90s Hip Hop Fashion (How To Dress 90s)

How to create fashionable hip hop outfits from the 90s for men and women 

If you have been a 90s kid, then you surely must be knowing the fashion aesthetics around that time. The hip hop fashion with those high waist and boot cut denim pants and leather jackets were ruling the globe. Be it in India or abroad, hip hop fashion was topping the fashion league. The saying ‘what goes around comes around’ – is not only related to your karmas but is also indirectly related to fashion. 

Isn’t this saying very apt for the fashion world as well? The fashion, we as kids experienced, is now back with a bang and some new twists to it. 

Not only hip hop fashion, but fashion also in terms of traditional dresses is the same as it was way back almost two decades ago. But here we will discuss 90s hip hop fashion for both men and women, taking rounds this year in 2020 once again.

Hip Hop during the 90s – 

As 90s hip hop fashion picked up prominence during the 90s, it was clear that another style was rising. This fashion was in full swing if you speak about both men and women. It was building its character through style and the world was inquisitively viewing it as a whole. From the last few years of the 80s and mid-90s, hip-hop fashion was vigorously impacted by information on self. The 90s hip hop fashion around this time was instructive, enabling, and fun with a reflection of conventional culture. 

Singer and rappers were seen shaking the reds, greens and other bright hues with full interest. Following the footprints of the rappers, singers and dancers, the general public started following the trend. Those baggy pants with boot cut flare, embroidered jackets, fitted tees, loosely fitted coats and long boots were the talk of the town. Even fitted pants came in rage during this period. So, half of the population was wearing baggy and flared pants while the other half was crazy about fitted jeans and denim.  

How To Dress 90s:

This was the time when several local and high-end brands came in with new designs every month to embrace 90s hip hop fashion. 

But if you are a millennium kid and you haven’t gotten the chance to follow the 90s fashion until now, here are some basic points that will help you recreate the magic of 90s hip hop fashion even in 2020. 

1. Flared pants/jeans 

This was followed by both men and women. So you cannot really say that the term “unisex fashion” was invented in 2020. So before super skinny denim jeans were the majority’s “go-to fashion,” flared denim were ruling the fashion world— considered best for casual as well as formal events. 

Likewise, you can still wear flared denim/pants for a casual lunch or even for a night club. To style these jeans, choose a crop top with a baggy jacket. You can also style your crop top with a long scarf draped in a quirky manner. Team it up with high heeled wedges or boots. For men, you can also team it up with a crisp white shirt (fitted or loose). 

2. Long baggy and oversized coats/jackets 

This is another trendy attire that is suitable for both men and women. Generally, females are seen teaming up either their brother’s or boyfriend’s long overcoat or jacket for that typical baggy look. In the coming winters, stock up your wardrobe with your brother’s oversized jackets and long coats. Style your oversized cardigans or coats with a cool handbag. In the case of men, you can just go hopping around your cozy sweatshirt. 

3. Chokers 

Chokers have been doing rounds ever since 2018 but many do not know that the trend started in the 90s. So even if you were not an 80s or 90s kid, you can still style yourself up with cute chokers with a stud or the initial of your name. Now, without a doubt, this can be supported by men as well for a Emo look. 

4. Hoop earrings 

Hoop earrings are in rage ever since the beginning of 2019. You will find big hoops, small hoops and medium-sized hoop earrings at all high-end fashion stores or even local markets. They were major fashion goals during the college life of a 90s youngster. But even today, you can style these earrings at any event. Women are slaying in hoop earrings in the day, for casual brunches and even at night, for dinners and concerts. 

5. Dungarees/overalls

These are definitely back in trend after decades. Both men and women are slaying in overalls made with denim specifically. Be it fitted denim overalls for men or a mini dress dungaree for a woman, this chic piece has become a fashion essential of 2020.  These jumpsuits are comfortable and have become a wardrobe fashion staple for both men and women. 

6. Crop tops 

Way back in the late 80s and 90s, crop tops were a fashion staple. Again, they have become the wardrobe staple of the 21st century. The midribs barring tops have become an essential wardrobe styling costume. Not only the actresses but also the bloggers and college-going girls at large can be seen flaunting their mini skirts, pants and denim with crop tops. You can style crop tops with long cape jackets as well. Tie a belt around your waist to accentuate your look. 

7. Boots 

Boots were too common and highly trending back in the 90s. It was a 90s staple for both men and women. Also, the fashion of unisex boots came into the picture— known as gumboots. Now you can own these long and short boots of various designs available in a variety of material. These boots are best suited with dresses for girls and over the denim for men. They are tough and solid and don’t wear out easily. Well, long boots and shoes are here to stay for a while! So if you still haven’t owned them earlier, it is the right time to invest in boots. 

These were some fashion essentials for 2020. You can recreate an uber-cool look by wearing any of the above combinations. These stylish pieces are also available by all leading brands. The majority of masses used to follow the 90s’ celebrities Leonardo DiCaprio, Julia Roberts,  and not to mention the cast of famous web series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and talking about Bollywood, movies by Yash Raj productions and celebrities like Shahrukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit took all hearts away! 

Recreate the famous 90s hip hop looks and look like one of your favourite stars now. 

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