Types of Shirt Collars – Choose Collar For Your Face Shape

Types of Shirt Collars – Choose Collar For Your Face Shape

The types of shirt collars is mainly based on the variations in the point length and collar spread.

Types Of Shirt Collars -

Making the point length longer or shorter will change the collar style. Moving the spread lines away or toward the center will change the collar spread.


1. Classic Shirt Collar:

The classic shirt collar suits all face shapes. Usually, the point length is about 4 – 5 cm. A four in hand tie knot best suits this classic shirt collar.

2. Standard Shirt Collar:

A standard shirt collar is also called a straight point shirt collar or narrow point shirt collar. This collar is suitable for a rounder and wider faces and generally worn with a tie.

3. Spread Collars:

This collar compliments a narrow or slim face nicely accommodating a Windsor knot tie. The spread is much wider than the classic or standard shirt collars.

4. Semi Spread Shirt Collars:

The semi-spread collar looks good on a slender face or long neck guys. Here the spread is wider compared to classic or standard shirt collars but narrower than the spread shirt collar.

5. Italian Spread Collar:

Best suits a narrow face. This collar also holds good for large knot ties. Any spread collar basically supports large knot ties. In this collar style, some lengths of the tie around the knot will be visible.

6. British Spread Collar:

The British spread collar also compliments a narrow face, just like the Italian spread collar but with a little longer point length. It goes well with both small or large tie knots.

7. Tab Collar:

The tab collar best compliments a tall neck by covering the length of the neck and it has a small fixed tab from the middle. This collar must be worn with a tie.

8. Eyelet Collar:

The eyelet collar is suitable for medium to long necks. It has a collar pin that connects the points behind the tie accentuating the tie knot.

9. Two Button Collar:

The 2 button collar flatters a narrow face and can be worn with or without a tie. It has 2 buttons on the collar band.

10. Button Down Shirt Collar:

Suitable for all face shapes and one can wear it with or without a tie. The button down collar has a small button at the tip of the collar and is always fastened.

11. Hidden Button Collar:

Hidden button collars are suitable for any face shape. These collars accentuate the tie knots. It has a loop on the underside to which button is fastened.

12. Club Collar:

The club collar takes standard collar points and merely rounded them off. Also called the Eaton collar style soon became known as the ‘club collar’ in reference to that “special club membership” it signified.

13. Wing Tip Collar:

Suitable for narrow faces and can wear it under a tuxedo for white or black tie events. Collar points fold out resembling wings.



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