Types Of Neckties

Different Types Of Neckties

When you are about to attend this amazing party you’ve been waiting for, or maybe this one job interview that has always dominated your dreams, do you ever feel a little nervous? Well, we all do, and at this point, the one thing that surely helps us style ourselves up a bit and boost our morale is neckties. 

Different Types Of Neckties

Ties always give you that royal and formal look and go along with a lot of your outfits. They have created their fashion statement at this point and many people prefer them. One may not be aware of all the different types of neckties, and hence in this article, we will be majorly focusing on all the popular kinds of ties that one must have in their wardrobe. 

Introduction to Ties

A tie or a necktie is a piece of cloth that men around their neck generally wear. Primarily for decorative purposes, ties rest beneath the shirt’s collar and have a knot at the throat. During the thirties war, the Croatian mercenaries were the first to use ties. 

They wore small neckerchiefs, which aroused interest in many and, hence, were slowly used by many other people. On 18th October, the celebration of International Necktie Day occurs in Croatia and different cities worldwide. 

Some Common Types Of Neckties

There are different variations of neckties available. Each of them has its place in fashion statements. An individual can choose their favorite tie among all the others according to their taste. But for that, they need to be aware of the different ties. Below we have given a list of some standard neckties. 

1. Cravat Necktie

The cravat is an ancestor of bowtie and neckties and is the original form from which the others derived. During the 17th century, the military members wore the cravat necktie. It is a loose necktie whose appearance is a blend of a silk scarf and a tie. Cravat neckties were common among kings and generals, and nowadays, one can see them only in period dramas. 

Cravat Necktie

They cover your entire neck like a neckband, and if one is willing, they can wear these ties on formal occasions. Neckerchief The most overlooked choice among all the types of ties is the neckerchief. It is not a formal necktie unless specified for and hence is inappropriate in the work environment or formal events. 

This tie is a variation of the normal scarf or handkerchief and is worn around the neck. Worn in adjustable knots, these ties can give you a unique look, and usually, rangers and boy scouts wear these neckerchiefs. 

2. Seven-fold necktie

The seven-fold necktie can be considered as a cousin of the four in hand necktie and has seven-folds. Designed from a square of silk, these ties are very thick and hence require no lining. It is quite difficult to get familiar with wearing this since it requires a lot of ties to form the knots. 

Seven-fold necktie

Once mastered, these ties are great, and one can wear these in formal events. The seven-fold necktie is a bit expensive and hence having only one in your necktie collection is enough. 

3. Clip-on necktie

The clip-on ties are perfect for those who hate the idea of forming knots and then wearing ties. These ties are already tied and have a clip or hook that one can attach to the collar of their shirt. These ties are easy, quick, and require absolutely zero effort to put on. 

Clip-on necktie

Many people prefer clip-on ties because of their disability in making knots. For clip-on bowties, a band is available to put around their neck and fasten it with the given hook and eye. 

4. Skinny neckties

A variation of the four-in-hand neckties is the skinny neckties. They look great with jeans and give you a very edgy and stylish look. During the 50s and 60s, The Beatles wore this tie, and hence it became trendy. 

Skinny neckties

These ties are still very much in trend, and people wear these at offices or parties. They give off a very sharp look, but not everyone looks great with this tie. 

5. Bolo tie

The bolo tie is a type of necktie that gained popularity around the 70s. The state of Arizona declared this tie as their official neckwear in the year 1971. Made of braided leather or pieces of cord, these neckties are most popular in North America, and baby boomers who are fond of gold panning wear these.

Bolo tie

The bola necktie has metal clips attached at either end and also has a plastic or metal clasp. The use of these ties is mainly for informal and casual occasions, and valuable clips, bottle openers, etc., are some of the materials from which these ties are designed. 

One can wear a bolo tie as a knot underneath the collar so that the collar buttons get covered up. 

6. Bowtie

Bowties refer to symmetrical ties that act as a fun alternative to regular neckties. They are small ties that are wide at either end but is narrow in the middle. Since they are famous in the Southern States, one can pair them with seersucker suits. 


The bowties are known as such since they form bows in the middle with the help of small knots. Worn generally with tuxedos or formals, these ties are a must for true formal events. One can wear these at galas, balls, formal dinners, cocktail parties, etc. 

7. Four-in-hand necktie

The most common and familiar necktie among all the other neckties refers to the four-in-hand neckties. They are essentially available in a plethora of patterns, colors, and materials, so, therefore, one can buy these neckties according to their taste. The use of these ties is a must in offices and is also appropriate for certain formal events. 

Four-in-hand necktie

The four-in-hand neckties create knots, and these knots are something most everyone is familiar with. One can learn different types of knots and wear these ties in different ways, making them look more classy and beautiful. 

8. Ascot necktie

Ascot neckties are informal, luxurious, and hence are unsuitable for the work environment. These ties stay beneath the collar of the shirt but above the undershirt. The structure of the is such that it covers a significant part of one’s throat line. Several knots are created in this tie and are looped over while wearing. 

Ascot necktie

Scarf pins are ubiquitous while wearing these ties since they hold the entire tie in place. The Ascot ties look very colorful, and fancy and are available in various patterns. 

Having a necktie in your wardrobe is a must. Both men and women wear neckties for different purposes, and they give off a very classy and stylish look. Ties make you feel and look confident, and you even have different options to choose from. Ties are also part of school uniforms or office dress codes. 

Go through your options and choose the tie that will express your personality more freely.

How many types of neckties are there?

They come in three types: self-tied, pre-tied and clip-on. If you’re going to wear a bow tie, which means you want to distinguish yourself as different, in a good way.

Is a cravat a tie?

A necktie is technically a cravat, as is an ascot. Bow ties, clip-ons, and even necklaces are technically cravats.

What is a mini tie?

It is tied using the small end of the tie, and it exposes the reverse side of the tie on the knot. Perfect for narrow ties and narrow collars.

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