All About Detoxifying Foods And How To Add Them In Diet

Foods To Eat While Detoxing Your Body

What Are Detox Foods And Detox Diets?

Detox diets are popular strategies that claim to facilitate toxin elimination and weight loss, thereby promoting overall health and well-being. The nutrients derived from foods can modulate and excrete the toxins from the body. Juicing detox once a month can detox your body very well, check out juicing benefits and how to do it.

Detoxifying foods in our diet favorably balance metabolic pathways to assist with toxin removal. In simple words, with the right food on your plate, you can easily flush out and get rid of toxins and other harmful chemicals, which can be due to fast foods, the environment, and even beauty products.

Detoxifying Foods:

Here are some foods that can give your body a detoxifying boost, foods to eat while detoxing your body.

Cruciferous Vegetables:

detoxifying Cruciferous Vegetables

Vegetables from the cruciferous family can support the body’s natural detoxification system. An exclusive phytonutrient present in this group of vegetable is-Glucosinolate.

Glucosinolates induce phase 2 detoxification enzymes that fight against carcinogens, oxidants and other toxic chemicals.

Glucosinolates are broken down into isothiocyanates, a powerful compound, which is also capable of supporting detoxification Moreover, Sulphur present in cruciferous vegetables attracts heavy metals and toxins and flushes them out of the body. Aim to eat at least one portion of these healthy vegetables daily.

Here are your cruciferous vegetable list:

  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Brussels
  • sprouts
  • Kale
  • Kohlrabi
  • Turnips
  • Mustard greens
  • Bok Choy
  • Arugula
  • Mustard greens

By adding these detoxifying foods to your diet, you will definitely reap the benefits of detoxifying your body and improve your health for years to come:


turmeric to recover the toxin damage in the body

This golden spice possesses promising natural antioxidant and detoxifying properties. Not only turmeric helps in flushing out the toxins from the body, but it also reverses the toxin-induced damage caused to the liver and the kidneys.

It helps the liver to efficiently process wastes and toxins out of the body. Such a detoxifying effect of turmeric is attributed to the presence of an active compound called ‘curcumin’ in it. Hence, by adding turmeric to your daily diet you can cleanse your liver and get rid of harmful toxins.

Ways To Add Turmeric To Your Diet?

Add this spice to a cup of warm milk

Turmeric can also be added to gravies, curries and soups Make a soothing turmeric tea by combining it with other powerful spices such as ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and fennel.


beetroot to cleanse the body

Betalains, are a group of healthy compounds present in beets. They are responsible for the cleansing and detoxification of the body.

This compound boosts the action of detoxification enzymes, which helps the liver eliminate toxins and harmful chemicals effectively. Beets also enhance the production of glutathione in the body, which helps in flushing out the toxins.

Moreover, beets assist in the digestion of food and eliminate metabolic wastes and prevent the production of unhealthy bacteria that cause toxin formation. Therefore, regular consumption of beets may help in cleansing the body.

How Can You Add Beets To Your Diet?

  • Eat them in the form of salad or soup.
  • Add grated beets to the whole wheat flour while kneading.
  • Drink a cup or two of beetroot tea daily.


garlics to kill unhealthy bacteria in stomach

For many years, garlic has been used as a natural detoxifying agent. However, garlic is indirectly responsible for these beneficial effects.

Allicin is an active compound present in garlic, it possesses antibacterial properties. This compound kills unhealthy bacteria present in the intestine, which otherwise give rise to toxin production. Hence, by eliminating the unhealthy bacteria, garlic blocks the toxin formation pathway.

Besides this, garlic stimulates and regulates the activity of liver detoxification enzymes, which cleanse the body and also help in eliminating toxins and other chemicals.

Furthermore, eating garlic stimulates the production of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that binds the toxins and encourages their removal from the body.

How To Add Garlic To Your Diet?

  • Garlic can be added to gravies and soups.
  • Fresh home-made garlic sauce is a great way to incorporate garlic into the daily diet.
  • Add garlic slices onto a salad.
  • It can even be eaten raw but in small amounts.


apples to detoxify liver

You can increase the ability of your body to detoxify toxins more effectively by making apples a part of your regular diet. Apple is a nutritional powerhouse, which contains nutrients and compounds that are required for the elimination of toxins.

Soluble fiber present in apples adds bulk to food and enhances the removal of waste products. A major route to get rid of toxins is ‘bile’, a liquid produced by the liver. Phlorizin, a healthy compound present in an apple stimulates bile production, which helps the liver to get rid of chemicals and toxins.

Hence, eating apples daily can improve the way your liver and overall body works. Simply eating an apple with its skin intact is the best way to get all the nutrients. Juicing it or even peeling an apple may lead to the loss of certain nutrients.


lemon - detoxifying foods for liver

Lemon juice supports digestive health and helps in cleansing the liver too. It also stimulates the production of bile, which removes the toxins and the chemicals out of the body Citric acid present in lemon juice protects the liver against oxidative damage and inflammation. Drinking lemon water on a daily basis relieves constipation, bloating and keeps you hydrated, which allows the body to detoxify naturally,

How Can You Add Lemon Juice To Your Diet?

  • Take lemon shots
  • Drink a glass of lemon juice daily
  • Squeeze fresh lemon juice on vegetable salads and soups

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