12 Types Of Denim Jackets – Why are denim jackets so expensive?

12 Types Of Denim Jackets – Why are denim jackets so expensive?

The denim jacket’s roots are in the work clothes and the old west. It’s the rare unifying piece perfect for the changing season. It works as your favorite trousers and looks equally good with patience and love. Here is something to read on types of denim jackets, among the types of jackets along with the styling tips and reference pictures. And oversized is not at all overrated, these oversized denim jacket outfit ideas make you look dashing.

Denim jackets are quite versatile. You can find them now everywhere from modern-day fashion heroes and models to down-to-earth rockers everywhere in between. These are a perfect way to change up the look in the office amidst the daily chaos and can be more effective when being out there afterwards. Take a look at them!

Types Of Denim Jackets

1. Classic Denim Jacket

The classic denim jacket aka trucker jacket is a class to look at and one of the most common denim jackets for both men and women. In this type of denim jacket, the fabric is sturdy and firm. During the late sixties, these jackets are set to trend by men of motor clubs and later women started to wear them.

Classic Denim JacketClassic Denim Jacket

2. Distressed Denim Jacket

The process of distressing jeans or any denim is to give the garment a vintage and distressed look usually by using different processes right at the manufacturing centre, with the names Distressed Denim Jackets and jeans. However, there are some easy DIY techniques these days to follow in case you want to give your old denim garment a distressed look.

Distressed Denim JacketDistressed Denim Jacket

3. Faded Trucker Jacket

A faded jacket or a faded trucker jacket is a type of jacket manufactured out of denim with a few patches in the lower shades of blue in the case of a classic blue denim jacket. In other words, a faded trucker jacket is a trucker jacket with a faded effect here and there to give it a more stylish and free look.

Faded Trucker JacketFaded Trucker Jacket

4. Chore Jacket

Unlike any other casual denim jacket, a chore jacket is manufactured especially for working men during the early seventies and eighties. Although the chore jacket looks casual and stylish, the purpose of wearing it is different. It protects the person from cold, heat, or any other extreme working conditions.

Chore JacketChore Jacket

5. Fringe Denim Jacket

A fringe denim jacket is a statement piece of denim and a wardrobe essential to amp up your style. Unlike a casual denim jacket, this jacket is can be coupled with only a few casual garments to accentuate the look. The fringes can be with any material like denim, metal chains, glittery beads, etc. 

Fringe Denim Jacket Fringe Denim Jacket

6. Balloon Crop Jacket

The balloon crop jacket is cute, stylish and unique. The cut of this denim jacket is quite complex and the final output can be paired with some types of clothing. The fit is loose and balloon-like, and the fabric is quite firm and sturdy. The length of it varies from mid-length to full length. Here is the cropped version of it.

Balloon Crop Jacket 

7. Patchwork Denim Jacket

A denim jacket with a little patchwork is all you need to up your style and experiment with any kind of garment in your wardrobe. The patchwork denim jacket is a type of denim jacket with patches of other fabrics in different colors and shades here and there on the jacket. Choose the patchwork with unique patterns and colors.

Patchword Denim JacketPatchwork Denim Jacket

8. Pleated Denim Jacket

Pleats are one of the most stylish and cutest stitching techniques to make them look more stylish. The pleats can be anywhere on a pleated denim jacket from the back, button line, sleeves, etc. However, the location of the pleats varies with pleated jackets for men and women. Pair it with a cute t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans and you are good to go.

Pleated Denim JacketPleated Denim Jacket

9. Stretch Denim Jacket

Stretch jackets actually stretch when buttoned up. Unlike the other denim jackets, the denim fabric used in the manufacturing processes of a stretch denim jacket is more stretchable than regular jackets. The collar designs, the pockets in the front, and the sleeve designs are very much similar to other types of denim jackets.

Stretch Denim JacketStretch Denim Jacket

10. Oversize Denim Jacket

Oversize clothes are the cutest for both men and women. Any garment in oversized fashion is a wardrobe essential and an oversize denim jacket is one of them. Well, everything about it is oversized, from pockets to sleeves, and the garment by itself. You can always experiment coupling it with different kinds of outfits. 

Oversize Denim JacketOversize Denim Jacket

11. Colored Denim Jacket

Denim jackets in general are quite versatile and an important piece of garment in anyone’s wardrobe. The usual denim jackets are in different shades of blues and blacks. But what we say is, trying a colored denim jacket is all you need to add some color to your style. However, these colorful jackets are not very versatile as casual denim jackets are.

