How to dress your body type

Female Body Types And How to dress for your body type

Women’s body shapes vary enormously. Each one is lovely in its way. Bone structure, fat distribution, genes, age, muscle mass, and lifestyle influence body shape. Few things are more satisfying than discovering an outfit that flatters your figure. If you don’t understand why certain things look great on you, it can be challenging to keep discovering new favorites. In reality, it’s pretty simple: it all comes down to body shape. It’s awesome how easy it is to build a wardrobe you love to wear once you learn to dress for your body type. Read through this article to know the various female body types and dress accordingly.

Straight Body

female body types

If you have the exact measurements for all body parts, you have a straight body type. This body type is also identified as the supermodel or rectangular body. The body appears straight because it lacks a well-defined waistline.

Tube tops and polka-dot dresses would look great on you. A lovely and sassy belt with a tube dress would be a knockout. They complement your body shape and draw attention to your best features.

Apple Body

You have an apple body shape if you have a bigger bust than hips, an undefined waist, round shoulders, a smaller hip, and slimmer legs and arms. You also tend to gain weight first in the upper body and then in the rest.

Wear soft-textured fabrics, A-line dresses, tops that fall lower than the hip bone, tops with cuff sleeves, well-fitting clothes, V-necks, scoop tops, and necklaces that come until your bust and not lower or higher, and flowy dresses from down your bust line.

Pear Body

female body types

You will understand that you have a pear-shaped body if you have prominent hips and a small bust. You have broad hips, and if you dress correctly, your waist can look stunning.

Wear tops with a bright scoop neck or a boat neck. This will make your shoulders appear more prominent. You should wear beautiful bracelets and accessories to draw attention to your appearance. Wear a padded bra or push-up bra to balance your upper and lower bodies.

Hourglass Body

Your buttocks and bust line are proportionate, and your waist is defined. Buttocks are naturally round, and your body is proportionate throughout. Your shoulders are slightly rounded and perfectly aligned with your shapely buttocks, and your legs are proportional to your upper body.

Emphasize your waist and dress in clothes that show off your perfect curves. Wear wrap-around tops and skirts, flowy dresses, skirts, well-fitting tops, fitting jackets, boots, strappy sandals, high heels, peep toes, and necklaces that fall to your navel.

Oval body

Your bust will be bigger than the rest of your body if you have an oval-shaped body. The hips will appear narrow, while the midsection will appear whole. The legs are slim and long, and the buttocks are flat.

Wear tops or shirts with a square neck, a V-neck, or a U-neck. You can also wear skirts, wrap-around tops, and jackets to slim down your mid-section, empire-waisted dresses or tops, cargo pants with pockets near your hip, or skirts just above the knee to show off your legs and make you look well proportioned.

Diamond Body

Hips will be broad if you have a diamond-shaped body, and your bust will be narrow and in line with your shoulders. Your midsection appears complete, as does your oval-shaped body. Waistline does not define you, and you’re carrying a little more weight in your upper legs. Your arms are also slim and well-formed. The lower legs are well-shaped, and they happen to be the best feature of your body.

The key to dressing well is to strike a beautiful balance with your bust. This will make the waist appear slimmer. You could also look for clothing with curves. Choose pants and skirts that will make you appear smaller. Make a concerted effort to flaunt your sexy lower legs!

Top Hourglass Body


It’s very similar to an hourglass shape. Your waist is the most beautiful part of your body. It would help if you tried to draw attention to it. Your shoulders will be rounded, and your buttocks will be larger than your hips. Your body will be proportionate, and your legs will be well-shaped.

Wearing clothes and tops with narrow V-necks is the proper way to dress. It would help if you also experimented with wearing dark tops. A few jackets and well-tailored shirts would look fantastic. This will help you to draw attention to your buttocks and hips.

Skinny Body

You have a skinny body if your pelvis and shoulder are perfectly aligned. You don’t gain weight quickly. Your arms and legs are slim. Your buttocks are flat, and your jawline is defined. It is ideal because you can wear almost any trendy outfit and look flawless.

Tapered ankle-length jeans or trousers, balloon pants and skirts, light-colored dresses, belted tops, baggy jeans, harem pants, low waist jeans, push up and padded bra, crop tops, flowy fabric, balloon tops, peplum tops, long skirts, pencil skirts, platform heels, pencil heels, wide stripes, broad stripes.

Athletic Body

athletic body

You have well-toned, attractive curves and an athletic body shape. You have a more muscular body with tight thigh and calf muscles, well-built shoulders, and a broader and longer neck. Your arms are also well-built and toned but not flabby.

You can wear knee-length dresses and skirts that are well-fitting. Wear belts above the waist with dresses, wrap-around dresses and tops, off-the-shoulder tops and dresses, boat necks, tube tops, and high neck tops to emphasize your curves.

Lollipop Body

The lollipop body shape is distinguished by a full, round bosom, a slim waist and hips, long legs, and broad shoulders.

Wear V-necks, off-shoulders, boat necks, wrap-around, thigh-high slits, slender and flowy dresses, pencil skirts, peplum tops, coats with belts, pseudo-leather jackets, tapered pants, high heels, walking shoes, and wedges are all appropriate.

Your body is amazing just the way it is. There is no ideal body shape to confirm your health and happiness. If you have any concerns about how your body feels or looks, consult your doctor, who will advise you on the best course of action.

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