How Long Do Mushrooms Lasts? How To Store Mushrooms?

How Long Do Mushrooms Last?

Cute little Mushrooms are on the favorite list of most people. And why not? They are the only things we can eat that aren’t plants or animals. As years passed, people discovered many types of edible mushrooms around the globe.

Since Mushrooms are easy to cook and consume, they’ve become everyone’s favorite dish or snack. Do you need to know how long a mushroom lasts in the fridge? Anyone would like to store them for a long time and eat them. But different mushrooms vary with different shelf life and different ways of identifying bad mushrooms. Like how do you know if enoki mushrooms are bad or any other mushrooms?

Beware of choosing mushrooms in the market to store them for an extended period. It is advisable to avoid eating spoiled bad mushrooms or rotten ones on the safe side. You don’t need to take any risks before consuming them. Look for fresh mushrooms that are as firm as possible. Let’s have a look at some local mushrooms and their shelf life.

Enoki Mushrooms

Enoki mushrooms generally keep well when refrigerated for upwards of two weeks. They can be stored in their original shrink-wrapped packages in the refrigerator. Once opened, store any remaining mushrooms in a brown paper bag. 

Porcini Mushrooms

Porcini mushrooms are harvested in the mountains in the spring season and on the coast in the fall and eaten within two days of picking, saying that their shelf life lasts only 2 days. Porcini mushrooms are a good choice. They have a nice crunch and taste better if consumed with a salad. Check them carefully before you buy. They seem to be buggy. Flavour is found to be nuttier. Shelf life: 2 days

Abalone mushrooms

Abalone mushrooms last longer than porcini mushrooms. When picking them, know that these mushrooms have a silky texture. Abalone mushrooms give a buttery flavor. They are often breaded and fried before being served. Abalone mushrooms are easy to pick and have good taste due to their texture. Shelf life: 7 Days

Pioppini Mushrooms

Pioppini mushrooms also have a good life span. They are members of the shimenji family. Add them to the list as people attempt to buy mushrooms with firm textures. Firm texture mushrooms can be stir-fried and quickly cooked. When it comes to taste, pioppini mushrooms have a flavor similar to Porcini mushrooms. It is a must-pick for every mushroom eater. Pioppini mushrooms are many people’s go-to snack because you can use them as a whole from stems and all. Shelf life: 7 Days

Chantarelle mushrooms

Chantarelle mushrooms are mostly found in the United States. They occur in the season during the fall, or research says Chantarelle mushrooms are available only for 10 months worldwide. Still, you have a good chance of finding them locally / online. These mushrooms have a subtle flavor with firm textures that taste great in restaurants’ cream sauces. They have an umbrella-like shape that allows them to look attractive and edible. Shelf life: 10 days

Aka pine mushrooms

Aka pine mushrooms, also known as Matsutake mushrooms, have the longest of all mushroom lifespans on the list. They are extremely popular in Japan. Vendors sell them fresh from nature in markets. The texture is a little fibrous. Flavors as cinnamon pine. As they grow in sooty soil, gills are not visible. Originating from Japan, they are aromatic and served in soups or traditional Japanese rice dishes. Shelf life: 10-14 Days

How To Store Mushrooms?

  • Store the mushrooms you picked in a space that allows the air to enter into space. This prevents them from drying off from the external atmosphere.
  • Following the proper storage method, you can keep the mushroom in a paper bag (the top should be loosely tied).
  • Plastic towels can be a substitute for paper bags. Store mushrooms in a plastic bag lined with a paper towel that captures enough moisture from the atmosphere. It’s an excellent method to store them before they run out of shelf life.
  • Sealed containers/ bags are the best methods, yet they are hustle-free. Pack them in a cardboard tube wrapped in plastic. Ensure you don’t open the container repeatedly unless you are ready to use them.
  • Freezing is an easy method. Know their shelf life before placing them in a refrigerator. Mushrooms retain so much water that many people find it difficult to store them raw. Cook them first. Then make sure you store them on parchment paper. Quickly transfer them into an airtight bag (where there is space for air to pass out).

Before trying any of the different methods mentioned above, it is necessary to note their shelf life and life span.


Studies have shown that mushrooms may last up to two weeks in the refrigerator without spoiling if stored properly. Lifespan or shelf varies from different mushroom species. Some may last as long as 14 days, while some up to 2 days. Factors such as fridge temperature and moisture levels also affect the shelf life of every mushroom.

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