What Is Slub Cotton

What is slub cotton?

Slub cotton contains slight lumps and imperfections, often left in the fabric on purpose or created deliberately by knotting or twisting the fabric as it is woven or spun. Slubs can also be created by weaving with fibers of unequal width. The overall effect is a fabric with a rough, uneven texture.

What is Slub Fabric?

Slub fabric is a fabric that is made with slubs. You will find sections where the yarn is made thicker to create a unique look. You can commonly find slub fabric created with cotton or cotton and polyester blends.

Slub Fabrics

Cotton is not the only material in which slubs are sometimes deliberately left or encouraged in the final fabric.

  • Natural flax usually contains flakes due to the natural unevenness of the flax fibers from which it is made.
  • Butcher’s linen is a slub fabric used for aprons and tablecloths, and butcher’s cotton is a type of slub cotton sometimes used in casual suits or dresses.
  • Tweed is a wool-based fabric filled with slubs.
  • In addition, many varieties of silk fabrics contain flakes, including dupioni silk, pongee, shantung, silk noil, Thai silk, and tussah.

Slub Cotton Uses

High fashion t-shirts and sweaters are often made from slub cotton. Although t-shirts made in this way are not suitable for use as graphic t-shirts, on which messages or images are printed, the fabric is more textured and often appreciated by designers for its casual and rough look. Additionally, cotton slub denim is sometimes used in high-end distressed jeans.

What is Slub Knit?

Slub knit (also known as slub jersey fabric) means that the item was made with slub yarn. The fabric has slight imperfections where there are thicker sections of the fabric that is made intentionally for a unique-looking texture. Slubs are generally created by knotting or twisting the fabric to give some sections their thicker appearance.

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