Does coconut water go bad inside the coconut?

Does coconut water go bad?

A rogue coconut water bottle was found in the cabinet. It has been there for a long time. It may be nearing its best-by date or it could already have passed it. You might be wondering: Does coconut water go bad. Here is an article to help you with not only the signs of spoilage for coconut water but also about how to store coconut water. Not just coconut water! Find more on how to store food.

How to Store Coconut Water?

Fresh tender coconut water is a popular, low-calorie nutritious drink, but untreated coconut water has a shelf life of only 24 hours. Well, in today’s fast paced world, coconut water is available in different forms and you can also store it in different forms to increase its shelf life a little longer. Here are some easy ways to store coconut water.

Coconut Water Inside Coconut – Does coconut water go bad inside the coconut?

Does coconut water go bad inside the coconut

The exact date will vary depending on which coconut water you buy, but all coconut waters have an expiry date unless you are using whole coconuts. Some coconut waters have been pasteurized while others have added sugars or preservatives. You can also have the whole coconut, although the time it is good to consume will vary greatly.

This can be due to weather changes and other factors such as exposure to the sun. Coconut water changes color when exposed to sunlight. This is true with raw whole coconut also where the flesh may appear slightly pink when you break it. Whole coconuts will eventually lose their delicious and mildly sweet flavor and become watery and sour when not stored properly.

Bottled Coconut Water – Does bottled coconut water go bad?

Does bottled coconut water go bad

The exact answer to this question depends on the storage conditions. Keep opened coconut water refrigerated, and tightly sealed.

Coconut water that has been kept refrigerated continuously will retain its best quality for approximately 1 to 2 days after being opened.

Coconut water can be consumed after its expiration date as long as it is stored properly and not damaged. Commercially packaged coconut water typically has a “Best By”, “Best if Used By”, “Best Before” or “Best when Used By” date. This is an estimate by the manufacturer of coconut water’s shelf life that it has full potency.

Opened Coconut Water – Does opened coconut water go bad?

  • Once you open a bottle of coconut water, it starts to lose its quality quite fast.
  • Various manufacturers give different periods of how long will the coconut drink last after opening. In most cases, that period is between 3 and 5 days.
  • Of course, the beverage won’t go bad after that period, but its quality will noticeably drop. That means you’d likely prefer to discard it rather than drinking it.
  • Once you open the container of coconut water, you should keep the leftovers in the fridge, tightly sealed.

Unopened Coconut Water – Does unopened coconut water go bad?

  • While coconut water isn’t by any means a sports drink, you should store it similar to Gatorade. That means you should keep it in a cool and dry area. The pantry is best for this purpose, but a cabinet in the kitchen works too.
  • The product usually consists of water and some coconut-derived sugar, or it’s simply all-natural coconut water and it’s shelf stable.
  • As long as it’s unopened, there isn’t much there that can go bad. To retain the quality of coconut water for longer, keep the bottles or tetra packs away from sunlight and sources of heat.

Expired Coconut Water – Does coconut water go bad after its expiration date?

Does coconut water go bad after its expiration date

The label of coconut water often has a “best by” date. This date tells you how long the beverage should keep its best quality. Similar to soda and sports drinks, unopened coconut waters will keep for at least a few more months after the expiration date.

The storage times are shown for best quality only. After that, the color and taste of the unopened coconut water may change. However, the coconut water will remain safe to drink if it is properly stored and the bottle is not damaged.

Canned Coconut Water – Does canned coconut water go bad?

Does canned coconut water go bad

  • Canned coconut water lasts for at least a few months past the date on the label. That means your old can that’s a few months past its date is probably fine.
  • But before you drink it, you need to check if there are any signs of spoilage. There most likely won’t be any mold, but there are a couple of other things you should pay attention to.
  • Once you open up your coconut water, you get about 3 to 5 days of decent quality, the same as with soda.
  • Coconut water sold in aluminum cans is already protected from sunlight by the can. You only need to store it away from heat sources, and you’re good to go.

Unrefrigerated Coconut Water – Does coconut water go bad if not refrigerated?

  • Coconut water usually comes with a “best-by” date on the label. That date informs you how long, at the very least, the beverage should retain the best quality.
  • Similar to sports drinks and soda, unopened coconut water will last at least a few months past that date. Unfortunately, there’s no way to determine how long it will last exactly.
  • More often than not the beverage will be safe to drink after you open it, but the taste might not be that good if you stored it for a couple of years.

Coconut Water In The Freezer – Can You Freeze Coconut Water?

Can You Freeze Coconut Water

  • For an unopened bottle of coconut water, there is no reason to freeze it. It has a pretty long shelf life, so you should be easily able to finish your supplies before it goes bad.
  • Once you open the bottle, freezing is definitely an option if you can’t finish it within a few days. The question is: does it make sense to freeze leftover coconut water?
  • After thawing, it won’t taste that good and you probably won’t be happy about its flavor. We recommend discarding it as a better choice than freezing it, but feel free to freeze it if you want.
  • Make sure to leave some headspace in the container as the coconut water will expand once frozen.

Signs Of Spoilage For Coconut Water – What happens if you drink bad coconut water? How to tell if coconut water is bad?

How to tell if coconut water is bad

This means that you should take some time to find out about storage, shelf life, and signs of spoilage in coconut water.

  • Freshly opened coconut water has a pleasantly sweet aroma and a refreshing nutty taste. If the coconut water has gone bad, its color, smell, or appearance will change.
  • If the smell is strong or the liquid’s consistency somewhat thick, get rid of it. The same applies if you notice any signs of carbonation.
  • If the smell and consistency seem to be okay, it’s most likely perfectly safe to drink. Now it’s time to give it a taste.
  • If the flavor has gone south, discard it for quality purposes. If it tastes okay, congratulations, enjoy your drink.

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