What Does SP Mean in Crochet?

What Does SP Mean in Crochet?

When working through crochet patterns, you will encounter various abbreviations. Some are more common than others and may already be familiar to you; however, there are some that might cause confusion at first glance. SP is one of the abbreviations you may come across. Let’s get into everything you need to know about the crochet abbreviation SP and what it means. Check out what does tog mean in crochet.

Crochet Abbreviations SP

What Does SP Mean in Crochet

What Does SP Mean in Crochet?

In crochet, the abbreviation SP means space. It’s pretty simple to understand: sp or sometimes (s)p(s), it just refers to between stitches for a single stitch, or multiple spaces in-between each stitch. It could be one space (sp) or multiple spaces (sps) depending on which abbreviation is used.

What Does CH SP Mean in Crochet?

When you crochet, the abbreviation CH SP means chain space. When you see “ch sp” (chain space), this is a term that describes when one works into the next stitch in their row and then skips a stitch on what follows to begin working again from where they left off before moving onto another adjacent foundation loop or back down through an existing turn of stitches. You will commonly find this written as ch 1 sp, ch 2 sp, or other variations such as ch-1 space.

Ch-1 SP

Understanding crochet abbreviations can be challenging. It’s written as ch-1 sp which means chain one space, and this is the simplest abbreviation of all in my opinion. You could find it written sc next ch 1 sp which would mean single crochet in the next chains one space – that might be a little easier to understand since there are fewer words involved!

Ch-2 SP

To do a chain-2 space in crochet, you insert the hook into the hole and double crochets.


When you don’t know what “space” means in crochet patterns, look up the abbreviations and familiarize yourself with them. I promise this will help immediately!

Once you understand basic crochet patterns, it’s easy to follow along. Stay calm and look up whatever information you need if your pattern is confusing!

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