19 Different Types Of Jackets For Men And Women

19 Different Types Of Jackets For Men And Women

Imagine getting ready for several events with pre-assorted outfits before walking out the door grabbing the same old jacket that you use every day. Sounds sad, right? One significant fashion mistake that many of us make while shopping for clothes is ignoring the various types of jackets and settling for one that doesn’t pair well with most outfits. Check out more types of leather jackets, oversized denim jacket outfit ideas. In this article, we have curated the 19 trendiest types of jackets and discussed each. Keep reading to know which jacket suits your outfit best and why some of the following jackets are a must-have in your collection.

What Are The Different Types Of Jackets?

1. Peacoat:

The Peacoat Jacket is one of those few iconic classic jackets that hasn’t been refined over the years. Traditionally people tailored this short-length outer coat using rich navy-colored wool. Commonly people also refer to this coat as the Pilot jacket or Reefer Jacket. This coat has seen it all starting from deck to dock, for it is compact yet casual winter wear that sailors initially wore in the 1800s.

2. Blazer:

Are you tired of the monotonous style of suits and tweed formal jackets? Blazers are the perfect alternative for almost any occasion. Blazer is basically a casual take on the design of suit jackets that generally resemble sports coats. Traditionally Blazers had a naval style (with metal buttons) and were the standard jacket worn by boating club members.  

A sport coat also called a sports jacket (or sports coat or sports jacket in American English), is a men’s smart casual lounge jacket designed to be worn on its own without matching trousers, traditionally for sporting purposes.

3. Biker Jacket:

The Biker Jacket is more popularly known as the Leather Jacket. This close-fitted piece of garment is not only worn for protective purposes in winter but also because it is highly iconic in the sense of fashion for days when one is feeling a bit rebellious. Leather Jackets are available in wide ranges of color; however, the black and various shades of brown dyed Leather Jackets dominate the market. Since motorcyclists heavily wear this type of jacket, it got the name Biker Jacket. 

4. Bolero

A bolero jacket is a formal variation of the Shrug jackets that women usually wear. Bolero is a cropped cardigan-like jacket made using stiffer fabric than the Chaquetilla jacket worn by Matadors initially inspired.  

A shrug is a cropped, cardigan-like garment with short or long sleeves cut in one with the body, typically knitted.

5. Trench Coat:

The Trench Coat is a timeless option that leaves one looking classy and polished. It is best to have a neutral-colored Trench Coat in your collection that will pair well with almost any outfit. This classic piece of garment dates back to over a few hundred years as it was a staple for nearly every gent of England back then. Besides being stylish, the Trench Coat is also a very functioning jacket that keeps one dry during light showers and warm in autumn or winters.

And there’s Maxi Coat. Typically, a maxi coat is a full or ankle-length coat. Coats that fall well below your knees are also considered to be maxi coats. This is a type of overcoat that is typically oversized, with full sleeves, wide lapels and an attached belt. Like trench coats, maxi coats can be paired up with any kind of dress.

6. Wrap Coat:

The Wrap Coat is a very comfortable jacket that one can rely on when they are late for an event. The Wrap Coats are typically constructed of overlapping panels secured by a soft belt attached to the coat. The detailing of the Wrap Coat design has evolved to provide a seasonal freshness, and it is also available in large-scale options of colors.

7. Swing Coat:

Swing Coats, a.k.a Princess Coats, is probably the ultimate definition of vintage clothing as the design dates back to the 1950s. This coat is usually considered a women’s garment and resemblances a ‘fit and flare’ type of dress. The Swing Coat has a more tightly fitted shoulder portion, and it progressively loosens towards the end hem.

8. Babydoll Jacket:

The Babydoll Jacket is a short-length coat for women that resemble Frocks worn by little girls. This jacket comes in various styles with varying colors, buttons, sleeve-length, collars, etc. The Babydoll Jacket fits the body until the belly button and then loose-fitting like a skirt till the upper thigh.

