid colours for your workwear shirts with light coloured slim-fit trousers. Avoid wearing heavy shoes in your workplace. 


Improve your chest area by adding mass to your shoulders with strongly designed tops and dainty coats. For a more sculptural look, opt for a shirt and tees with quirky prints and that are fitted on your torso. 

These styling tips on dressing for men’s body type will guide you easily to buy clothes and to style up in the way you want. If you think you are not good at choosing garments according to your body type, then take someone’s help or you can also get in touch with a stylist. 

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