Bridal Makeup Tips – Loving Your Skin Before The D-Day

Best Indian Bridal Makeup Tips:

bridal makeup tips

It is a familiar belief that brides look the most gorgeous on their marriage day.  Stunning Jewellery and a royal attire is a staple for brides in India. But, along with all these shenanigans, the most essential element of the bride is her face. With all those dreams and shy glances sitting on her face, the bridal makeup that defines her personality. The following bridal makeup tips help you get that bride’s aura, the quintessential element. Also, some fruit packs for your face to prepare your skin for the bridal makeup. And, some peacock mehndi designs would help you complete your look.

Usually, not all the plans would materialize as decided, but the makeup, the bridal makeup is solely your thing and your choice. Let’s look at some bridal makeup tips on how we can make you the magical being you already are! 

Loving your skin before the D-Day.

There are a whole lot of programs to attend and many people to give your best smiles to! This would happen if your makeup would be perfect in every sense of the word. But for this, your skin should be in perfect condition or state, so that the makeup does not mar after some time of its application on your face. 

Here are some bridal makeup tips that are to be followed before the crunch time!

Getting the perfect Glowing skin.

 start your facials and treatments before 2 months or at least before 6 weeks before the wedding

Overdoing skin treatments may turn to ruin your skin, and underdoing it… well, half of us under-do skincare before our wedding as we are already careless. The timely thing to do is that we should start your treatments before 2 months or at least before 6 weeks before the wedding so it gives our skin the time that it needs to turn around. Pampering yourself with facials and massages, warding off stress hormones are the things to do! 

Acne problems! 

Before a month itself, start to avoid fried food and spices so that you can steer away from the horror of a last-minute pimple. While cleansing the face, look for a salicylic acid face cleanser which will keep your skin oil-free for an adequate amount of time. 

Practice makes a man perfect! 

We all have heard this saying, but here its a female that needs practicing. Either you hire a person who is renowned in bridal makeup or you start practicing on your makeup long before the D-day. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste your time and mood in the cleaning of eyeshadows and eye-liners from your skin, would you? 

Space is important!

A stereotypical image of a wedding is people from both the sides hurrying over everywhere to fetch things and looking at each other with mixed feelings. Makeup is an art, and for every artist the most important thing is peace. Whether it’s you doing your makeup or your artist doing it, you need a space that is free from stress and frenzy so you don’t get distracted while doing it. 

The Primer.

If you have a conflicting shine that needs to be removed from your face or create a smooth base for your foundation, Primer is the thing to use. It helps smoothen wrinkles, lines, or pores that make your skin uneven giving your skin a complete look.   An Eye primer is often used for instant smoothening of eyelids for applying eye shadow on occasions. Thus, we now know that primer can be a boon for those who realize its significance. 

Choosing the perfect foundation. 

choose right foundation

Greasy skin and oily face can be a spoilsport for even the most intricate makeup artists. Choosing the perfect foundation is very important in case of creating a natural look. However, there is also a risk of over-applying it as that could make your skin dry and old as well. The phrase ‘doing more with less’ applies here effectively. 

No sunscreen! 

Avoiding sunscreen for makeup is the best thing you can do. You would not like the flash that comes in your photos due to the zinc and titanium oxides in your sunscreen. If it is a compulsion, you can mix it with your moisturizer and apply it evenly on your face. 

No white finishing powders. 

A White finishing powder gives a ghostly look on your face when the camera flash hits it. You can use a finishing powder that suits your skin tone to give it a flattering glow. 

A Creamy Formula-based Concealer is the best. 

Sudden blemishes or dark circles are not invited to a wedding at any cost. You should choose a concealer that best hides your discolorations and imperfections. If you have dry skin do not go for a matt concealer as that is going to highlight your dry area. Concealer shades that are pink, rose, white or peach will show despite the foundation giving you an unnatural look. 

Emphasize your brows by defining it. 

Sometimes it’s the bushy effect of your eyebrows that gives your face the love it needs in makeup and sometimes it’s their excess that makes you look like a bear. If you have thin eyebrows, you can whip out a long-lasting brow product and define your lessened brows. You may have to define them by shaping them with eyebrow treatments as well. 

 Say No to sparkling products. 

You might have a penchant for sparkles in your life, but your wedding face is not the place to apply it. Sparkling eye-shadows, face powders or highlighters look horrible in flash photography. 

 Runny Mascaras are a huge killjoy. 

There are numerous occasions where tears are going to spring to your eyes at a wedding. Waterproof mascara is the thing to opt for at a wedding so your eyes and face remain intact even though your heart says otherwise. Also, there is the heat that can melt it and make it run in a very unflattering way down your face. 

Layered Lips. 

First, start with applying a lip balm on your lips and then color the lips so they do not look dry. The second layer of the lip should be a cream-based or satin formula that gives your lips the color it needs. Then, apply it a second time to give some volume as well. A light layer of lip-gloss ensures a multidimensional look at its best. 

Be extravagant with setting sprays. 

Setting sprays make sure that everything stays in place as it was originally applied. A thing like long-wear makeup doesn’t exist; the real key to setting your makeup is the setting spray. They prevent makeup from melting away and keep it the waterproof it is. 

Don’t risk Trends!

Your wedding day is not the day to experiment with trending looks on your face. Keep it simple by choosing colors and combinations that make you look stunning but not overboard and flattering but not unnatural. It would be good to say if there is a contrast in your lip color and eye-shadow with a ‘Dark-Light’ concept as well. 

Wrapping it all up… 

Makeup is a beautiful thing to follow and to study and there are whole successful careers based on it. The art of makeup is a rare one and not everyone recognizes the style and the shades that suit themselves. Thus, understanding the rules and making peace with makeup ensures its excellence and extravagance on your D-Day! 

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