11 Types of Shirts Every Man Needs to Have

11 Types of Shirts Every Man Needs to Own

Whether you are a professional businessman or a barista, attending an official event or a casual event, there are types of shirts that every man should have in their wardrobe. From casual chambrays to oxford button-down shirts to office shirts, each style should be suitable for that particular event and season. Different shades and patterns of shirts are also available in each type for choosing the one according to your taste. Pairing up the shirt with other accessories like a good pair of pants or jeans, maybe some sunglasses are also an important part. Here are the suggestions for the types of shirts which for different occasions. Also, check out the types of pants to pair with the shirts.

1. Oxford Button-Down Shirt

Oxford Button-Down Shirt

Made by John Brooks in 1896, the Oxford button-down was a moment classic. Described by the thicker texture and conservative neckline, this shirt is an easy-going take regardless of whether it be at a wedding or the workplace. Settle on lighter shades for a professional setting and darker shades for an easy-going occasion.

2. Dress Shirt | Types Of Shirts

Dress Shirt

Exquisite and straightforward, the dress shirt is what you need when you mean to impress. It is commonly thicker than a regular shirt, with a pointed, wing or cutaway neckline and twofold sleeves. The dress shirt looks great with a tuxedo or suit, complete with a necktie and cufflinks. It is great for classy occasions.

3. Cuban Collar Shirt

Cuban Collar Shirt - types of shirts

Get out your best cigars and absorb the sun in a Cuban neckline shirt. With short sleeves and an open neckline, these shirts are an essential summer staple that makes you look cool. This shirt might make you seem like you’re on vacation with your kids; you can look calm and relaxed with the correct styling.

4. Overshirt | Types Of Shirts


In the middle of seasons, when it’s excessively cold for a T-shirt alone yet too warm for a coat, the overshirt becomes possibly the essential dress code. It is commonly worn over the top of another shirt, regardless of whether it be a T-shirt or a button-down. The excellence of the overshirt is its effortlessness.

5. Flannel Shirt | Types Of Shirts

Flannel Shirt

If you want to stay warm also want to look stylish, the best option is to go for a flannel shirt. The people who live in the cold climatic places have a flannel shirt appropriate for them as it is made of thick yet soft fabric and comes with a checked pattern. Keep yourself warm with the flannel shirt.

6. Office Shirt

Office Shirt - types of shirts

Roll in and get the opportunity to work while looking effortlessly smart. The office shirt is a perfect choice for the individuals who work in a desk job; make business easy-going. Shades, like, whites and light blues, are a superb alternative for the working environment. Decide on textures, like, oxfords and herringbones for an increasingly easy-going appearance.

7. Chambray

Chambray - types of shirts

Chambray shirts are one of the most adaptable items to have in your closet. In contrast to denim, it is woven in a light texture and plain-weave development, making an easy-going and comfortable piece of clothing. These shirts are ideal for any laidback or smart, easy-going occasion. Keep it loose by matching it with jeans or chinos.

8. Classic Short Sleeve Shirt

Classic Short Sleeve Shirt - types of shirts

In a short-sleeve shirt known to be as one of the classics, roll up your sleeve and be prepared to look stylish. This shirt has a pointed collar, which is also open, just like a traditional button-down shirt. A casual day outing may be at a beach or a café; it is a stylish option.

9. Denim Shirt

Denim Shirt

The denim shirt is a garment that can easily tie an outfit together. Be it an easy-going gathering or a smart yet casual occasion, it makes an effortless look. Settle on a light-shaded T-shirt under the denim, and wear it with a dark shaded pair of jeans for a simple yet trendy look. 

10. Linen Shirt

Linen Shirt

Linen shirts are the ideal choice for days where you feel that you’re feeling hot. Produced using ultra-breathable fabric, it is generally worn in easy-going and beach settings. Decide on a light shading, for example, white or blue; it will make you look more relaxed. So, pull-on a couple of light chinos for a final summer appearance.

11. Polo Shirt

Polo Shirt

The polo shirt is an adaptable and slick garment and looks excellent at easy-going occasions among the types of shirts. Dissimilar to the T-shirt, it is made of woven fabric and is finished with a sharp neckline and a couple of buttons at the neck. Choose light colors if you are going for casual events and dark colors for lunch with friends.

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