Lumberjack Aesthetic Outfit Ideas

Lumberjack Aesthetic Outfit Ideas

A lumberjack is a man who is in the trade of producing lumber, by cutting down trees and often wearing plaid. A very manly profession. Lumberjacks had to be able to perform a physically demanding job. Therefore, they needed to dress for practicality and not fashion. To be able to work in extreme weather and to protect themselves from injury, they had to be comfortable. And lumbersexual is a term that refers to someone who loves the lumberjack aesthetic outfits usually of plaid, flannel, and work boots, but has never cut down a tree. Let’s see some important aspects of Lumberjack Aesthetic Outfit Ideas.

Lumberjack Aesthetic Outfit Ideas

Lumberjack Aesthetic came from Lumberjacks who are mostly North American workers in the logging industry who perform the initial harvesting and transport of trees for ultimate processing into forest products. The 19th-century lumberjacks were often in dark work pants, long-sleeved shirts, and suspenders. Sometimes they wore thick winter coats or brimmed hats.

Paul Bunyan’s popularity made the lumberjack image a stereotypical one. Tall tales about the fictional lumberjack were common in the American West during the early 1900s. According to folklore, Paul Bunyan, a 7-foot-tall lumberjack, was almost superhuman in strength and was accompanied by a blue ox named Babe.

Illustrations often featured the character carrying an axe, wearing a red plaid shirt, blue pants or black pants, suspenders and boots, and a cap. Paul Bunyan, who was meant to embody manliness, was often depicted with a bushy dark beard and sometimes showing his chest hair at the top of the shirt.

How do you get the lumberjack look?aspects of Lumberjack Aesthetic Outfit Ideas

Paul Bunyan is the best and most easy way to create a lumberjack costume. There are many options for what pants to wear. Many lumberjacks were employed in the winter and autumn months in the west U.S. and Canada. Therefore, utility pants with many pockets, cargo pants or straight-legged dark brown jeans. Or any pants that you feel like you can do a full day of work are lumberjack aesthetic.

A long-sleeve shirt or long-underwear shirt, topped with a plaid button-down shirt, is a good choice. While red is often associated with lumberjacks and other types of lumberjacks, any color or pattern in plaid or any flannel shirt will work for your costume. Roll up the sleeves a bit and unbutton the top shirt. You can add a pair of suspenders to the top and a wool cap. You can finish the look by adding a pair of sturdy hiking boots or work boots.

Flannel Long Sleeve Shirts

Flannel shirts are tough and comfortable with a loose but not too boxy fit. Mostly made of thickly woven, organic cotton that is durable.

How do you get the lumberjack look?

Work Boots

Work boots are stylish and comfortable, yet can withstand snow and rain.

Heavy Wool Shirt

How do you get the lumberjack look?

Wool Pants

For real-deal lumberjacks, wool pants are a great choice. They dress well, keep the temperature down, reduce odors, and last forever.


You need strong hands if you want to be a lumbersexual. Or at least protect your weaker hands with gloves.


Beard Oil

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on fancy lumberjack tools. Instead, you can grow a good-looking mountain beard. Use some essential oils beard oil recipe.

Tips to get Lumberjack aesthetic look

Tips to get Lumberjack aesthetic look

  • Lumberjack aesthetic outfits are more of fall outfits without some additions. Fake hair can be added to your look if you don’t have a beard or a lot of chest hair. You can make your eyebrows bushier with an eyebrow pencil, or even draw fake arm hair on your forearms.
  • You will be able to clearly show that you are a lumberjack by carrying an axe. However, it is likely that safety is more important than authenticity when it comes to this part of your costume. You can either buy a toy axe, or you can make your own. Make your own pretend axe by cutting one from cardboard. You can wrap the head in foil or paint it silver.
  • Keep a blue ox-toy or a stuffed toy with you at all times. The costume will be instantly recognized by anyone who is familiar with his legend.

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