Different Types Of Belt Buckles

Different Types Of Belt Buckles

Belts are extremely fashionable, but belts along with buckles are something else. Belt buckles are a classic fashion accessory and they accentuate your outfit perfectly. They are an important part of men’s and women’s fashion and make them look appealing. It can get confusing at times since there are so many. In this specific article, we wish to provide you with a list of types of belt buckles. This list will aid you in choosing the right buckle by putting in minimal effort.   

But, selecting the right belt buckle to go along with your outfit is extremely necessary. Wearing the wrong buckle with the wrong outfit will make you look weird. Belt buckles can either style up your entire look or ruin it. There are various types of belt buckles and therefore choosing the right one is important. 

Definition Of Belt Buckles

Belt buckles refer to a clasp or a buckle that helps in securing two ends, like a belt or any kind of straps. In a belt, the buckle attaches itself to one end and the other end is fitted into it. Previously, the only use of these belt buckles was to hold the pants tightly in place, but now the definition has changed. 

The use of them is also related to fashion purposes and not only for securing the position of pants. The word comes from an Old French and Latin word, “buccula”, which means cheek strap. There are various types of belt buckles available. Each one has its mechanism and style. 

Belt buckles define the entire outfit and choosing the wrong one may not be beneficial for you.  

Different Types Of Belt Buckles

1. Screw closure buckle

This buckle is the basic type of buckle. Their screw closure functionality is extremely easy and fast. They suit every occasion and provide proper support. Appropriate both for casual and formal events, these belt buckles are very stylish and very common.   

Screw closure buckle

2. Auto grip buckles

The auto grip buckles are extremely sleek and stylish. They provide automatic grip and are very firm and strong. These buckles are suitable for every occasion and outfit but go best with a casual outfit. The auto grip buckles will provide you with a stylish and sleek design along with a firm grip. 

Available in different price ranges, these belt buckles are something you should get for making a good fashion statement.   

Auto grip buckles

3. Flip closure buckles

These belt buckles, as their name suggests, come with a flip flop mechanism. The top of these buckles can flip. Teeth are present on the underside of these belts for providing a firm grip. 

The flip closure buckle is unisex and goes best with casual outfits. They do not fall under the list of formal belts and use soft fabric for the construction. Being extremely comfortable and firm, these buckles gives an individual a very simple yet gorgeous look.   

Flip closure buckles

4. Double ring buckles

The double ring buckles are unisex in nature and people wear them with casual outfits. One end of the strap of the belt consists of two loops that are usually tied. They come in a D-shaped design and are easily secure way. Tying the belt becomes easier with these buckles and they are a fun accessory. 

The double ring buckles are very trendy and fashionable and people wear these only with casual outfits. They also have a no-hole design that allows easier adjustments and gives off a smart look.   

Double ring buckles

5. Frame style buckles

Among the different types of belt buckles, the frame style buckles are the most traditional and oldest design. They have square-shaped frame whose one end has a prong attached to it. One can insert the prong into one belt notch to fasten it. People wear these belt buckles with both casual and formal outfits. 

Available in different designs and materials, the frame style buckles are extremely common.   

Frame style buckles

6. Plate style buckles

During the 19th century, the western military loved plate style buckles. Available in different designs, these buckles are very unique and different. These buckles consist of a three clasp hook, out of which two are connected to one end, and the remaining one connects to the other end. 

The plate style buckles cover the strap of the belt with their flat shape. Perfectly suitable for a casual wear, these belts are not as popular as they once were.  

Plate style buckles

7. Snap buckle

The snap buckles have an extremely easy mechanism and are very efficient. One end of this buckle attaches itself to the buckle while a catch holds the other end. They are very secure and are open to adjustments. People wear these buckles with casual outfits but are not very common. It is very durable but is not in high demand.  

Snap buckle

8. Clip buckles

The construction of clip buckles are similar to a dished plate that flatly falls at the ends. The buckle has a bar that is attached to one end of the belt. The other end of the belt has a hook attached. For tightening the belt, the bar and the hook are used. Three bars are available and one can use them for adjusting the fitting. 

The clip buckles look best with cowboy outfits and people also wear them with casual clothing. They are very unique and add a vibe of novelty. 

Clip buckles 

9. Webbing buckle

These buckles consist of a loop. They feature a non-buckle end that one can insert through the buckle on the opposite side. After that, it is brought back and secured for tightening the belt. Available in different designs, fabrics, and patterns, these belts are very easy to use. 

They go along with casual clothing but one can pair them with any outfit. The webbing buckle adds a sense of casualty to your entire look.   

Webbing buckle

10. Self defense buckle

Well, the name says it all. The use of this buckle is not restricted to holding pants. People use these buckles for self defense because of their unique structure. They have a knife-holding compartment where one can insert their knives. It securely holds the knife and an individual can use it when required. 

Self defense buckle

For hiking, camping, or survival retreats, one should wear these buckles for better safety. They even look very smart and classy.  

After reading this article, you must have changed your opinion about buckles. One can use belt buckles for holding their pants, making them look appealing, as well as for their safety. Belt buckles have a lot more types and designs and each of them has something unique in its mechanism. 

An individual can easily have more than one buckle and still get more. Each belt buckle suits different outfits and goes along with different types of belts. Before getting yourself a belt buckle, learn about the different types so that you can easily choose the right one for you.

What is ratchet belt buckle?

A Ratchet Belt is just a type of belt with no holes, where you have a ratchet system that locks into place using a mechanism inside the buckle.

What is the hook on a belt buckle called?

The prong (also named pin) is typically made out of steel or other types of metal. In conventional belts, the prong fits through the buckle to secure the material at a pre-set length.

Why are belt buckles a thing?

Of course, the practical purpose of the belt buckle is to keep your belt closed, but it also can tell a story. Some people will wear a buckle with their name on it, others like to have their favorite tractor or truck, and some their favorite sport or animal to hunt.

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