Front Post Double Crochet – FPDC

Front Post Double Crochet

If you already know the basics of how to crochet, you must know that the FPDC crochet pattern is a variant of the classic DC (Double Crochet) stitch that one may use to add a lot of texture to your crafts. It’s also perfect for making ribbing, identical to the ribbing technique in knitting.

Front Post Double Crochet is an abbreviation for Front Post Double Crochet. It’s called so because it’s done as a Post around a DC stitch. It gets its name as Front Post DC because it goes around the DC post from the front, pushing the texture to the front of the cloth.

front post double crochet

Difference between FPDC and DC in crochet

Even though the front post double crochet (FPDC) stitch is merely one of the post stitches, it is one of the most popular. Back post double crochet stitch (BPDC) is its sister stitch, in which the stitches produce a texture on the back of the object.

Because post stitches involve working the hook around the stitch’s post, they’re most commonly utilized with taller stitches like double crochet (DC) and treble crochet (TR), which have longer posts. Short stitches, such as HDC and SC, have less scope with post stitches since wrapping a hook around them is difficult.

Crocheting around the post or the preceding row’s stitch’s body sets FPDC apart. The majority of fundamental stitches, particularly those as simple as single crochet stitch (SC), half double crochet (HDC), and an ordinary double crochet stitch (DC) work into the loops of the stitch below.

What type of effect does FPDC stitch create?

  • The texture is formed on the right side of the crochet cloth when there is just FPDC. This method draws the thread to the front of the piece, bumping it out and giving it a different texture.
  • The FPDC crochet stitch is frequently used where ribbing is necessary, such as the ends of sleeves, the tops of mittens or socks, the ribbing of beanies, and even the border on a blanket for a different texture.
  • To get a natural knit-like ribbing, alternate rows of FPDC and BPDC will work the best.
  • Basketweave crochet, waffle stitch crochet, and crochet cables are all textures that employ FPDC and BPDC.
  • The post stitch is shorter than the conventional DC since it is worked around the body of another stitch (the post of a stitch)
  • As a result, you’ll need to chain 2 for the first stitch in the row when commencing the row of FPDC (instead of ch 3 that we usually do with regular DC).
  • Furthermore, because the Front Post Double Crochet wraps itself around the post of the next stitch in the row below, their heights overlap, and your two rows of FPDC will be shorter than two rows of standard DC.

FPDC Crochet Stitch – How to make it?

  1. Assume you’re working on the top of the standard DC row.
  2. To begin the row, crochet a standard DC stitch into the same stitch to produce an equal edging.
  3. Yarn over, insert hook, front to back, between the posts of the preceding row’s next stitch, sliding your hook around the DC directly below the FPDC stitch you’re forming, and back to the front for the first FPDC.
  4. Your hook will be horizontally behind the post of the DC stitch from the previous row.
  5. Draw the loop and yarn over. Your hook now has three loops.
  6. Turn the yarn over and draw it through the first two loops. There are just two loops remaining on the hook.
  7. Yarn over and draw the two loops together.

As you can see, this stitch begins by wrapping around the post of the stitch below, but it is subsequently crocheted in the same manner as a standard DC stitch.

The following are some points to keep in mind with the FPDC:

  • Because FPDC works around the post of the stitch below, the first row of the stitch will be done in ordinary DC stitches to lay the foundation for FPDC.
  • Because this is an edge pattern, the first stitch in the row will be a conventional DC stitch.
  • The output of the project using FPDC has a lower height than DC because FPDC is a stitch that overlaps the thread below, losing its height.
  • Because FPDC wraps over another stitch, it may appear tight at first; try crocheting it loosely.
  • Crocheting FPDC results in a vertical column-like effect on the front of your work and a horizontal chain-like effect on the back.
  • Because the FPDC needs more yarn than the conventional DC because it works around another stitch, make sure you account for it, swatch the work, and acquire enough yarn for your project.

What is a post stitch in crochet?

Crocheted Texture Requires Post Stitches. A post is the bottom section of the stitch that makes up the fabric. Working around the post rather than into the top of the stitch, insert your hook into the area between the posts of the previous row when working post stitches.

How do you do Fpdc and BPDC in crochet?

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