Overwatered Sweet Potato Vine Care

How often should I water sweet potato vine?

How often do you water sweet potato vine? Keep soil evenly moist. Make sure plants receive an inch of water per week or more during extreme heat. Containerized plants will need to be watered more often, every 1-2 days during hot spells.

There are many factors that influence how often sweet potato vine plants should be watered. Is the sweet potato vine planted in a container or in the ground? Does it get direct sunlight, or only a few hours? What was the weather like in recent weeks?

The best way to know how often you should water your sweet potato vine plants is to examine the soil’s top half-inch for moisture. It’s a good rule of thumb to water sweet potato vine plants once they have dried out. It doesn’t matter if it’s damp or moist at the top of the plant by half an inch.

Things to Consider To Care For Sweet Potato Vine

When deciding how often to water sweet potato vine plants, there are many factors to take into account. Weather, sun, season, spacing, and other factors all have an impact on how often you water your sweet potato vine plant.


You may not need to water sweet potato vine plants as often in spring because it is more rainy in certain areas. You should not overwater sweet potato vine plants during a season of heavy rain.

Sunlight exposure

Sweet potato vine varieties thrive in full sun, but they will not grow well in high heat. Sweet potato vine plants grown in full sunlight will dry quickly, especially if they get direct sunlight at noon.

The sweet potato vine plants will continue to grow healthy and strong in future seasons if they are kept well watered.


You may not need water your sweet potato vine plants as often depending on the season. You may only need to water your sweet potato vine plants once a week in the fall when the sweet potato vine is established and the weather cools down.


Sweet potato vine plants planted together will struggle for water and you will need to water them more often.

How do you revive a sweet potato vine?

If your transplanted sweet potato vine looks wilted and stressed, take steps to perk it up and revitalize its health. Spread 3 to 4 inches of organic mulch, such as compost or grass clippings around the sweet potato vines. Water the sweet potato vine once a day, or as necessary to keep the soil consistently moist.

Why are the leaves on my sweet potato vine turning brown?

Root rot and fusarium wilt may cause sweet potato vines to develop yellow or brown leaves that wither and drop. These diseases are more common in edible sweet potato crops than in ornamental sweet potato vines. There is no cure for these diseases. Pull diseased plants to prevent spreading the disease.

Why are the leaves on my potato vine turning yellow?

The most common nutritional cause of yellowing leaves is a lack of nitrogen. Treat with a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Yellowing leaves can also be a sign of a magnesium deficiency since plants use magnesium to make the chlorophyll that keeps their leaves green and healthy.

Can you over water potato vines?

Too much water can cause rotting while too little water can affect development. It’s important not to underwater or overwater young potato plants. If they receive the wrong amount of water in the early stages, the potatoes might become misshapen or not develop well.

Can you over water sweet potatoes?

Water. Once established, sweet potatoes will tolerate growing in dry soil. It’s best to keep it evenly moist with 1 inch of water given once a week. Don’t water your sweet potatoes during the final three to four weeks prior to harvest to prevent the mature tubers from splitting.

Why are my potato vine leaves wilting?

Water. Sweet potato vines are drought-tolerant, though they will grow more vigorously with frequent watering. Water enough to keep the soil consistently moist but not overly wet. Its leaves will wilt when the plant is thirsty.

Why are my sweet potato plants drooping?

Types of Sweet Potato Wilt Sweet potatoes can be infected by several types of wilts. Wilts make the plant look droopy like it hasn’t been watered. The leaves can suddenly shrivel up and fall off. … Fusarium and Verticillium wilts attack many types of plants, including sweet potatoes.

Why are my sweet potato leaves curling up?

Sweetpotato leaf curl is caused by a virus of the same name. The virus belongs to the begomovirus group, which is transmitted by whiteflies. The abbreviation is SPLCV. The begomoviruses that infect plants in the sweet potato (Convolvulaceae) family are sometimes called ‘sweep viruses’.

How do you treat potato wilt?

Keep gardens weed-free and pick up and discard all dead or infected plant debris. Crop rotation will also help with wilt management. Where there are large fields of potato plants wilting, the potato tops should be raked and burned.

Does potato vine need sun?

One of the most versatile plants around, you can grow sweet potato vine in sun or shade and in container gardens, landscapes, or garden beds and borders. The plant is loved for its colorful chartreuse, purple, bronze, copper, or black foliage.

Why are my potato plants turning yellow and dying?

Potatoes grow as a summer crop in cooler climates and as a winter crop in warmer climates. Potato plants turn yellow at the end of the growing season, and this is normal. But if the potato plant yellows before the tubers are ready for harvest, your plants may be infected by wilt fungi or infested with psyllids.

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