How to remove nail polish from the phone cover? 

How to remove nail polish from the phone cover?

Many individuals make the mistake of spilling nail polish on their phones or using it to create creative motifs on the surfaces of their phones. However, although commercial nail polish removers are effective in removing nail polish off surfaces, the chemical elements in these products can break down paint and eat through some plastics.

To remove nail paint from your phone’s cover, you must utilize softer equipment and cleaning procedures to restore your phone’s original condition.

Step 1:

As soon as a spill happens, use lint-free microfiber towels or cotton swabs to blot and clean away the nail paint from your phone’s touchscreen. If you want to avoid spreading the polish to other parts of your phone, wipe from the stain’s perimeter toward the stain’s center. If you aren’t working with wet polish, you may skip this section.

Step 2:

Gently rub away a hardened nail polish stain from the phone cover’s surface. If the stain is on the phone cover, rub it out with a melamine resin foam eraser that is faintly moist but practically dry to the touch until the stain is completely removed from the surface. If you’re working with glass or another non-painted hard surface, scrape the stain away with your fingernail or a razor blade, being cautious not to scratch the surface.

Step 3:

Using a 70 percent solution of rubbing alcohol, remove any leftover polish and residues from the surface. When you’ve completed removing the majority of the stain, dip a cotton swab into the rubbing alcohol to finish the job. Remove any extra rubbing alcohol from the top of the bottle and use it to clean the soiled area.

Step 4:

You should dip another swab in water, the excess liquid squeezed out of the tip, and you should clean the region again. Dry your phone using a microfiber towel that is free of lint.

Alternatives of the Nail Remover

#1. Toothpaste

This trick requires nothing more than the use of an old brush to apply a little bit of toothpaste to your nails. In addition to being included in the polish remover, ethyl acetate gets contained in the paste.

#2. Deodorant

Spray it on your nails and massage it with a cotton pad to remove the stains. It may need more than one attempt, and it will take a bit longer than your standard removers.

#3. Hand sanitizer

Rub the nails with a cotton ball after putting a little hand sanitizer on them. Repeat the process until you get the desired outcomes.

#4. Fragrance

As with deodorant, perfume may also come to your aid in times of need. Spritz some on a piece of tissue paper and rub it between your fingers. Many ladies swear by this trick, which, to their surprise, really works.

#5. Hairspray.

Nail polish remover sprays containing rubbing alcohol are the next best thing to substitute for nail polish remover. By spritzing your nails with hairspray, you may easily remove the polish off your nails. If you want to use this technique, you’ll need to clean fast since the cotton pad will adhere to your nails if you don’t.

#6. The last coat

If you have a top coat for your nail paint, there is no need to worry. All that is required is to apply the topcoat to the nail paint and immediately wipe it away with a cotton pad. The topcoat must be damp to facilitate the removal of the polish.

To sum up, you need to clean your phone cover immediately as the nail polish gets spilled off. You can easily remove the nail polish from the phone cover. We hope that the steps mentioned above will help you to remove the nail polish from the phone cover.

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