18 Short Natural Hair Styles – Easy And Beautiful

18 Short Natural Hair Styles – Easy And Beautiful

African American women frequently face many surprises with their wild hair. It either has very low volume or is difficult to dress for versatile amazing hairstyles you’ll get there from the Internet. Well, here is how to style natural black hair at home with a list of 18 short natural hair styles to slay your look with your beautiful natural hair.

The other problem is when your hair gets very dry and brittle because of experiments with styling products and methods. Sometimes the only way out of such cases is having a short haircut and waiting for new healthy growth. No problem there are so many fabulous style options for short hair. Make sure to check out the list of hairstyles and reference images.

Short Natural Hair Styles

1. Twist Out Short Natural Hair Styles

For easy hairstyles for natural hair, this one is the perfect option. Twist out is the perfect and the easiest way to make curls for natural hair. All you need to do is to first detangle the hair, make twists all over the hair and let it sit overnight. The next day, apply a little oil to the fingertips and unravel the twists to form beautiful curls. Well, for loose curls with less volume, twist the hair when it is dry. For tight and smaller curls, wet the hair a bit and then twist.

Twist Outs For Natural Hair

2. Curly Afro

Curly afro is the latest and more trendy version of a traditional afro of people with natural hair. Firstly, gather all the hair and detangle it thoroughly. Make tight curls using any method, let it set for a day and untangle the curls. Mess it up a little bit and apply a moisturizer to the curls. You are all set to rock the look.

Curly Afro

3. Shaved Sides

Shaved sides, for both and women with any hair type, is quite unique and interesting. If you wish to have a stylish yet comfortable hairstyle for your natural hair, pick up this trend right away! In this hairstyle, the sides, starting from the temples, are shaved till the back of the head, and a wide track of hair on the top is left the same with a little trimming and styling.

Shaved Sides

4. Simple Short Natural Hair Styles | Slick Down Ponytail

Natural hair is unique and beautiful in its own way. Wearing it proudly and confidently is quite important. If you, with natural hair, looking for a no nonsense and minimal accessory hairstyle, here is the right pick for you. Make a straight side partition, use some styling cream or spray to slick down the hair towards the back of the head, and tie the hair into a slick down ponytail with an elastic.

Slicked Down For Natural Hair

5. Tight Curls

Tight curls for natural hair is the cutest yet the most sophisticated hairstyles you can pick for your hair. To make beautiful tight curls, wash the hair thoroughly, and apply moisturizer. Make as small sections as possible and twist them inwards or outwards while applying the curling cream (while the hair is still damp). Unravel the twists on the day after and you are good to go!

Tight Curls

6. Loose Curls

If you have natural hair and looking for ways to make loose curls for natural hair, we are here for the rescue! Have a clean hair wash, dry it completely (naturally or use a hair drier). Take sections of hair, twist them inwards or outwards. The very next day twist them in the opposite direction to loosen up the curls.

Bouncy Curls For Natural Hair

7. Natural Hair Pixie Cut

Although a pixie cut is a short haircut requiring a little extra maintenance and frequent trimmings to maintain its length, it is unique and versatile in terms of its look. Well, a pixie cut is not just for a specific hair type. A pixie cut is also a great option for people with natural hair. Here is an image below featuring a natural hair pixie cut. Check it out for reference.

Classic Pixie

8. Freeform Afro

Styling your natural hair with different hair products into different styles and haircuts is fine, but the authenticity and beauty of having natural hair comes out to the world only by having freeform locs aka freedom afro. A freeform afro is a hairstyle obtained by letting the locs form by themselves without any external influence.

Freeform Afro

9. Flat Twists For Natural Hair

This is one of the best natural hair twist styles for short hair. Flat twists are a hairstyle that requires you to make small sections of hair and twist them inwards in a specific path, while you add a little hair from the side of the section till you reach the end. All you have to do is to make sure the sections are straight and well for them to look perfect and beautiful. You can unravel the twists after you dry the hair for a voluminous hairstyle.

Flat Twists For Natural Hair

10. Rainbow Hair

Colours are only for women with perfectly straight and silky hair said no one ever!! If you are bored of your current hairstyle and looking for a new and unique hairstyle to try, we say this one is the right choice for you. Rainbow hair is a hairstyle requiring you to dye the ends of the hair with different colours from VIBGYOR and curl them up for a perfect natural hairstyle.

Rainbow Hairdo

11. Shave Designs

Shaving and tapering are for both men and women choosing short hairstyles. Here is a trendy hairstyle with shave designs on the sides of the head starting from the temples. The look depends on how well the design is and how well you maintain that design. Well, this hairstyle demands professional skill, so you do not ruin your hair!!

Shaved Designs For Natural Hair

12. Coloured Coils For Natural Hair

Coils for natural hair are cute by themselves and require no attention towards them for days. Well, coloured coils are a cute and unique hairstyle to try if you are looking for a trendy hairstyle with a little more style and colour. You can always choose to experiment with any colour you want. Here is a hairstyle with coloured coils for natural hair with blue dye.

Coloured Coils For Natural Hair

13. Faded Sides For Natural Hair

Faded sides for natural hair is always a great option for you to choose. The sides of the hair, starting from the temples, are gradually tapered towards the back of the head while leaving the hair on top as it is. Make sure to try it out as it is very comfortable and easy to maintain. Gather the hair and tie it into a high ponytail and you are good to go!

Faded Sides For Natural Hair

14. Ombre Hair For Afro

Ombre, in french, literally means shadow. In terms of fashion and hairstyles, an ombre hairstyle is a type of hair with a darker colour on the hair near the scalp. As you go towards the end of the hair, the hair is gradually coloured with shades of brown and gold. Make sure to check out the reference picture below featuring ombre hair for afro.

Ombre Taper

15. Corkscrew Curls For Natural Hair

A hairstyling tool, corkscrew curlers, and a little time of yours are all you need to get the perfect corkscrew curls for your natural hair. All you have to do it, gather all the hair, untangle it thoroughly. Make sections of hair and wrap the sections over corkscrew curlers and let them sit. Remove the curlers and the most beautiful curls are yours!

Corkscrew Curls For Natural Hair

16. Short Caramel Taper For Natural Hair

Tapering the hair on the sides and colouring it is one of the best short natural hair styles. This hairstyle requires you to colour the hair on top with caramel colour and leave the sides in black. It the best to choose a professional to colour your hair. Also, check out the image below featuring a short caramel taper for natural hair for some reference.

Short Caramel Taper

17. Very Short Natural Hairstyles

This one comes under very short natural hair styles. Trimming your natural hair to the shortest length possible is the best among these 18 short natural hair styles. Make sure to shorten the hair to the lowest and strike a partition on one of the sides with a blade, and this classy hairstyle is all yours to rock the look.

Extra Short Natural Hairstyle

18. Tapered Flat Top For Natural Hair

Tapered flat top for natural hair is the current trend for both men and women with short natural hair. This hairstyle requires you to taper the top track and gradually on the sides till you reach the ears. Check the image below for some reference.

Tapered Flat Top For Natural Hair

We hope this article about 18 short natural hair styles could help you pick the right kind of hairstyle for your beautiful natural hair. Also, make sure to check out the reference pictures!

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