Trending Indo Western Trousers

These are western trousers styled into Indian dressing. I started to think of it to compliment with my Kalamkari kurta design.

This time I was on Pinterest. Images on pinterest made it easy to follow the measurements math for trousers.

It was interesting and also challenging to see the images of trouser pattern cuttings. Interesting because, it remembered me of geometry in the math we studied. Its easy, don’t panic (for those who hate maths). Challenging because its important that trousers should fit well, as an uncomfortable trouser can actually ruin our day. And my mom says trouser is the toughest of all to make.

I found many pattern images but in some not understandable language. After a lot of research found this.

Doesn’t it remind you the math geometry in school. You can click on the image to get detailed description of trouser pattern making.

Prepared the pant front and back pattern following the above procedure and have cut the yellow cloth shown in the previous post with medium sized measurements with the help of them. Be careful while patterning the crotch area, knees and ankles which are related to movement. Even an inch of difference in cloth measurements makes us awkwardly uncomfortable. Trousers front and back patterns looked like this

front pattern over the back pattern as in the above image
front pattern- back pattern

Stitched it up and the final outfit with cigarette pants…

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