Colored Denim JacketColored Denim Jacket

12. Vintage Denim Jacket

The vintage denim jacket is a type of denim jacket with a tinge of vintage touch. The look of this type of jacket is a quite old timey and you can always experiment pairing it with different types of garments in your wardrobe.

Vintage Denim JacketVintage Denim Jacket

We hope this article about 12 types of denim jackets to up your style for both men and women helped you with choosing the right kind of denim jacket for yourself and suggest some for your gang! The list includes various options to choose from and also there are pictures available for each of them for some reference.

What are the different types of denim jackets?

The Three Tiers of Denim Jackets: Entry, Mid, and End Level.

What is a Type 2 denim jacket?

The Type II was only a modest improvement of the Type I jacket, which reigned from 1906-1952, the most notable addition being a second pocket and side tabs, while the knife pleats and boxy fit remained unchanged.

What is a Type 3 denim jacket?

Levis Type 3: The basic unit of denim jacket–trim, tapered, with pointed pocket flaps, contrast stitching, and, later, hand pockets. The cut and details have varied a lot since its introduction, but the basic style has stayed much the same. Heddels has a great guide on how to date vintage Levis denim jackets.

Which type of denim jacket is best?

Best Denim Jackets for Men in 2022

  • Uniqlo Denim Trucker Jacket.
  • Levi’s Trucker Jacket.
  • Flint and Tinder Denim Trucker Jacket.
  • Buck Mason RC Denim Blanket Trucker.
  • Grayers Denton Japanese Selvedge Trucker Jacket.
  • Taylor Stitch The Long Haul Jacket in 18-Month Wash Organic Selvage.

What is a Type 1 jacket?

Type I jackets also contain a pronged cinch-back or “clincher” located lower center of the jacket. These so called “clinchers” used a sliver buckle dating from the early 1900’s-late 1930’s, as once the 1940’s hit Levi’s started using bronze buckles to cut back on costs. 1936 Levis Type I Jacket.

What type of jacket is a jean jacket?

A denim jacket, also called a jean jacket or trucker jacket, is a jacket made from denim. Introduced in the United States in the late 19th century, it has been a popular type of casual apparel with both men and women and has been described as an iconic element of American fashion.

What is a Type 2 Levis jacket?

The 1953 Type II Jacket is a slightly updated and modified version of Levi’s® iconic Type I Jacket made in 1936. Cut for a regular fit from rigid Cone Mills selvedge denim, it was considered the unofficial uniform of the American working man.

Are Levi’s jackets good quality?

Levi’s is known to be good at their pre washed denim as well. Making it look naturally faded, while some companies looks cheap. The Levis 72334 style trucker jackets are designed with a modern take in mind. They run more on the slim fit side of the spectrum in fit.

Are Levi jackets raw denim?

The earliest Levi’s® blue jeans were made with raw denim — they were sturdy, stiff and mainly used as workwear. Today, raw denim has been widely adopted for more than just its long-lasting quality.

What is Levi’s Type 1?

It represents the Levi’s® jacket style that followed LS&Co.’s triple pleat blouse — the first riveted denim jacket — that was sold during the late 1800s. In modern vintage terminology, the jacket is sometimes referred to as a “Type 1” style. Riveted back cinch with brass buckle.

How should a Type 2 denim jacket fit?

A jean jacket should fit like a shirt: snug in the shoulder. If you’re usually a medium, drop to a small. Bonus: Come fall and winter, you’ll be able to layer it under a coat for extra style points.

What is Type 3 Levi jacket?

LEVI’s TYPE III: Type III was Levi’s original term for the jacket we know today. It features chest pockets with angled flaps and a tapered cut. Original Type IIIs lack hand pockets and fit a bit shorter than contemporary versions. Up until the late 1970s, these also featured the Big E red tab

Which color denim jacket is best?

Color: Navy blue is the classic denim jacket color, but it isn’t necessarily the best choice for everyone’s look and lifestyle. Light blue provides a spring/summer vibe, white makes a statement, and black works better for sleek nightlife outfits.

Why are denim jackets so expensive?

These days, indigo dye is mostly synthetic, although more costly indigo from fermented plants is also available. It’s eco-friendly, but it also pushes up costs and can be a major contributor to why denim jackets are so expensive.

What is the best jacket for winter?

Best Winter Jackets: Columbia, Canada Goose, North Face, and More

BEST WINDPROOF: The North Face Carto Triclimate Jacket.

BEST WARM: Canada Goose Expedition Parka.

BEST LIGHTWEIGHT: Arc’teryx Cerium LT Hoody.

BEST VERSATILE: Columbia Horizons Pine Interchange Jacket.

BEST PUFFER: The North Face Metropolis Insulated Parka III.

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