How To Put Lights On A Christmas Tree

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Do you start at the top or bottom when putting lights on a Christmas tree?

Plug in the lights to make sure all the bulbs are working. Starting at the top of the tree, intertwine the lights on top of and under branches. … When you reach the bottom, hide any extra lights behind the tree. If you want to add more lights, simply do another pass, starting again at the top and working your way down.

How do professionals put lights on a Christmas tree?

Best Way to Hang Vertical Christmas Tree Lights While hanging tree lights horizontally is most common, many top decorating experts recommend installing your lights from the bottom to the top.

How do you light a Christmas tree step by step?

How do you put lights on a tall Christmas tree?

How do you attach string lights to a tree?

The best way to hang outdoor string lights depends on where you are hanging them. If you have trees, it’s easy to hang lights. Just drill a hole into a tree, install a cup hook, wrap the light around it and secure it with a zip tie. Or you can thread them through the branches and not anchor them.

How many lights do you need for a 7ft Christmas tree?

The ideal number of lights to give you a festive flicker would be around 100 per foot of tree, so a 7′ (210cm) tree will need a minimum of 700 lights.

How many feet of lights do I need for a 7 tree?

“A good rule of thumb is 100 lights for every foot-and-a-half of tree,” according to Lowe’s. But Better Homes & Gardens recommends using three 100-light sets for every foot of a tree’s height. And Real Simple suggests 100 lights for every foot.

Can you have too many lights on a Christmas tree?

The Size and Type of Christmas Tree But you don’t want to overdo it. A tree that’s too cluttered with lights will be overbearing, while a tree without enough lights will seem sparse. … Artificial trees come in a variety of colors, and those in paler shades such as white, blue, or pink will require less lighting.

Can you add lights to a pre lit tree?

With pre-lit Christmas trees, all you need to do is to test for broken lights. Otherwise, you can simply add extra lights to make your tree glow even more. … You also have a choice between traditional incandescent bulbs and bright, energy-saving LED lights.

How do you light a large tree?

Aim a spotlight directly up the trunk of a large, bushy tree. Position the spotlight (you can use one or several) close to the tree’s trunk and aim it upwards, into the foliage. This technique will highlight the intricacy of its foliage, and illuminate the texture and form of the tree’s trunk and branches.

How do you put lights on outside tree branches?

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