What Color Shirt Goes With Camo Shorts? What Colors Go With Camo?

What does wearing camo mean?

The camo print is nothing if not ironic. Originally, its raison d’etre was to conceal, blend in, and protect soldiers. Now, it is worn as a means of standing out from the crowd and making a statement.

What shirts go good with camo shorts?

You can put on a black or white T-shirt with a pair of camo shorts for a great look and can even layer it with another shirt or jacket on top of the T-shirt. This outfit works for men or women.

What colors go with camo shorts?

  • Whites – One of the easiest colors to pair with the camo print is a neutral like black or white.
  • Pastels – The three of us along with a couple of other bloggers showcased camo with pastels a couple of years ago.
  • Brights.
  • Neutral Print Mixing.
  • Bold Print Mixing.

What color T shirt goes with camouflage pants?

Go with black and grey tops for a neutral yet stylish outfit. You can wear either all black or all grey with your camo, or go with a mix of both. Black clothing looks classic paired with camo pants, and a touch of grey pairs lovely as well. These tones add some softness to the camo’s loud print.

What do dark green shorts go with?

Teaming a grey floral short sleeve shirt with dark green shorts is an awesome option for a casual outfit. White leather low-top sneakers are a stylish companion for this getup. Consider wearing a light blue denim shirt and dark green shorts for a casual level of dress.

Does Red match with camouflage?

Pair with color: Explore pairing Camo with a fun color to spice up your look. … I’ve seen Red and Camo paired and that looks great!

Add a feminine flair: Camo of course is more masculine, so don’t be afraid to add a feminine flair.

Does camo go with orange?

An unexpected color that really pops against the camo is an orange or rust color! Another just as bold color to wear with camo would be pink!

What goes good with camouflage pants?

Camo looks great paired with black, white, and other neutrals, but it also works with bold neons and even soft pastels. Adding a little color helps soften the look and makes it feel a little more fun.

How do you match a camo shirt?

Denim on denim may work but camo on camo definitely doesn’t – avoid it at all costs. Black is generally the best color to wear with camouflage so when in doubt, opt for shades of black throughout your outfit. For an easy street style look, wear your camo with box-fresh trainers and complete the look with a black cap.

What colors go with green camouflage?

Other than black, color options are white, tan, camel, pink, and light or medium gray. These colors make the green pop and make it a little more vibrant.

Does a red shirt go with green shorts?

A darker green top, blacktop, and navy can also work well too, beige top. avoid any bright colors such as red, pink, hot pink, blue, yellow, purple, and orange.

What shirt goes with olive green shorts?

For a neat and relaxed outfit, consider wearing a grey short sleeve shirt and olive shorts — these items go well together.

Can you wear camo and leopard together?

Leopard and camo look GREAT together. Surprised? Both prints consist of neutral colors, which is why they work so well when worn in the same outfit. Mixing prints can be a bit intimidating, the best way to try this combination is with accessories and shoes in leopard.

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