Types of Fabric for Clothing With Best Styling Tips

Types of Fabric for Clothing

In the world of Fashion Designing and Apparel Making, it is practically impossible to operate without the fundamental knowledge of Fabric. Fabric is definitely one of the pivotal elements in the world of Fashion and Furnishing. It is only when you have adequate knowledge about the types of fabric for clothing and the silhouette, you can make sound decisions and thereby create a niche for yourself in the world of Apparel Making.

Therefore, if you are someone who are looking in Fashion Designing or Stitching, the most fundamental way to start with would be to acquaint yourself with the types of fabric for clothing. In this blog, we will be listing out the major types of fabric for clothing and also mention they suit the best for which kind of apparel of furnishing.

Types Of Fabric For Clothing

So let’s dive in!

1. Cotton Fabric

The most comfortable and popular fabric of all time, this is a naturally grown fabric suiting the best for tropical weather. It is extremely soothing, skin-friendly, and weighs less Available in almost any kind of shade, this fabric suits really well for making almost every piece of clothing, Kurtis, tops, blouses, sarees, shirts, t-shirts, etc.

Cotton Fabric

2. Silk Fabric

The next most popular fabric is definitely silk. Obtained from Silkworms, this fabric is famous for its smooth texture and luster. Silk is also the most durable of all the natural fabrics and is suitable for sarees, Kurtis, gowns-basically any occasion that involves celebration and gala.

Silk Fabric

3. Linen Fabric

Made from Flax, this fabric is also famous for its smooth texture, versatility, and durability. This fabric comes in various types today but generally is usually for making bed sheets, handkerchiefs, table covering, and other furnishing items.

Linen Fabric

4. Wool Fabric

The most fundamental fabric for winters, wool is best known for the warm, fuzzy, and smooth texture it provides. It is wrinkle-free and resistant to fade and tear. Practically every kind of clothing, from dresses to caps to scarves to pants, can be made from wool and be works the best as winter wear.

Wool Fabric

5. Leather Fabric

Leather comes from animal hide and has always been an all-time favorite for the luster and the glamour it instantly offers to the entire look. However, with growing awareness of animal cruelty and legal sanctions, people these days mostly avoid leather from animal hides.

Leather Fabric

6. Faux Leather

What has come to the rescue is Faux Leather. Faux Leather, as the name suggests, is synthetic leather made from plastic and other chemical processes. Today, it has become the best substitute for original leather and is suitable for make jackets, pants, shoes, blazers, etc.

Faux Leather

7. Polyester Fabric

Polyester is a synthetic fabric made from polymer. It is highly fuluse in the world of fashion as it is strong, soft, and is a wrinkle-free textile. It is also rebounding and resistant to wear and tear. Therefore, almost every piece of clothing can be made from it like jackets, pajamas, blazers, blouses, t-shirts, etc.

Polyester Fabric

8. Rayon Fabric

Made from cellulose fiber, this fabric is extremely popular because of its smooth texture and resemblance to cotton and woolen fabrics. It is also highly absorbent and does not insulate body heat, due to which it is extremely favorable for the residents of summer and humid climates.

Rayon Fabric

9. Nylon Fabric

This is also another synthetic fabric that is made up of polymer. It is an extremely strong fabric, very stretchable, high elasticity, and long-lasting. Nylon is also resistant to bacterias and fungus, and this also makes it extremely popular.

Nylon Fabric

10. Velvet Fabric

Velvet is another fabric that is again famous for its rich and smooth texture. Originally made from silk, pure velvet is expensive enough to burn a hole in the pocket. Therefore to make it more affordable and accessible to the masses, today, the manufacturing process of velvet involves using a mix of silk and other synthetic fabrics like rayon, polyester, viscose, etc. 

This fabric should definitely be on your cards if you are planning an outfit for any specific celebration or event. Blouses, Lehengas, and skirts made from velvet can instantly add that oomph factor to your look.

Velvet Fabric

11. Denim Fabric

Last but not least in this blog is denim fabric. Made from rugged cotton twill, this fabric is the staple for making our quintessential blue jeans. However, denim is a versatile material and comes today in various colors. Denim fabric can be one of the best options for any casual outfit like jackets, jeans, shorts, dresses, shirts, overalls, etc.

With this, we come to an end with the major types of fabric for clothing. These are extremely popular and are useful in the world of fashion and apparel making. So, the next time you plan to get yourself a new outfit or plan to make one from scratch, make sure you pay adequate attention to the kind of fabric it is, as that would determine your silhouette and the overall look.

Denim Fabric

However, this list is not exhaustive as there exist various kinds of fabric that also find their presence in fashion. 

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