9. Duffle Jacket:

As the name suggests, designers use a thick woolen coarse fabric called ‘Duffle’ to make this jacket. The coat’s name is the same as the bags made with the same material because the fabric originated in a town in the Antwerp province in Belgium called ‘Duffle.’ This type of coarse woolen jacket is best for providing warmth and comfort in harsh winters.

10. Military Jacket:

Military Jackets have been timeless outerwear. The Military attires have always inspired clothing trends as their uniform also bears a sense of power and pride. These jackets are also called Field Jackets, and the garment has a lot of pockets. Since the Military Jackets are roomy and lightweight, one can choose to layer up their style underneath the jacket.   

11. Blouson Jacket:

Blouson Jacket is also known as the Harrington Jacket that is often considered a variation of the Bomber Jacket. The Blouson Jacket is a waist-length, full-sleeved, solid-colored jacket with additional elastic cuffs and a fitted waistband. The elastic in the wrists and the waist portion of the jacket results in gathering the fabric and making it look like a ‘Blouse.’  

A Harrington jacket (originally known only as a Baracuta jacket or a G9) is a lightweight, waist-length jacket made of cotton, polyester, wool or suede. Designs often incorporate traditional Fraser tartan or checkerboard-patterned lining.

12. Band Jacket:

Want to turn every head on the street with an extravagant jacket? Then the Band jacket is the coolest option for you. The front of the Band Jackets is heavily designed. The Band Jacket became iconic because of Michael Jackson. Uniform worn by marching band members inspired the design of this jacket; hence it is called the ‘Band Jacket.’

13. Zip Up Hoodie:

One of the most practical and stylish winter wear is a zip-up hoodie. Even though jackets traditionally didn’t have hoods, the modern take on sweatshirts is the hooded jacket with a zipper. A Zip-Up Hoodie is the best option for casual outerwear in autumn and spring.

14. Denim Jacket:

A denim jacket has risen to such fame that it has become a must in everyone’s collection. Denim is a versatile fabric, and a jacket made out of it pairs well with almost every casual outfit. Denim jackets can elevate the appeal of a summer dress. A simple outfit like a white crew-neck T-shirt and jeans can become very smart by adding on a denim jacket. If you don’t already possess a denim jacket, it is probably time to invest in your wardrobe.

15. Parka Jackets:

The Parka Jackets are basically water-resistant hooded coat outlined with fur or faux, and it is also popularly called Anorak Coat. Originally this garment was made using sealskin or caribou and was invented by the Caribou Inuit. But now, the Parka Jacket has been modernized and synthetically made for animal cruelty-free versions.

16. Puffer Jacket:

Welcome a harsh cold winter in style by opting for Puffer Jackets. Common characteristics of this type of jacket are an outer nylon or polyester layer with quills and padding, filled with down feathers for insulation with either duck or geese feathers. Since the stitches give the jacket a puffy look, hence it is called a Puffer Jacket and sometimes a fluffy jacket. 

17. Cardigan:

A cardigan is a very common outerwear that we have all come across and probably own as well. Cardigan is a warm, open-front garment, modelled after the wool knitted waistcoats worn by British Generals during wars. A modern take on the cardigan is the ‘Pullover’ variation that does not have an open front.

18. Cape Jacket:

Cape Jackets are sleeveless outer garments that are connected at the neck and drape the wearer’s back, arms, and a little of the chest. Originally, horse riders wore Cape Jackets for the fabric draping the rider’s clothes to protect them from the mud and dirt the horse might have kicked up. Even though wearing Cape Jackets has differed, it is still considered very functional and fashionable winter wear.

19. Poncho:

A Poncho is an outer garment that originated in South America and got the name from a Spanish word that means ‘one that/who shelters from rain’. This sleeveless clothing has unsewn sides and slits on both ends (one big and the other small) for the head. To make Ponchos for winter, heavy wool is used, and waterproof material for rain-resistant Ponchos.

And there are many more like a windbreaker, or a windcheater, is a thin fabric jacket designed to resist wind chill and light rain, making it a lighter version of the jacket. It is usually of lightweight construction and characteristically made of a synthetic material. A mackinaw is double-breasted, shawl or high stand collar, belted hip length jacket of blanket-like wool fabric with a striped or plaid design.

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