Bhai Dooj Outfits (Top Outfits To Adorn This Bhai Dooj 2023)

Top Outfits To Adorn This Bhai Dooj 2020

The festive season has officially commenced and is definitely one of the few good things of 2020. While Diwali is definitely the highlight of this season, the good thing is that the festive season doesn’t end with Diwali. Just after Diwali, we have Bhai Dooj knocking on the door! This leaves another occasion for us girls another to dress up and have fun. The gifts that our brothers adorn us with are definitely the cherry on the cake! Therefore, the need to dress up and look ravishing becomes all the more necessary.

Now, are you wondering what to wear for your Bhai Dooj Celebration? Don’t worry, we have got you sorted! In this blog, we will be listing out a few ideas that come out as the perfect outfits for Bhai Dooj. So let’s get started –

Anarkali Suit

Anarkalis are effervescent and extremely elegant which makes them a perfect pick for Bhai Dooj. Now there are several ways to style your Anarkali:

You could go with the most quintessential way of wearing them as a full set. 

You could play along and create a new look entirely— one way to do this is by simply wearing your Anarkali is a dress. This is a very girl next door look and looks extremely young and vivacious.

You could also wear a cape/ kimono over your Anarkali and complete this boho look with loads of silver jewelry.

Another way to dress up your Anarkali is by wearing a dupatta around your neck and cinching it up using a belt. This is again very comfortable, preppy, and adds definition to the outfit. Accessorize the look with statement earrings and you are good to go!


Sarees are timeless and can never go out of fashion. They are a sheer epitome of elegance and can instantly make you look drop-dead gorgeous. If you are someone who is experimental with their outfits, a saree will serve you as an absolute delight. A Saree whether worn in the most traditional manner or in an experimental way will always look right. 

This Bhai Dooj, you could go for an Organza, Chiffon or a soft cotton saree. Pair your saree with a vibrant blouse, the choli from your last Diwali lehenga or even a crop top. Complete your look with statement earrings or a heavy choker. There you go, the perfect outfit for Bhai Dooj Celebration is ready! 

Long Skirts

Long Skirts are again very festive appropriate as they are flowy, have a fun element to them and are very easy to style. Again, there are multiple ways to style them and we will be listing out a few ways that you could choose from:

  • STYLE 1
  • One of the ways is to take a skirt that has a bohemian print to it and style the look with a crop top, full sleeves blouse or maybe the heavily embellished choli from an old Lehenga Set. 
  • Make sure to pair the pieces in contrasting colors— that is if the skirt is in a bold colour, choose the top in a pastel shade and vice versa. This will allow the colours and the prints to come out distinctively.
  • Add some bangles and hoop earrings to complete the outfit.
  • STYLE 2
  • Next up is to wear your skirt with a straight kurta. This is again a very fun way to add character and definition to your outfit while being in an extremely comfortable element. 
  • For your Kurta, you could go with either colour blocking or monochrome. 
  • Complete your look with the right accessories. Maybe a long neckpiece or really heavy jhumkas, and you are done!

Brocade/ Heavy Dupattas

Okay if you are someone who procrastinates a lot and waits for the last minute to decide your outfit— brocade dupattas are your go-to piece. They are one of the most effortless additions and can instantly revamp your outfit. Here’s how you can successfully create a new outfit using your dupatta:

  • STYLE 1
  • Now if you are someone who loves to experiment with her outfits, this dupatta gives the opportunity to do so. One way to do this is to wear it as a choli/blouse by draping it around your chest. 
  • Wear it with a Lehenga or Sharara.
  • Complete the look with statement earrings.
  • STYLE 2
  • Again, if you choose to go Indo-western with your style then wear your dupatta around your neck and sync it with a black belt. 
  • For your bottoms, you could go ahead with black pant/culottes essentially and you are ready! 
  • Glittery eye makeup could add the missing festive vibe to your expression!

This out can seem to be a bit OTT but if you are someone who loves fashion, then this is an option you can definitely try out. 

White Shirt with Palazzo/ Skirt/ Lehenga

Last but not least definitely has to be a white shirt. If you are someone who doesn’t wish to set the standard for OOTD and loves an Indo-western vibe, then the white shirt is what will help you out! 

  • STYLE 1
  • Wear your white shirt with your heavy lehenga, or with bold coloured palazzo pants or even shararas. This combination is extremely Indo-western, very girl-next-door and comfortable. 
  • Silver jewelry will add an oomph factor to it!
  • STYLE 2
  • You could also go one step ahead and wear your white shirt as a blouse with your Saree. 
  • Tie your hair in a bun and wear jhumkas to complete the look.
  • This will make you look elegant and gorgeous with minimal efforts!

So, these are some of the looks that you can adorn as the perfect Bhai Dooj Outfits. Make sure you wear them with confidence, click lots of pictures and have the best time while you celebrate and cherish this occasion with your dearest brother.

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