How to store tequila after opening? How long does tequila last?

How long does tequila last?

Perhaps you have a bottle tequila that you received as a birthday present, but you never had the chance to try it.  Or, you have your bottle of tequila that has been sitting in the cabinet for several months. Now you’re ready to give it a try. The only thing left is to ensure that it’s safe to drink.

Actually tequila doesn’t really go bad unless there are any situations for it to spoil. The tequila that you have is almost certainly safe to consume and will most likely taste great. It’ll not go bad but can lose flavor once opened and left unused for very long periods of time. It is recommended that you complete the bottle within 1 – 2 years once opened for the best flavor.

How to Store Tequila?

Tequila is a distilled spirit. You store it in the same manner as other spirits such as vodka or rum. Tequila goes bad mostly of storage conditions than the oxidation process.

  • Keep it out of direct sunlight and heat sources, in a cool and dry place, at a constant and moderate temperature (60 to 65 °F). While a pantry is the best option, room temperature works just as well.
  • Tequila doesn’t need any refrigeration, any hard liquors are bitters.

Oxidation can be a problem once you open the bottle. Oxidation, in short, is a process that slightly alters the alcohol compounds. This can lead to altered flavors.

You can taste the effects of oxidation by putting some tequila into a shot glass and comparing it with the tequila straight out of the bottle. You should be able to notice the difference if you are familiar with the drink.

  • To prevent oxidation, seal the bottle whenever not in use.
  • If you only consume tequila occasionally and in small quantities, you may want to pour the alcohol from the original bottle into a smaller one once it is half empty. You can slow down the oxidation process by pouring the spirit into a smaller container.

This is only true if the tequila will be kept open for longer than a few weeks. You can expect a gradual oxidation process, so if the bottle is empty for more than a month, the quality degrades.

How long does tequila last?

Tequila ceases to mature and is bottled after they have been removed from its casks. Once bottled tequila no longer ages. Tequila stored for long periods of time does not make it more valuable. It stays the same in a bottle as it was when it was first opened.

If the quality of the tequila that you just opened is not satisfactory, it was most likely made in the same way from the beginning.

The shelf-life of tequila is basically indefinite.

However, the smell and taste will slowly begin to deteriorate after opening it. As I mentioned above, the speed at which alcohol deteriorates depends on how long you keep it in the bottle and how much. It is recommended that you complete the bottle within 1 – 2 years once opened for the best flavor.

How to tell if Tequila is bad

Tequila is basically indestructible, it doesn’t go bad unless it is helped.

How to store tequila after opening? How long does tequila last?

It’s safe to drink if you don’t have the bottle open for too long. In doubt, give the bottle a good sniff and take a small amount, if it smells and tastes okay, you’re good to go. You can either drink it straight or add salt and lime. You can use it in cocktails like margaritas if the taste isn’t too great. The addition of ingredients can mask the flavorings of tequila. Discard it if it is not good.

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