Types Of Jersey Fabric

What Is Jersey? – Types Of Jersey

Jersey is the name of a process for making a fine fabric knitted in stockinette stitch. Knitted is important since this fabric belongs to the mesh family and is therefore not “woven.” For the record, this name comes from the name of the island of Jersey, where this technique has been used since the Middle Ages. Check out how to sew jersey.

How to recognize jerseys?

Jersey is a stitch, so, like other knitted materials, it has a right side and reverse side. On the right side, the stitches form a small V. On the wrong side, the stitches look like small U and form waves. The fact that the fabric is knitted makes it naturally stretchy.

Types Of Jersey

Jersey is a tailoring technique, but its material can vary: viscose, cotton, wool …

What is pure cotton jersey?

This is the fabric used for t-shirts. Its composition has many qualities, including a wide choice of colors and prints. In addition, it is very comfortable and will be ideal for casual and relaxed looks. It’s an easy-to-sew jersey: if you are a beginner, you can go for this one.

What is bamboo jersey?

It is very comfortable and used more and more for its softness, especially for baby and child clothes.

What is viscose jersey?

This type of jersey is fragile and fluid. These characteristics can make it difficult to work with as it slides easily, and its edges tend to roll up after cutting. Despite these small drawbacks, this jersey is ideal for women’s clothing, especially for draping (dresses, tops, etc.).

What is cotton/elastane jersey?

Elastane gives this type of jersey great elasticity. It is often used for tight-fitting clothing such as sportswear, leggings, or underwear. It can exist in different thicknesses and with a higher or lower rate of elasticity.

What is ribbed or tubular jersey?

This type of jersey can contain different materials: cotton, elastane, etc. It is thicker than a classic jersey, and its main feature is that it is made in the shape of a tube. It is often used to make the collars and cuffs of dresses or sweaters.

What is wool jersey?

Expensive and difficult to maintain, it is not the most common type of jersey. It is used for certain dress pieces like costumes or coats.

What is Milano jersey?

Thicker and less flexible than a cotton jersey, it is used more for straight sweaters, jackets, or skirts.

What is synthetic jersey?

Polyester, polyamide, or nylon jersey is mainly used for sportswear or swimwear. The sequined or shiny jerseys are also made of synthetic materials.

What is fleece?

This type of jersey is made of cotton or cotton blended with synthetic. It is very thick and scratched on the back, which gives it a lot of softness. With a little stretch and little slip, it is effortless to sew.

What is linen jersey?

Linen jersey is a top-of-the-range fabric of excellent quality. It is used to sew soft, supple, and resistant clothes.

What is slub jersey?

Slub jersey is obtained with an irregular mesh of the thread and results in a very fine play of transparency between tight threads and less tight threads. This fabric is perfect for an original, light, and relaxed style.

What is silk jersey?

This jersey is made of natural silk and has a fluid, soft, smooth, and silky finish. This fabric has weight and will be perfect for dress clothes with drapes.


To choose your jersey, you must start to choose the type of garment you want to make.

What jersey for a dress, a skirt, a fluid top?

  • Viscose jersey
  • Cotton jersey (rather thin)
  • Bamboo jersey (rather thin)

Which jersey for jackets, dress clothes, and suits?

  • Wool jersey
  • Jersey Milano

Which jersey for baby clothes?

  • Cotton jersey (medium thickness)
  • Cotton and elastane jersey (thick fine/medium)
  • Fleece jersey
  • Cotton jersey (organic)
  • Bamboo jersey

Which jersey for tight clothing, sportswear?

  • Cotton and elastane jersey
  • Synthetic / polyamide/polyester jersey (rather thin thickness)
  • Fleece (sportswear)
  • Nylon (swimsuit)

Which jersey for casual, cocooning clothes?

  • Heavyweight cotton jersey
  • Cotton / elastane jersey
  • Fleece

What jersey for disguises?

  • Viscose jersey
  • Synthetic jersey

Which jersey for beginners?

For more convenience, choose a jersey that does not slip, and that does not roll:

  • Cotton jersey (medium to heavy)
  • Fleece
  • Wool jersey
  • Cotton/elastane jersey (medium to heavy)
  • Jersey Milano

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