Choosing The Best Yarn for Crochet Rugs

Best Yarn for Crochet Rugs

Making a crochet rug is not only fun but also great for adding style to any room. There are many beautiful patterns depending on the kind of rug you want to make and choosing yarn can be overwhelming because it’s hard knowing what type would work best if crocheting rugs aren’t your thing yet. Let’s get into choosing the best yarns that will help get beginners started in making their own DIY carpet or mat! Check out how to make the yarn stiff.

Why Crochet a Rug?

Not just as a hobby, there could be many reasons you want to start a new rug project.

  • Decorating rooms – rugs add elegance to any living space
  • Protect a floor – to protect and cover floors, a good rug can help. You can also place furniture on your rug to prevent scuffing your floor if the furniture is moved
  • Comfort your feet – If you have a cold floor and want something soft and warm to place your feet on—this is the perfect time to start creating a rug

Choosing a Crochet Rug Yarn


Making a rug out of yarn is easy, but every material has its own set of pros and cons.

1. Acrylic Yarn

Acrylic yarn is the best type of yarn to use for crocheting a rug. It’s not very elastic which makes it easy to work with and create neat stitches. Acrylic also happens to be pretty inexpensive compared other types of yarn making this an ideal choice for beginners. If you’re new at crochet we highly recommend trying out your skills on some cheap yet effective acrylic!

Acrylic yarn is machine washable and easy to clean, making it a good choice for rugs. However, some acrylic can pill easily so be careful with where you put the rug!

2. Cotton Yarn

Because cotton is so easy to clean, it can be a great kitchen rug or bath mat. However, since the yarns aren’t very flexible and are rigid after they dry out from being washed too much in water, this may make them difficult to work with when making rugs.

3. Wool Yarn

Wool may be a great choice for rug making because it is thick and warm, easy to stitch yarns together if you make any mistakes. However wool can get expensive especially when machine washable-ness matters most.


A designer must choose the correct color for their project. They want to match that color with a room, but it depends on them—the creator of the product or service.


If you’re going to have people walking on it–or even just touching the edges with their shoes, so maybe a bedroom or living room rug? Comfort is important. It’s not something that should be ignored if you want your purchase to feel worth it after all this time spent looking for one and bringing home an expensive piece of cloth.


When making a rug, the weight of yarn you use will depend on what type of rug it is. Anything from worsted (medium) to bulky are common weights depending on which pattern you’re following. We recommend using whatever matches the one in your instructions or pattern book

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