Double Chin Exercises (Causes And 4 Easy Exercises)

How To Get Rid of Double Chin?

double chin exercises

The one thing that everybody notices about us is our faces. Apart from our eyes, nose, and lips, there’s something else that adds definition to our face, which is our chins. We’ve all had this one question on our mind “how to lose double chin?” A few of those changes could be, wrinkles, a belly, or, even a double chin. We try many tricks to camouflage a double chin, by wearing scarves and turtlenecks. But, these are temporary fixes that don’t solve the problem. On the other hand, there are a few double chin exercises that can help you solve this issue altogether.

Double chin is the additional layer of fat that occurs in between your chin and is also termed submental fat. While looking at yourself in the mirror, you must have often wished for it to disappear as it can be irritating. Many of us might think that a double chin is a result of excessive obesity or weight gain, but in actuality, it is not always the cause.

What causes a double chin?

Weight issues contribute to a double chin. A double chin grows over time, as our skin loses its elasticity and collagen, causing the skin to become saggy around the chin and neck. Stubborn fat around the chin and the neck can be hard to get rid of and hide at all times, which leads people to opt for a double chin reduction.

Did you know that poor diet, sun exposure, and smoking can also cause a double chin?

That not so invited extra layer of fat can arise due to various reasons, and we must understand those in order to come up with ways that will be effective to get rid of the double chin. 


As we said earlier, the double chin is not just a side effect of weight gain but can also arise due to the strong role of your genes. So if you have anyone in your family having this extra elastic layer of fat, then there is a high possibility of you also acquiring the same. 


Another cause of developing a double chin could be a weakening of the skin situated in between your neck and chin. Over time due to loss in the electricity of the skin, you may start developing a double chin while your muscles around that area aren’t being used. 


As you start aging, it’s quite natural for your skin to become saggier and lose its elasticity, ultimately contributing to the occurrence of a double chin. 

Weight and Diet:

Though not always the reason for double chin, weight gain does have some contribution to it. It is indirectly the result of consuming highly unhealthy fats, processed foods, and food having high calories.

A few exercises can also help get rid of a double chin. A few changes in diet and lifestyle have always proven to be beneficial.

Double Chin Exercises

Here are a few double chin exercises to tone your chin which can be done at work or in your free time.

All of these double chin exercises should be done with the spine being straight and relaxed. These simple exercises also help stretch and tone your chin, neck, face, and jawline. A balanced diet helps heaps toning the double chin and keeps unnecessary health problems away.

1. The letter ‘O’:

The letter 'O

  1. This can be done while sitting with your back being straight and your shoulders down.
  2. Tilt your head back till you are facing the ceiling.
  3. Close your lips together very slowly, while the lips are still closed slowly open your mouth and form an O shape (or what you do when you put blush on).
  4. Hold this position for twenty seconds till you feel the muscles contract on both sides of the neck under your jawline.
  5. Relax the mouth and the lower chin, repeat keeping your comfort in mind.

2. Mute Pout Howl:

  1. Make sure to keep your back straight
  2. Gently tilt your head back until you are facing the ceiling.
  3. Slowly open your mouth, as you are howling and pout.
  4. While moving your neck forward and back.
  5. Hold this position for 5 seconds and then release and repeat.

3. Neck Stretch Exercise:

Neck Stretch Exercise

  1. Slowly turn your head clockwise and then move it anticlockwise, while keeping the back straight the entire time.
  2. Do this exercise about 5 – 10 times, three times a day until you see a few results.

4. Kiss The Sky:

Kiss The Sky

  1. Make sure to keep your back straight
  2. Gently tilt your head back until you are facing the ceiling or the sky.
  3. Pucker your lips while you are still looking up and extend your lips as far as possible, till you can feel the stretch in your neck and chin.
  4. Hold this position for 5 seconds, and then relax your lips and lower chin and repeat.

