Benefits Of Homemade Bug Sprays And 3 Bug Spray Recipes

homemade bug prays

We’ve often heard the expression, “goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite,” this is especially applicable when spending a night out at a camping site when we know that the creepy bugs will soon be out, making us itch, skip and jump! However, bugs don’t only pester us outdoors; they ‘could also ruin our fun by the pool or even at home, especially during the early mornings or late evenings. But what if we had a portable spray or a bottle that contains the magic potion to keep the bugs away? Wouldn’t it just be wonderful to not worry about them but just enjoy instead? Read on for more about the homemade bug sprays.

Homemade Vs. Store-Bought:

There are various brands of bug sprays easily available in the market and yes they are most effective too. However, for those who are sensitive or allergic to its smell or the way the skin reacts to the cream (in the case of skin ‘application), it’s always better to know the ingredients, first hand.

Benefits Of Homemade Substances:

Planting mint or neem in your yard ‘has its own advantages. Moreover, both these are easy to grow. All they require is adequate sunlight, water, and some TLC. So if you are seriously ‘considering natural homemade remedies, then this is the simplest, one, with added benefits of fresh mint, and neem leaves at your disposal. Other plants include marigold, chrysanths, garlic, onion, etc.

Thus, if you are fond of gardening and growing your own organic vegetables like the ones mentioned above, keeping the bugs away is certainly an added bonus! However, ensure you get rid of any standing water in the pot trays as these could turn into breeding grounds for the bugs.

You can apply some essential oils depending on your choice of ‘fragrances onto your skin to ward, off bugs. Lavender, lemongrass, ‘eucalyptus and peppermint (due to their strong smell) are natural repellents for bugs. You can even use it as a solution in a spray bottle and spray it around you. This way, you will also help keep the place smelling fresh.

Homemade Bug Sprays Recipes:

Try out your very own easy to prepare and cost-effective bug spray with easy to find ingredients:

Personal Use Spray Recipes:

DIY bug spray

  • Take about 20 camphor balls and crush it into a fine powder.
  • Add three times the powder quantity of neem oil.
  • Mix the camphor thoroughly until all the camphor powder gets diluted.
  • Transfer the solution to a spray bottle to use it as a spray.

For Your Home:

  • Add a few bay leaves and cinnamon sticks in a cloth sachet.
  • Hang it inside the kitchen cabinets to keep the pantry bugs away.

 For Your Yard:

  • In a spray bottle add half quantity vinegar and half quantity of water.
  • Use this solution as a spray to ward off bugs.

Ensure that the products you are using are good ones and that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. Keeping your home, and especially your kitchen clean is a must! Also, make sure your yard, is regularly trimmed and get rid of the garbage regularly. Bugs thrive ‘on unclean, dark and moist places so also make sure there is enough ventilation.

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