Types Of Purses

Purses And Their Types

Purses or handbags are no more viewed as a bag for carrying important things. They have their own style and fashion statement and hold the power to change an entire look. Carrying the right handbag for enhancing your look is very important. Handbags or purses are sometimes the main point of the ensemble and can also be the center of attraction. Check out different types of bags.

Purses And Their Types

There are different types of purses available in the market, and therefore you can choose one according to your taste. But having just one purse in your wardrobe or accessories collection is not enough. There are designer as well as classy and simple handbags available, and one should have both in their wardrobe. 

Here we will be talking more about purses, and it’s different types, and how they add a spark to someone’s entire outfit. 

An Overview About Purses

Purses refer to bags along with straps that one can wear over their shoulder. Initially, the definition of purses was a small pouch for carrying money. But now, any bag that holds personal items and money can be referred to as a purse. They are extremely cool and stylish, and the right purse can have a glamorous effect on your entire look. 

Every woman loves purses, and there is no clear logic behind them. They give you that extra jazz and spark you’ve been missing and make you look confident. They can complement your entire outfit and steal the spotlight as well. It is an accessory without which one absolutely cannot do. 

History Of Purses

Purses were originally designed for carrying coins. It was their sole purpose. The European men and women were the first ones to use purses for carrying coins. During the late 18th century, their fashion enhanced, and the design of purses also developed.   

The people were England were also the first ones to use the modern clutch or purse. With time, handbags or purses popularized and became mainstream. They were no longer used only for carrying coins but also as a fashion accessory. There are many types of handbangs or purses and each of them is unique in its own way. 

Different Types Of Purses

Since purses are in high demand, there are different shapes, sizes, colors, and types of purses available. Each of them has its own distinct and unique style and usage. Some are small, while some are big. You will definitely find a purse among all the different types that will suit your palette. 

You can get yourself a bag for every different occasion, and therefore you need to be aware of the different types of purses.   

1. Hobo bags

Don’t get upset by its name, since this bag is much more fashionable than its name states. One of the most famous styles of handbags is the hobo style. It is slouchy, large, crescent-shaped that is extremely glamorous, stylish, and fashion-forward. 

They have a bohemian appeal and give a very easy and calm vibe. The hobo bags are large in size, making it easier for the wearer to carry a lot of stuff together. These bags are easy to carry and are also available in more than one material. 

Hobo bags

2. Barrel bags

Barrel bags are cylindrical-shaped bags that are available in small to medium sizes. Their name derives from their cylindrical shape, and they are a perfect example of a classy, slender, and elegant bag. 

These purses have short straps for the shoulder, a zip closure, and a generous amount of room inside them. A barrel bag is available in various colors and patterns and can be casual as well as dramatic, depending on your choice.   

Barrel bags

3. Wristlet

Wristlet refers to a small and minimalistic bag. Because of its small size and discreet nature, the wristlet becomes the perfect option for carrying keys, lipsticks, ID cards, debit cards, and some minimum cash. 

Some of them can even carry smartphones. A wristlet comes along with a short strap that one can loop around their wrist. Some also have a zip or clutch. They are extremely classy and fashionable.   


4. Backpack Purse

It is a utilitarian-styled small backpack. The backpack purse is a casual handbag that frees an individual from the hassle of carrying a heavy and big handbag. They are a campus classic and are available in different sizes. This backpack is perfect for short trips, outing with friends, and is also considered athletic wear. 

Backpack Purse

5. Tote Bag

Tote bags are large rectangular-shaped bags that have a single compartment. These bags cannot be closed, and hence items can be inserted and taken out easily. For most girls, tote bags are a must for shopping. 

Structured with hardy, strong, and casual fabrics like leather, nylon, or canvas, these bags are very sophisticated and smart. Tote bags are available in different colors, materials, and patterns.   

Tote Bag

6. Clutch

These are the most easily recognizable and glamorous purses within the world of fashion. Available in different colors and designs, a clutch is extremely fashionable, and some even come along with removable shoulder straps. 

They are small and slim bags that are related to elegance and modern fashion. One can even customize their own clutch to match their dresses.   


7. Satchel

A satchel is a medium-sized handbag that generally comes along with two short handles. There are also some that have a long strap for the shoulder and are easy to carry. These handbags are sturdy and have a similar appearance to a soft-sided briefcase. 

A satchel has enough space for keeping books and laptops and gives off a corporate look. Extremely chic and smooth, satchels are perfect for a campus look and are usually made of leather. 


8. Shoulder Bags

Among all the other purses or handbags, shoulder bags are the most popular ones. Available in different materials, sizes, and colors, the shoulder bags are slung over an individual’s shoulder. Some even come along with two short straps. They are ideal for every occasion and have large storage space. 

Most women have at least one shoulder bag in their wardrobe since they are fashionable and functional.  

Shoulder Bags 

9. Crossbody

One of the biggest trends among the different types of handbags is crossbody. They are a single strapped bag that allows an individual to go hands-free. They are named as such since the single strap allows the wearer to wear the strap across their body. 

Crossbody bags are extremely stylish, elegant and enhance your entire fashion statement. They are available in different colors, materials, and styles.   


There are tons of more purses and handbags that one can buy for themselves. These are among the most common bags that we have discussed above. A purse is capable of complementing your entire look alone, and hence finding the right one is necessary. 

If you already have one, then no worries; having more than one is absolutely fine. Get yourself the handbag or purse that you love and increase your collection.


What is the most popular type of purse?

Perhaps the most versatile style of purse, tote bags are also one of the most popular. A tote can range from a simple cloth bag to a large leather handbag. Like satchels, totes are more structured than hobos but are also designed with plenty of space inside.

What are mini bags called?

They may be palm-sized or slightly larger. Some brands also use the term ‘micro bags’ to mean the same as mini bags, however, micro bags may be much smaller in size. Compared to a clutch, a mini bag has a proper handle and/or strap.

What are the bags that go over your shoulder called?

A messenger bag (also called a courier bag) is a type of sack, usually made of cloth (natural or synthetic). It is worn over one shoulder with a strap that goes across the chest resting the bag on the lower back.

How many purses should you have?

In short, you should have no more than 9 bags in your collection.

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