Types Of Cowboy Hats

Types of Cowboy Hats

You must be aware of cowboy hats. But do you know that it comes in different shapes and designs? So, firstly, let us understand what a cowboy hat is.

A cowboy hat is a high-crown, high brim and is a prominent part of North American attire. It has now gained popularity in Mexican regions, western and southern parts of the world. There are different types of cowboy hats. These different varieties of hats contain different brims, crowns, and other materials that make them different. One thing is for sure that these hats help create a bossy look.

Cattleman Crease

This type of hat has existed since ancient times. It reminds me of the North American culture. As you can understand from its name cattleman, you must have an idea of its relation with farmers. They wear this hat for the Rodeo cowboy hat look. The crown of these hats is relatively high, and the brim comes with a curve. It ranges from around 4 to half inches. It contains a single crease that moves from down to the center. The other creases move from downwards to sideways.

The design of this hat aims to protect one from harsh wind and heavy rains. You can pull it down for more coverage. And, both men and women can wear this hat. Most men wear this hat to create a fashionable look with western attires in recent times.

Bowler Western

This hat was originated in England. It became popular after the name of Bowler, who is the creator of this hat. This hat contains a simple round crown. It also includes a short brim. It is most popular in the old Western part regions of the world. After the immigrants living in the US started wearing this hat, it came into notice.

You can style this hat with any pair of pants or jeans with a half-sleeve jacket with blowy t-shirts. It will create a fashionable look.

Montana Mix Crease

This hat is also known as the Tom crease cowboy hat. The brim and the crown range around 4 to 6 inches. This hat is popular after the Montana State.

Montana Mix Crease contains a few minutes serrates at the side of the crown. The serrate is present more on the front and few at the back.

This gives an appearance of slope at the front and a high appearance at the back.

Most of the hats were the creation of Mr.Stenson and it is also among one of his creations.

Pinch Front crease

It gives a similar appearance to that of Cattleman Crease. But the point of uniqueness in this hat is its unique style of crown.

It contains a front-crease that creates a look like a diamond. It also contains a teardrop crown. The pinch Front crease has a brim size larger than other hats.

This type of hat gives a traditional essence. This hat is popular among ladies due to its exclusive shape and style. It creates an appearance that makes your face look thinner. Your face will look sharper with the essence of a jawline.

The brim of this hat is a creation of straws that makes it easier to wear.

Brisk Crease Cowboy hat

The particular thing that differentiates the Brisk Crease Cowboy hat from other hats is the shape of its crown. The shape looks like a square brick.

It contains a drop shape on the right side. The left side of the hat is curled. Like other cowboy hats, it protects you from windy days and rain.

Gambler Crease hat

This cowboy hat is also famous as Telescope crease shape. This hat became popular after charros (a Mexican horseman or cowboy, typically one wearing an elaborate outfit, often with silver decorations or tight trousers)
This hat has a medium-sized crown and a flat brim.

Hat is smaller in size than other hats. It is a cowboy hat without any creases. With a small circular indent, the hat creates the look of a microscope. Most of the hats defined the tradition. But many wealthy landlords usually have shown interest in wearing this hat. So, this hat is linked to class more than tradition.

From ancient times, cowboy hats have been in trend. With the growth in technology and change in time, changes are seen in types of hats. This led to the idea of different types of hats. Most of the hats define the tradition and culture of some regions.

Cowboy hats are fashionable. It goes with every trending clothing material and will make you look classy.

So, What do you think is your favorite type of cowboy hat? Let us know in the comment section below.

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