Fall Outfits For Men In 2023

Major Picks — Fall Outfits For Men In 2020

The fall season is finally here and excites every fashion lover out there! Not just it marks the beginning of the winter and our favourite Party Season, but this is the time when we can level up our fashion quotient to another level. Some might confuse the fall season with the boring, sweater, hoodie time; however, if you know the right techniques, the styling options are endless!

So, if you are a guy and are a fashion enthusiast, then this blog is for you. In this blog, we will be listing out the must haves for your ‘fall outfits for men 2020’ collection. These are staples and their addition can accentuate any basic look. This makes them your must haves. So let’s head into the blog right-away:

1. Turtle neck

Turtle Neck sweaters are definitely one of the most essential constituents in your fall outfits for men 2020 wardrobe. They are supremely comfortable and have the element of smartness in them.

When it comes to styling, the options with a turtleneck sweater are endless. You can wear them with your regular denim, and have the most basic yet smart look.

They are great pieces to wear under a blazer for formal or semi-formal events, and can even be paired with half jackets for any brunch, date, or casual day-out plan.

Make sure to purchase them in neutral colors to make them very season-appropriate.

2. Faux Leather Jacket

Another very classy and worthwhile addition to your fall closet in a faux leather jacket. A leather jacket when worn over the simplest of T-shirts can uplift any look. Wear them off for any informal events-brunch, dates, casual day-out and even for semi-formal events. 

Make sure to invest in a good quality leather jacket-preferably in black or brown to make them more versatile. So this season invest in a good quality faux leather jacket and get yourself sorted!

3. Flannel shirts

Flannel Shirts are again a very suitable addition to your fall outfits for men 2020 collection. They are super comfortable, easily available and practically go with every casual look. You could either wear them simply with your formal pants and denim. 

Otherwise, you could also wear one over your t-shirt or chinos. These flannel shirts would act as a shacket. Makes them a useful piece right! This season preferably gets your hands on one with a plaid print. Plaids are again very typical of fall, and a plaid shirt will become all the more season appropriate.

4. Boots

Okay, if we are talking about fall constituents, we cannot miss out on Boots. Boots are synonymous with fall fashion. And for this season, invest in a good pair of Jodhpur Boots. 

These Boots are extremely fashionable, comfortable and can instantly elevate any look. One smart way to wear them is with trousers and chinos, with a jacket on top. They are suitable for any casual get-together or dinner look.

5. Pullovers

Another essential item in the fall wardrobe, this season invest in a good pullover. They are extremely comfortable and practically don’t require any styling. All you need to do is to wear them over your shirt/t-shirt. 

So, this season make sure you buy one which is of good quality and good fit as these make a great difference. Preferably get your hands on one with neutral shades or on a darker tinge of any colour to make it more season-appropriate.

6. Blazers

Blazers are very essential for every closet, as they are the mantra to power dressing. Not only are they the most suitable wear to any formal event but they can also be worn out for casual get-togethers. 

When worn for an informal gathering, blazers add a sense of power and confidence to the entire look. This season, make sure you invest in a good blazer, even more than one if you wish too. You could choose a black or a brown shade that seems quite suitable for formal events, and choose something in bright colours or patterns to make it a good pick for casual events.

7. Half Jackets

Last but not least are Half Jackets. You could either go for the puffed ones or the regular ones. These are again very comfortable additions to your closet and the styling options with them are immense. 

You could wear them with any shirt, t-shirt and even kurtas-making them a perfect pick for any Indian Event. Get your hands on one in a darker tinge— crimson, dark brown, navy blue. This will make them a perfect piece in order to mix and match.

With this, we come to the end of our blog. Make sure you add these elements to your wardrobe this fall season. Wear them off in your own unique, creative ways, and step out with utmost confidence for all the compliments to be showered on you!

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