5. Resistance:

  1. In this exercise, you first need to form two fists and place them below your chin.
  2. Next, you need to move your lower jaw downwards, acting against the fists. This will lead your muscles to strain as they attempt to overcome the resistance.
  3. Start with a slight force in the beginning and keep on increasing it gradually.
  4. Hold it for about 3 seconds upon reaching max resistance. Relax immediately and repeat the procedure about 5-7 times.

6. Smile:

  1. Start by clenching your teeth first while keeping your mouth closed.
  2. Next, you need to stretch both the corners of the mouth as wide as possible.
  3. You now have to push your tongue towards the hard palate. Upon performing the exercise correctly, you will feel your chin muscles being under tension. 
  4. Hold it for about 3 seconds and relax. Repeat the procedure for 5-8 times. 

7. Touch your nose:

  1. Weak hyoid muscles could also lead to a double chin, therefore strengthening them might help you get rid of it. 
  2. Try touching the tip of your tongue to your nose. Make sure that your lips are relaxed at all times.
  3. Repeat the procedure about 5 times.

8. Perfect Oval Face:

  1. If you wish to pull up your cheeks and have your young-looking face back, try performing this exercise. Stand facing forward and later turn your head in the left direction while extending your lower jaw in the forward direction.
  2. It will help strain your neck muscles, especially those on your left.
  3. Now turn your head to the right side and perform the same thing.
  4. Repeat this procedure 5 times on each of the sides.

Reducing Double Chin Through Diet:

double chin

Sometimes double chin could arise due to weight gain, and therefore, a significant weight loss could help you get rid of it. And the best way to lose some excess kg is by regular exercise along with a healthy diet. Check out these important diet guidelines apart from the above double chin exercises to reduce weight within no time. 

  • Reduce the consumption of processed food, fried foods, and excessive sugar intake.
  • Incorporate a minimum of three servings of fresh vegetables on a regular basis. 
  • Prefer whole grains over refined grains. 
  • Compulsory intake of three fruit servings regularly. 
  • Consume healthy fats, lean protein, low-fat dairy products.

Treatment for Getting Rid of Double Chin:

In scenarios wherein the cause of having a double chin is genetics, then some doctors might suggest you opt for invasive treatment techniques to get rid of double chin. Listed below are some of the famous procedures for targeting double chin. 

Lipolysis (Liposculpture):

In this procedure, fat is melted away by making use of heat from a laser source, also called liposuction. In most situations, while dealing with double chin, all you need is a local anesthetic to get your lipolysis done. 

Note that this treatment only targets the fat rather than the excess skin. It does not increase the elasticity of the skin and can have a couple of side effects such as bruising, pain, and slight swelling. 

Face Masks:

One can also reduce the appearance of a double chin by making use of face masks that help tighten the skin around your chin. Masks such as green tea masks, coffee masks, or even glycerine masks show great results upon usage. 

You can also try out a regular mask made out of honey, lemon juice, and egg whites that help reduce the fat in between the chin and neck.


This invasive surgery procedure includes the injection of certain compounds into your chin that will ultimately dissolve the excessive fat. This process is a bit longer than the rest and goes up to 6 months for some people. However, proper care must be taken while undergoing this treatment, or else it could lead to possible nerve damage. 

Apart from face marks, the treatment procedures mentioned above could cause numerous side effects such as pain or swelling. If a proper lifestyle isn’t maintained after the treatment, then you could get back double chin. 

Never Give Up! 

A condition such as a double chin can be quickly taken care of, and you need not stress over it for long. Performing simple exercises daily and following a regular healthy diet plan will certainly help you burn fat. 

Double chin is not something that could disappear overnight, and therefore you must be patient enough while working on it. Make sure to consult a doctor before you start with your routine as they could recommend diet goals and exercises that will fit your lifestyle perfectly. In case genetics plays the role, then you can also opt for invasive procedures that are mentioned above but not before consulting your doc.

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