Pure Gamine Shopping Guide – Clothes, Footwear And Hair

Pure Gamine Shopping Guide

The Gamine body type is characterized by an even balance of yin and yang opposites, as well as a sharply sensitive physique and a fresh and spicy fragrance. Here is a Pure Gamine shopping guide including recommendations for different clothing items, jewelry, hairstyles, etc.

A minor departure from the following recommendations is always conceivable and should not be seen as a cause for concern as long as it does not disrupt the general balance of yin and yang opposites.

How should a flamboyant gamine dress?


Dresses for Pure Gamines should be well-tailored and slender, with sharp edges and a lot of subtle, crisp details. If they are maintained very slim, dropped waists and chemise-style are good. You look great in short-cropped jackets, vests, and boleros with dresses.

Asymmetrical hemlines are stylish, especially for the evening, and anything from the 1920s looks fantastic on you! Knit dresses with a tight, clinging fit are ideal.


  • styles full of bounce
  • unconstructed fashions with no details or oversized silhouettes
  • extravagant designs (with shirring or draping)

dropped waist dress


With a tight and tapered hemline, it’s straight, crisp, and short. A little flared skirt is acceptable provided the hips and thighs are maintained quite straight. This might be pleated that are cut on the bias or pleats that are sewn down.

Gamines’ skirts must have an extremely narrow waistline. Crisp gathers will function, but deep gathers will not. Short hemlines should be worn with straight skirts (mid kneecap to minis). A hemline with a modest flare may be slightly longer (top of the calf).


  • Skirts with full-lengths.
  • Too flared skirts.
  • Hemlines that are long.
  • A-lines and symmetrical skirts are popular.
  • Skirts that are large or unconstructed

narrow waistline skirt


Perfectly fit and angular footwear with light leather or any other light material will work the best for gamines. Asymmetrics, wedges, sharp points, and other unusual forms in toes and heels are great, as are vibrant colors and printed fabric. Flats of all types should always be quirky and entertaining (patent leather, trimmed, etc.).


  • Strappy footwear.
  • Very light footwear.

pointy heels


An outfit that incorporates well-coordinated pieces with a lot of dynamic and bright detail may be really stimulating.


Gamines’ pants should always be extremely well-tailored, with defined or animated detail around the edges (waistbands, pleats, crisp cuffs). Short lengths, ranging from cropped at the calf to ankle-length. Pants that are skintight and stretchy are ideal.


  • Styles that are unconstructed or baggy
  • Designs with draping and tapering legs
  • Symmetrical forms with a simple front

well tailored pants


Knits with a slim fit and ribbed knits. Styles that are “poor-boy” in nature. Thick knits with a very slim fit at the waist. Ribbing and cropping at the collar, cuffs, and waistline. Cardigans with a cropped length. Your sweaters may benefit from the addition of sharp shoulder padding.


  • Sweaters that are too big
  • Knitwear with rich textures and fluffy knits

poor boy sweater


Gamines’ jewellery should be minimalistic, sharp, symmetrical, asymmetrical, or irregular in shape. The ideal materials are brightly coloured enamel, stone, or glass. Trendy clothes that emphasise your wit and personality, as well as very modern avant-garde pieces, look great on you.


  • Extra-large chunks
  • Thick, hefty bits
  • Classic symmetrical parts
  • Parts that are old, ornate, and elaborate

asymetric earrings

Jackets and blazers

Short, cropped, with sharp edges and precise tailoring. Blouson coats with a shorter length are ideal. The outlining, trim, piping, and ribbing on the collar, cuff, and lapel, as well as the waistband detail, are all essential.

Evening wear

Sleek, slinky silhouettes with sharp trim and geometric motifs. Garments with smooth fabric. Beading. Angular necklines with a range of bright and vibrant embellishments (collars, cuffs, jackets, etc.). Hemlines that are asymmetrical.

Pure Gamines should wear the following evening outfits:

  • sheaths with a slinky feel (very bare).
  • evening pieces with a precise fit.
  • dresses with a low waist and a tight fit.
  • Beaded short-sleeved dresses with clean shoulders.
  • dinner suits custom-made.

evening sheath dress


Gamines’ hair should be short and disheveled, chopped upward, and layered on top or around the face (temples, sideburns, and bangs) to soften a harsh geometric cut.


  • Long hair.
  • Thick hair around or in front of the face
  • Smooth and well-groomed.
  • Severe incisions with no feathering on the surface
  • Teasing, stiffening, and coiffing
  • Extravagant hairstyles

hair for gamine


Gamines’ hair should be deep, vibrant, and unique in color. Extreme hue shifts are feasible if you work with your natural coloring and don’t disturb the sharp contrast between hair, complexion, and eyes.

Haircolor intensities can be extreme (blue-black, deep brunette, golden blond, blazing red, etc), and highlights should be visible streaks if used.

blue black hair

What is a gamine body type?

The Gamine body type is characterized by an even balance of yin and yang opposites, as well as a sharply sensitive physique and a fresh and spicy fragrance.

How does gamine look feminine?

What is a soft gamine?

Soft gamines have both yin and yang characteristics (with a heavier emphasis on yin features). Soft, rounded curves with angular edges, sharp lines, and sharp edges are the distinguishing features. The result is a cute, boyish appearance.

Do flamboyant Gamines look tall?

A Flamboyant Gamine isn’t very tall. Possess highly unique facial features (except for extremely large eyes). With little hands and feet, you have a delicate bone structure (in proportion to height).

Can Gamines have long hair?

In the 1987 book, Metamorphosis David Kibbe clearly states that long hair doesn’t work on Gamines.

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